The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer, Coinneach Odhar Fiosaiche

Author: Alexander Mackenzie

Publisher: Constable Limited


Category: Precognition

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1917. This book discusses second sight, or premonition. Many men have written on this subject, some of which are referred to within this text. The purpose herein is to place before the reader the prophecies of the Brahan Seer, as far as the author has been able to procure them. Contents: prophecies which might be attributed to natural shrewdness; prophecies unfulfilled; prophecies as to the fulfillment of which there is doubt; prophecies wholly or partially fulfilled; sketch of the family of Seaforth; Seaforth's dream and doom; the Seer's death; fulfillment of the Seaforth prophecy.

Prophecies of the Brahan Seer

Author: Alexander MacKenzie

Publisher: Literary Licensing, LLC



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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1917 Edition.

Television's Outlander

A Companion, Seasons 1-5

Author: Mary Ellen Snodgrass

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

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Over its five seasons on the air, the televised series Outlander has combined romance, adventure, history, and time travel into a classic saga of love, war, and the ties that bind family together. After surviving the 1746 uprising of the Scottish Highlanders, the intrigue-ridden Paris of Charles Stuart, and a sea voyage across the Caribbean, Claire and Jamie Fraser finally settle in the mountains of North Carolina. There, they build a community of immigrant farmers who continue to struggle for justice, democracy, and independence from British colonialism. This companion volume offers detailed information on more than 125 topics including characters, themes, places, events, actors, herbalism, and historical chronology. For fans and scholars alike, it separates fact from fiction and aids in understanding the effects of the 1746 Jacobite uprising on the formation of the United States.

Bibliotheca Scotia

A Catalogue of Books Relating to Scotland

Author: John Smith & Sons



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Scottish Life and Society: Bibliography for Scottish ethnology

Author: Alexander Fenton

Publisher: John Donald


Category: History

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This major project comprises fourteen thematically arranged volumes. The aim of the Compendium is to examine the interlocking strands of history and traditional culture that go into the making of a national identity, in an up-to-date synthesis of the current state of knowledge. By bringing together information from a variety of sources, the Compendium not only provides a digest of topics, but also points towards areas for new investigation. The Compendium concentrates upon the present and the historical period and does not generally deal with prehistory, although for certain themes, such as the development of agriculture and buildings, early evidence is taken into account. Where appropriate, reference is made to foreign parallels and to the influence on Scotland of the cultures of neighbouring peoples. Scottish influence on the world at large is also taken into account, whether in relation to urban or rural, maritime or land-based topics. Material and non-material aspects of history and tradition are considered equally, at all levels of society, indeed oftentimes focusing on the interaction between people of differing social strata





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