The Best of Professional Pilot's Wxbrief

The First Ten Years

Author: Karsten Shein, Ph.d.

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Education

Page: 120

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The Birth of Earth tells a dreamers version about the wonders of Creation. It deals with the narrator's adventures traveling through darkness in search of truth. It does not challenge religion or science. It merely is an attempt to create an interesting story about the miracles that started it all. Gene Bacon, the author, served in World War II where he sustained a wound from a snipers fire. Bacon taught in Ohio and Michigan and retired in 1980 from Trenton Public Schools, teaching literature and theatre arts. He produced outstanding productions to both the student body and community. With his wife Adele he now abides in Tayor, Michigan at the American House, an assisted living community. Bacon previously published a book of his poems called, "Voices." Angela Lavich, Bacon's granddaughter, supplied the artwork for the book. She is married with two lovely children.

JAR Professional Pilot Studies

Author: Phil Croucher



Category: Aeronautics

Page: 500

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Ground study material for European pilot's written exams - aeroplanes & helicopter.

Professional Pilot

Author: John Lowery

Publisher: Iowa State Press


Category: Transportation

Page: 321

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This is an updated and expanded version of the first edition. It contains flying techniques, rules of thumb, and facts of flight gleaned from a variety of reference sources and from the author's 50 years as a professional pilot. As pilot in command of an aircraft, safety must always be an over riding concern. This book provides hard-to-find aeronautical information to help pilots make sound decisions when conditions are less than optimum.

Professional Pilot's Career Guide

Author: Robert P. Mark

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Transportation

Page: 455

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Find the Best-Paying and Most-Fulfilling Jobs in Professional Piloting A valuable employment tool, the Professional Pilot Career Guide provides a complete sourcebook of professional flying opportunities. This updated guide contains detailed coverage of pilot ratings and practical test standards-plus goal-achieving tips on job hunting, networking, regional airlines, the majors, and more. Written by career pilot and aviation-industry expert Robert P. Mark, this vital reference offers a real-world look at what it's like to fly for the airlines, corporations, or charter companies, together with guidance on pay, benefits, types of aircraft, and future prospects. Packed with illustrations, Professional Pilot Career Guide features: Full coverage of aviation training-where to get it and how to finance it The latest airline, corporate, and charter employment opportunities 200 common interview questions-and the 10 most frequent interview mistakes Current information on the best-paying flying jobs Valuable advice on PC-based job search techniques Indepth pilot interviews Essential internet resources Inside This Cutting-Edge Employment Resource for Today's Pilots • Your Career Starts Here • Flight Training • Ratings • Where Are the Jobs? • The Regional Airlines • The Majors • Business Aviation • The Pilot and the PC

Aerodynamics for the Professional Pilot

Author: Richard Bowyer

Publisher: Swan Hill Press


Category: Aerodynamics

Page: 107

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Based on his experience both as a flight engineer and as an instructor with the RAF the author has written a concise guide to aerodynamics. With the change in the CAA technical subjects from January 1991, making all previous optional subjects mandatory, there is a gap in the market for instructional material which can be easily understood at all levels. This book has been written to fill that gap.

Avionics and Flight Management Systems for the Professional Pilot

Author: David Robson

Publisher: Airlife Pub Limited


Category: Reference

Page: 232

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A manual produced to meet the demands of the aviation training industry for a reference text suited to those preparing for their written examination for the Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL).