Problem Postcards

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Skills Training for Disaffected and Difficult Children aged 7-11

Author: Janine Koeries

Publisher: SAGE


Category: Education

Page: 132

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`This is an excellent resource for teachers and other education professionals who are developing their practice in dealing with specific issues in schools. It is concise, well designed and, in the introductory section, linked to current theory. It will prove an invaluable resource for teachers and others who want to develop the social and emotional skills of their pupils' - Special `There is a wealth of supporting resources in the form of suggested warm up activities and the specifics are the problem solving format as applied to different situations. The accompanying CD contains A4 copies of all worksheets, which are accessible, eye-catching and should appeal to the target age group (7-11)' - Nurturing Potential This 14-session programme was initially developed for junior age children who had been permanently excluded. It has been adapted to assist young people who are disaffected and difficult, and could be at risk of exclusion. The format is built around Circle Time activities and solution focused thinking. The theme of each session is a problem postcard from a young person highlighting a problem that will have a relevance to the participants. The participants then try to act as agony aunts to solve the problem, focussing their thinking on how to make things better, proving to them that they do possess the knowledge and the skills and can choose these behaviours. The resource includes comprehensive facilitator instructions, warm ups, activities, Circle Time questions and worksheets. The programme can be delivered to groups or whole classes and will: • improve self-esteem • develop your Social, Emotional and Behavioural Skills (SEBS) programme.

Postcards from the End of the World

An Investigation Into the Mind of Fin-de-siècle Vienna

Author: Larry Wolff

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Child abuse

Page: 275

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Examines four sensational cases of child battering and murder in Vienna in 1899 which dominated the newspapers of the time. Pp. 100-113, "The Eternal Senseless Vilification of the Jews, " surveys antisemitic agitation prevalent in the Austrian Empire and in Vienna at the same time, especially the accusation, trial, and acquittal of Leopold Hilsner for ritual murder in Polna, Bohemia. Discusses the muted reaction in the press, especially in the "Neue Freie Presse" which appealed for attention to child abuse rather than to the "eternal senseless vilification of the Jews." Discusses the reactions of Theodor Herzl and Karl Kraus to the antisemitic agitation, and the later impact of Viennese antisemitism on Adolf Hitler.


An Advanced Listening and Notetaking Workbook

Author: Susanna L. Minton



Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 191

View: 611

Learning about the many exciting cities in North America is a fun way for ESL students to practice aural comprehension and notetaking skills. Each chapter focuses on a different North American city with side trips or short lectures on popular destinations near three of the cities. As students improve their language skills, they learn about the history and culture of each city. Postcards features -- tape-recorded lectures about each city, five to ten minutes in length; -- notetaking strategies that build on one another; accompanied by examples and exercises prior to each lecture; -- vocabulary activities that introduce students to words and expressions they will see and hear in their daily lives; -- pre-listening activities that stimulate students' interest; -- post-listening activities that draw on students' previous knowledge; and -- readings that examine a different aspect or flavor of each city. The following locales are explored: Phoenix, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Honolulu and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; Los Angeles; Miami; Las Vegas and Grand Canyon National Park; Montreal; Washington, D.C.; and Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia; Chicago; Boston; and New York City.

Postcard Clues

Author: Linda Johns

Publisher: Benchmark Education Company




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This story is about a girl who sends her friend postcards with clues about the places she visits on a trip around the world.

Assessing Reasoning and Problem Solving

A Sourcebook for Elementary School Teachers

Author: Stephen Krulik

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Education

Page: 233

View: 206

In more and more schools, students are now being assessed not only on traditional (algorithmic and computational) math skills, but also on how-and how well-they handle reasoning and problem solving. However, until now, these additional skills have been difficult to assess in an objective, accurate and efficient way. But not any more.This book's "comprehensive assessment" approach includes the traditional paper-and-pencil tests plus relatively new ways (e.g., portfolios, journals, observations, interviews, projects, performance tasks, rubrics) to assess what students know about math, and how they reason, solve problems and communicate about it. This unique new handbook provides everything teachers need-background information, problems for various grade levels, detailed answers, forms, teaching suggestions-to assess students throughout the semester or at any time...easily, accurately and effectively!Elementary school teachers.

Art Nouveau Postcards

Author: Giovanni Fanelli



Category: Art nouveau

Page: 377

View: 707

Inleiding, afbeeldingen van prentbriefkaarten en biografische gegevens van de kunstenaars-ontwerpers

The Power of Problem Solving

Practical Ideas and Teaching Strategies for Any K-8 Subject Area

Author: Juanita S. Sorenson

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Education

Page: 281

View: 836

This is a book about teaching problem solving in all subject areas, not just math puzzles and problems. It includes many examples in language arts and social studies, along with science, math, and interdisciplinary learning. In fact, the procedures presented can also be applied to solving everyday problems of society, economics, politics, art, and literature. The authors show teachers how to recognize problems in every subject area and how to use them as teaching opportunities. Many of the problem solving projects presented are "hands-on" activities for students, and all can be adapted for students in all grades and ages. From dinosaurs, bubble blowing, and mysteries, to the founding of a new country, the art of argumentation, and the survival of the fittest, there's something for use with every student in every classroom.

Photography Annual

A Selection of the World's Greatest Photographs




Category: Photography


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Postcards from South Africa

Author: Rayda Jacobs

Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd


Category: South Africa

Page: 199

View: 335

In this powerful, poignant and distinctively South African collection of short stories, Rayda Jacobs - leaving suddenly for Canada at the age of 21, to return for good only 27 years later - seeks to understand the deep marks that South Africa has left upon her.

Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain and Postcards

Author: Mark Asquith

Publisher: Continuum


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 126

View: 154

An accessible and informative introduction to two texts from one of America's most experimental and provocative authors.

How to Prospect and Recruit Using Postcards for Your Network Marketing Business

Author: David Williams

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Business & Economics


View: 835

Can’t find REAL prospects to talk to? Tried ‘online’ leads but found you just wasted your time and money? It seems the entire world has gone online and the problem that networkers face is sticking out in an ever increasing ocean of websites, mobile apps, opt-in forms, blog posts, Face-book Likes, YouTube movies and Tweets. It never ends. That's why Direct Mail is making a come-back. Because no one gets ‘real’ mail anymore. You have zero competition! And what’s more real than a picture postcard? What This Book is NOT about: those ugly, tacky, pre-printed, glossy pictures of fast expensive cars or mansions, or YELLOW ‘print your own’ postcards. This works. Based on my famous Direct Mail for Networkers seminars - part of a $10,000 MLM insider’s weekend training. Full Disclosure: This is a to the point book. No padding or fluff. It’s a ‘How To’ book. You are paying for the system, the magic, and the fact that you won’t need any other information to get started. Works in USA, Canada & Europe.


Author: Mark Lemon



Category: English wit and humor


View: 152

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, A Guide to Problem Solving

A Contemporary Approach

Author: Gary L. Musser

Publisher: Wiley


Category: Education

Page: 128

View: 254

All the essential mathematics teachers need for teaching at the elementary and middle school levels! This best seller features rich problem-solving strategies, relevant topics, and extensive opportunities for hands-on experience. The coverage in the book moves from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract, reflecting the way math is generally taught in elementary classrooms.

A Guide to Collecting Librariana

Author: Norman D. Stevens

Publisher: Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 166

View: 989

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