Protein Power

The High-Protein/Low-Carbohydrate Way to Lose Weight, Feel Fit, and Boost Your Health--in Just Weeks!

Author: Michael R. Eades

Publisher: Bantam


Category: Cooking

Page: 448

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Join the thousands who have experienced dramatic weight loss, lowered cholesterol, and improvement or reversal of the damages of heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, and other major diseases by following this medically proven program. Protein Power will teach you how to use food as a tool for • Dramatic and permanent weight loss • Resetting your metabolism and boosting your energy levels • Lowering your “bad” cholesterol levels while elevating the “good” • Protecting yourself from “The Deadly Diseases of Civilization” (including high blood pressure and heart disease) And best of all, Protein Power encourages you to • Eat the foods you love, including meats (even steaks, bacon, and burgers), cheeses, and eggs • Rethink the current wisdom on fat intake (science has shown that fat does not make you fat!) • Stop shocking your body with breads, pastas, and other fat-inducing carbohydrates So prepare yourself for the most dramatic life-enhancing diet program available!

The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook: Think Outside the Shake

Author: Anna Sward

Publisher: The Countryman Press


Category: Cooking

Page: 276

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Shares over 150 recipes that use protein powder in such a form as whey, soy, casein, hemp, and rice, including such options as sweet potato protein bars, almond and quinoa protein pizza, and vanilla protein ice cream.

Living the Low Carb Life

From Atkins to the Zone : Choosing the Diet That's Right for You

Author: Jonny Bowden

Publisher: Barnes & Noble Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 338

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Explains the science behind low-carbohydrate dieting and offers information on how to pick a low-carb plan and customize it for individual metabolisms and lifestyles.

The Protein Power Lifeplan

Author: Michael R. Eades

Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 464

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Introduces a lifestyle program that includes motivational advice, recipes, health tips, and nutritional guidelines to assist in treating major health problems, including diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and heart disease

The Protein Power Lifeplan Gram Counter

Author: Michael R. Eades

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

View: 971

Organized alphabetically by food category for easy reference, this resource contains more than 6,500 food entries and gram counts for protein, carbohydrates, omega fatty acids, fat, and fiber. It also lists the richest sources of carbohydrates, magnesium, and antioxidents, and presents a formula for finding the Essential Carbohydrate Count--the key to "Protein Power."

Encyclopedia of Diet Fads: Understanding Science and Society, 2nd Edition

Understanding Science and Society

Author: Marjolijn Bijlefeld

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 296

View: 221

This updated encyclopedia examines the basics of nutrition and dieting, presenting the important people, concepts, and criticisms involved and examining the pros and cons of different plans. • Offers a gateway to further study through helpful appendixes, expanded bibliography, and a listing of web resources • Includes a helpful chronology that traces the history of dieting in the United States • Introduces a wide variety of weight loss methods • Contains information on particular diets, support groups, and weight-loss services

Men's Health Power Training

Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles Through Performance-Based Conditioning

Author: Robert Dos Remedios

Publisher: Rodale Books


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

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One of the nation's elite strength and conditioning coaches presents a unique training program designed to help men achieve functional strength and muscular balance throughout their bodies For decades, the conventional measure of an individual's strength was the amount of weight he could bench press. Now, that measure is being challenged by expert trainers like Robert dos Remedios who argue that the variety of movement patterns used in functional training is the real key to getting bigger, stronger, and more powerful. In Men's Health Power Training, this acclaimed collegiate strength and conditioning coach describes in detail the methods he has used to develop hundreds of Division I scholarship athletes, including several current NFL players. The key features that make this book a standout in the fitness field include: • exercises geared toward functional strength that can be utilized in real-world situations, from playing sports to lifting furniture • training sessions that are short, intense, and highly effective • compound, multijoint exercises that replace the less-effective isolation exercises found in many fitness books • no-nonsense dietary information utilizing a new and innovative food pyramid developed by the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition that will optimize strength gains, recovery, and physical progress

Protein Power Pyramid Answer Book

Author: M. Eades




Page: 64

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PROTEIN POWER PYRAMID ANSWER BOOK ANSWERS ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT AND FEELING GREAT In this essential companion book, you’ll find complete answers to these questions and more: What is the Protein Power Pyramid Diet? How much weight can I lose? How quickly can I lose weight? How will the diet affect my other health problems? How does the Protein Power Pyramid diet differ from other bestselling diet plans? What are the best ways for me to get more protein in my diet? Are all carbs bad? What about alcohol, nuts, and dairy products? Can I continue to enjoy them? What supplements should I be taking? You may find you’ll take Protein Power Pyramid Answer Book with you wherever you go!

Primal Power Method

The Modern Caveman Lifestyle, Simplified: Change Your Body. Change Your Life

Author: Gary Collins

Publisher: New American Nutrition


Category: Exercise

Page: 133

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Primal power method combines the best of Paleo diets and a health-based exercise plan.