Reclaiming Rest

The Promise of Sabbath, Solitude, and Stillness in a Restless World


Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishers



Page: 224

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Stillness. Prayer. Sabbath. In a restless world, what do those words even mean? Public health expert Kate H. Rademacher grew up thinking it was up to humans to bring healing and justice to earth. Saving the world meant working long hours, answering emails day or night, and competing for professional awards and funding. In an era of pandemic, racial injustice, and deepening inequality, who's got time for a nap? Stressed out and frazzled, Rademacher landed on the Christian story, in which a sought-after Savior retreats to solitary places and prays alone in the wilderness. In the pages of Reclaiming Rest, Rademacher tells the story of a year of monthly Sabbath retreats, during which she withdraws from family and work obligations for periods of solitude. She also experiments with disciplines like walking, praying, taking a break from social media, and finding a Sabbath buddy. In lyrical and astute prose, Rademacher teases out answers to questions like: What does rest in a restless world look like? How is Sabbath connected to issues of justice? Vocation? Parenting? Simplicity? Ultimately, Rademacher claims, Sabbath pierces our illusions of self-reliance and control, and that's good news. What if keeping the Sabbath is not only a commandment to obey but a freedom to reclaim?

Reclaiming Sundays

Pray, Play, Serve, Rest, Refresh, and Celebrate

Author: Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

Publisher: Paraclete Press (MA)


Category: Religion

Page: 272

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"By committing to reclaiming your family Sundays, you will be guided to fight the unending busyness and things which take us away from God. Through using this book, families will be helped to recognize the importance of growing together spiritually, physically, and emotionally on the Lord's Day within the blessedness of their family. You'll be guided by words of wisdom from the Catechism and Church teachings, which tell us how to slow down and rest on Sunday"--

Reclaiming Your Body

Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom

Author: Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

Publisher: New World Library


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 216

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A guided tour through the body’s innate healing powers Many of us have learned to ignore, deny, or even mistrust the wise messages our bodies give us. The result is that when trauma strikes, a time when we need every aspect of our beings to master the challenge, we may find ourselves disconnected from our greatest strengths. Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, who has spent thirty years studying the gifts of the body and teaching thousands how to reclaim them, began to recognize this strength, which she likens to a GPS, when she herself experienced a life-threatening trauma. Here she walks readers through different areas of the body, revealing the wisdom they hold and how to reconnect with that wisdom. As she shows in this warm, compassionate book, the body’s abilities are always available; we must simply reconnect with them.

The Way of the Happy Woman

Living the Best Year of Your Life

Author: Sara Avant Stover

Publisher: New World Library


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 299

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"Ancients lived in accordance with daily, seasonal, and yearly rhythms by necessity. But modern life overrides these cycles -- from weather and food to work and recreation. Because they are inherently cyclical and instinctually caregivers, women are especially affected. Millions of women trying to do it all, all the time, end up feeling depleted and defeated. In these pages Sara Avant Stover shows how simple, natural, and refreshingly fun practices can put women back in sync with their own cycles and those of nature. When we honor spring's seedlings, summer's color, fall's harvest, and winter's quietude, we harmonize our inner and outer worlds. Stover's suggestions nurture the body, invigorate the mind, and lift the spirit, yielding the same benefits as a getting-away-from-it-all retreat. Illustrated yoga poses, inviting recipes, and innovative journaling, meditation, and brainstorming techniques make reconnecting to the essential easy -- not just for a weekend or week but year-round and lifelong"--

Reclaiming Your Heart

A Journey Back to Laughing, Loving, and Living

Author: Denise Hildreth Jones

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 288

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Have you ever wondered where the abundant life Scripture promises is, and how you seem to have missed it? Do you ever catch yourself saying, “Those were the best years of my life?” A failed relationship, a health crisis, a job loss, the death of a loved one—all can cause us to hide out, go numb, give up. Before we even know it, we’re simply coping with life instead of living it to the fullest. It happens to most of us at one point or another. For author and Bible study teacher Denise Hildreth Jones, it happened in the wake of her devastating divorce. But she fought desperately to reclaim her God-designed heart, and now, in her transparent, authentic style, Denise challenges you to do the same. Sharing stories from her own journey and others she’s walked alongside, Denise will help you identify ways you’ve given your heart to “lesser gods” like performance, people-pleasing, and control, and how to find your way back to God’s design for your life—to laughing, loving, and living life to the fullest.

Reclaiming the Life We Lost Along the Way

Author: John Paterson

Publisher: FriesenPress


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

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We've been sold a bill of goods. Not out of malice but out of a fundamental misunderstanding of how to effectively approach our lives-and the world-in order to secure the genuine happiness and authentic loving relationships we desire. In Reclaiming the Life We Lost Along the Way, we discover that at the heart of every decision we make is the intention to reduce our suffering and satisfy our unmet yearnings. Authentic love, safety, acceptance, connection, belonging, meaning, purpose, value, appreciation. These are the shared desires of every human being. To meet these desires, we have invested tremendous effort, yet the quality of life we have sought continues to elude us. The reason is shockingly simple: We have attempted to resolve an internal problem with external solutions. The outside world can never satisfy our deepest longings until our inner world makes a critical shift in perception and orientation. When this internal shift occurs, our experience of everything outside of us begins to change as well. This is the key to realizing and experiencing the quality of life we have been seeking for so long. Discover who you really are, recover your true self, bring your unique gifts to life, then share them with the world. This book shows you how to reclaim the life you were born to live by recovering the authentic love and deep fulfillment you came out of the Universe to encounter and extend in your own life and the lives of everyone you touch....

Reclaiming Goodness

Education and the Spiritual Quest

Author: Hanan A. Alexander

Publisher: University of Notre Dame Pess


Category: Religion

Page: 290

View: 249

Reclaiming Goodness: Education and the Spiritual Quest begins with the premise that sound models for achieving both spiritual fulfillment and the "good life" are lacking in contemporary culture. Arguing that contemporary education is responsible for having abandoned spirituality and the cultivation of goodness in people, Hanan A. Alexander advances a definition of spirituality which acknowledges an integral connection to education. Reclaiming Goodness charts a way to reintegrate ethical and spiritual values with the values of critical thought and reason. Written in accessible and non-technical prose, it will be of interest to professional educators as well as to a wider audience.

Reclaiming the Magic

Brides of Prophecy, Book 7

Author: Brooklyn Ann

Publisher: Broken Angels


Category: Fiction

Page: 389

View: 858

Vampire society knows him as the Thirteenth Elder, first vampire in creation, the mages know him as an immortal high sorcerer and the Keeper of the Prophecy. Delgarias Dullahan only cares about the woman who knew him simply as "Del." Two thousand years ago, he gambled his soul for the power to marry Nikkita Leonine...and lost. Now he is finally on her trail. But Del is not the only one searching for the missing luminite princess, and whoever finds her first will have the upper hand in the battle against the greatest evil ever known.

Reclaiming Catholicism

Treasures Old and New

Author: Thomas H. Groome

Publisher: Orbis Books


Category: Religion

Page: 250

View: 202

It is surely true that 'reclaimed' spiritual wisdom from the pre-Vatican II era can enrich the faith lives of Catholics today. The American Catholic community prior to the Second Vatican Council can be numbered among the most vital expressions of Catholicism in the history of the church. The contributors are a who's-who of the top theologians and spiritual writers today. other essays cover devotional practices, such as prayer to the saints, devotion to Mary, the Rosary, the Eucharistic Fast, and the Angelus, as well as profiles of figures such as Thomas Merton, Theodore Hesburth, Teilhard de Chardin, and Dorothy Day.

Reclaiming Constitutionalism

Democracy, Power and the State

Author: Maria Tzanakopoulou

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Law

Page: 304

View: 515

Reclaiming Constitutionalism articulates an argument for why the constitutional phenomenon remains attached to the state – despite the recent advent of theories of global constitutionalism. Drawing from the idea that constitutionalism historically sought to build social consensus, this book argues that the primary aim of constitutionalism is to create social peace and to shield, rather than to limit, the power of political elites in any given state. Implicit in the effort to preserve social peace is the fundamentally important acknowledgement of social conflict. Constitutionalism seeks to offer a balance between opposing social forces. However, this balancing process can sometimes ignite, rather than appease, social conflict. Constitutionalism may thus further a project of social struggles and emancipation, for it incorporates within its very nucleus the potential for an agonistic version of democracy. In light of the connection between social conflict and constitutionalism, this book explores the conditions for and locations of the former. From the state and the EU to the global level, it considers the role of citizenship, national identities, democracy, power, and ideology, in order to conclude that the state is the only site that satisfies the prerequisites for social conflict. Reclaiming constitutionalism means building a discourse that opens up an emancipatory potential; a potential that, under current conditions, cannot be fulfilled beyond the borders of the state.

Reclaiming the Great World House

The Global Vision of Martin Luther King Jr

Author: Vicki L. Crawford

Publisher: University of Georgia Press


Category: Human rights

Page: 392

View: 809

"Reclaiming the Great World House in the 21st Century: Cross-Disciplinary Explorations of the Vision of Martin Luther King, Jr., does just that. Established and emerging scholars explore Martin Luther King, Jr.'s global vision and his lasting relevance to a globalized rights culture. The editors further explain that this edited collection looks at: King afresh in his own historical context, while also refocusing his legacy of ideas and social praxis in broader directions for today and tomorrow. Employing King's metaphor of "the great world house," with major attention to racism, poverty, and war - or what he called 'the evil triumvirate"--the focus is on King's appraisal of and approach to the global-human struggle in the 1950s and 60s, and on the extent to which his social witness and praxis takes on new hues and pertinence not only in the ongoing struggles against racism, poverty and economic injustice, and violence and human destruction, but also in the mounting efforts to eliminate problems such sexism, homophobia, and religious bigotry and intolerance from the global landscape. The conclusion is that King's ideas and models of social protest are not only alive but also growing in vitality and popularity in the 21st century, especially as humans worldwide are struggling daily with the lingering, antiquated thinking and behavior around race and ethnicity, the widening gap between "the haves" and "the have-nots," the mounting cycles of violence, torture, and terrorism, and the frustrating and growing chasms resulting from religious pluralism and the subordination and marginalization of certain sectors of the human family based on gender and sexuality"--

Reclaiming Genders

Transsexual Grammars at the Fin de Siecle

Author: Stephen Whittle

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 343

This collection of essays is an interdisciplinary work bringing together an internationally acclaimed group of transgender writers. Informed by both academic and street experiences, it considers the practical issues faced in changing the world view of gender as well as the limitations of queer, feminism and post-modernism. In a wide-ranging set of contributions, it addresses our engendered places now and what we can aim for in the future. It evaluates the mechanisms we can use to galvanize both the micro theories of gender as a personal experience of oppression and the macro theories of gender as a site of social regulation. The collection aims to take identity politics and reclaim identity for the self.

Pagan Portals - Reclaiming Witchcraft

Author: Irisanya Moon

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 104

View: 574

Reclaiming Witchcraft is designed to help the reader better understand the basic structure of the Reclaiming tradition, as well as discover how it has changed since its initial formation in San Francisco and subsequent journey out to the reaches of Canada, Australia, and Europe. From the basic tenets of what makes a Reclaiming Witch, to how rituals are performed, how lessons are passed on, and how magick is made around the world, Reclaiming Witchcraft seeks to welcome those who might be interested in learning more, while also directing them to resources and paths that can help facilitate their journey.

Reframing the Reclaiming of Urban Space

A Feminist Exploration into Do-It-Yourself Urbanism in Chicago

Author: Megan E. Heim LaFrombois

Publisher: Lexington Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 136

View: 943

Reframing the Reclaiming of Urban Space examines DIY urbanism from an intersectional feminist analytical framework. The racialized, classed, gendered, and sexualized aspects of DIY urbanism, including its activities, its actors, and its spaces are highlighted, as well as the connections between DIY urbanism and urban political agendas.

Reclaiming the Teaching Profession

Transforming the Dialogue on Public Education

Author: J. Amos Hatch

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Education

Page: 175

View: 133

Reclaiming the Teaching Profession gives educators (especially teachers and future teachers) and their allies a clear overview of the massive effort to dismantle public education in the United States, which includes a direct attack on teachers. The book details, and provides a systematic critique of, the shaky assumptions at the foundation of the market-based reform initiatives that dominate the contemporary education scene. It names and exposes the motives and methods of the powerful philanthropists, politicians, business moguls, and education entrepreneurs who are behind the reform movement. It provides counter narratives that public school advocates can use to talk back to those who would destroy the teaching profession and public education. It includes examples of successful acts of resistance and identifies resources for challenging reformers’ taken for granted primacy in the education debate. It concludes with strategies educators can use to “speak truth to power,” reclaim their professional status, and reshape the education landscape in ways that serve all of America’s children and preserve our democracy.

Reclaiming Representation

Contemporary Advances in the Theory of Political Representation

Author: Monica Brito Vieira

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Political Science

Page: 232

View: 316

Representation is integral to the functioning and legitimacy of modern government. Yet political theorists have often been reluctant to engage directly with questions of representation, and empirical political scientists have closed down such questions by making representation synonymous with congruence. Conceptually unproblematic and normatively inert for some, representation has been deemed impossible to pin down analytically and to defend normatively by others. But this is changing. Political theorists are now turning to political representation as a subject worthy of theoretical investigation in its own right. In their effort to rework the theory of political representation, they are also hoping to impact how representation is assessed and studied empirically. This volume gathers together chapters by key contributors to what amounts to a "representative turn" in political theory. Their approaches and emphases are diverse, but taken together they represent a compelling and original attempt at re-conceptualizing political representation and critically assessing the main theoretical and political implications following from this, namely for how we conceive and assess representative democracy. Each contributor is invited to look back and ahead on the transformations to democratic self-government introduced by the theory and practice of political representation. Representation and democracy: outright conflict, uneasy cohabitation, or reciprocal constitutiveness? For those who think democracy would be better without representation, this volume is a must-read: it will question their assumptions, while also exploring some of the reasons for their discomfort. Reclaiming Representation is essential reading for scholars and graduate researchers committed to staying on top of new developments in the field.

Hope Reclaimed

Author: Keira Blackwood

Publisher: Liza Street


Category: Fiction

Page: 134

View: 849

My name is Hope, and I'm going to die. I only have a few days—two weeks, tops. With the time I have left, I'm doing what I want, when I want. My plans are simple: 1) hang out in a fancy beach bungalow, sleeping in long past the break of dawn 2) drink until I'm numb 3) try to escape fate with a fancy magic spell that I have no business performing Magic doesn't exist, so of course the spell fails. But three mysterious hotties start following me around, saying they're bound to me. Why not make the most of it and add one more thing to my bucket list: 4) crazy hot sexytimes, no holds barred Who cares if my three hotties seem a little more than human? I'm living in the moment for the time I have left—time I want to spend in pleasure instead of pain. Hope Reclaimed is a steamy, standalone reverse harem romance featuring three hot dragon shifters and the lucky woman they claim as their mate. Don't worry, Hope will seize her happily ever after. We promise! additional keywords: shifters, dragons, beach, ocean, reverse harem, whychoose romance, magic, crystals, witch, shapeshifters, illness, terminal