Prisoner Of Love

Author: Eugene Fagnano

Publisher: Author House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

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This story begins in 1945, with how I first met My Love. She was only 15, and I was 17 years old. It's a story about how we met, and how a song had a profound effect on our lives. It is also about how our undying love for each other survived the many obstacles we endured in our early years. We had an unusual start, some touching moments, and a very emotional and somewhat surprising ending. These memories are too precious not to be shared.

The Prisoner of Love

Author: Barbara Cartland

Publisher: Barbara Cartland Ebooks Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 345

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Amidst the exciting preparations for the grand opening of Prince Albert's prized Crystal Palace, a young orphan, Sorilda, is being forced into marriage by her recently cuckolded uncle, the Duke of Nuneaton. Having sheltered lovely Sorilda since the tragic death of her parents, the usually fair-minded Duke has been driven to jealous retaliation by his deceitful new Duchess. Suspecting his close neighbour, the Earl of Winsford, of ungentlemanly conduct with his beautiful wife, the Duke issues an ultimatum. The Earl must renounce the Duchess and marry the Duke's flame-haired niece or face the public embarrassment of a scandal. Handsome, intelligent and fabulously wealthy, the Earl makes his choice and reluctantly marries Sorilda, his helpless bride. Angry at being pressured into such a union and aghast that he does not know, let alone love, his wife, the Earl remains distant and determined not to let Sorilda into his life. Enjoying the freedom from the miserable prison of her uncle's home, Sorilda's natural charm and positive nature soon force their way to the surface, despite the coldness of her bridegroom. Delighted by everything around her, it is not long before she has made her way into the hearts of everyone she meets. But, as London Society eagerly awaits the Great Exhibition, a spurned Duchess is busy plotting. Furious at being caught in a compromising situation, and filled with hatred for Sorilda, who has married the man she desires, she will not rest until she has her revenge.

The Prisoner of Love

Author: Lasance




Page: 562

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A REPRINT OF FR. LASANCE'S-PRISONER OF LOVE-IN A BIGGER FONT SIZE TO MAKE IT EASIER TO READ. Containing helpful "instructions and reflections on our duties toward Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar" and numerous "prayers and devotions for Visits to the Blessed Sacrament" etc., this book is truly a must read to help increase one's devotion to Our Lord in the Holy Sacrament and "to make the Prisoner of Love better known and more fervently loved." It is our sincerest hope that through this reprint, God may be greater glorified! O Sacrament most holy! O Sacrament Divine!All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!

Prisoner of Love

Author: Jean Genet

Publisher: New York Review of Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 430

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Follows the late author's experiences and observations as a visitor to an early 1970s Palestinian refugee camp, in a lyrical and philosophical account that offers insight into the Palestinian cause and the Middle Eastern conflict. Original.

Ethics, Politics, Subjectivity

Essays on Derrida, Levinas and Contemporary French Thought

Author: Simon Critchley

Publisher: Verso


Category: Philosophy

Page: 302

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In Ethics–Politics–Subjectivity, Simon Critchley takes up three questions at the centre of contemporary theoretical debate: What is ethical experience? What can be said of the subject who has this experience? What, if any, is the relation of ethical experience to politics? These questions are approached by way of a critical confrontation with a number of major thinkers, including Lacan, Genet, Blanchot, Nancy, Rorty and, in particular, Levinas and Derrida. Critchley offers a critical reconstruction of Levinas's notion of ethical experience and, questioning the religious pietism and political conservatism of the dominant interpretation of Levinas's work, develops an ethics of finitude which, far from being tragic, opens on to an experience of humour and the comic. Using this reading of Levinas as a way of unlocking the rich ethical potential of Derrida's work, Critchley outlines and defends the political possibilities of deconstruction. On the basis of Derrida's recent work, Critchley attempts to rethink notions of friendship, democracy, economics and technology.

The Author of Love

Understanding a Misunderstood God

Author: Joc Anderson, PsyD.

Publisher: WestBowPress


Category: Religion

Page: 384

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Throughout history, God has been depicted variously as a judgmental tyrant, a grand conciliator, and even as a rather low-key comic, portrayed by the cigar-smoking George Burns in the movie “Oh God!” The question that’s begging to be answered is: Who is God? This devotional evolved out of one person’s desire to portray God in a truer light. In the Book of Job, God reprimanded Job’s friends for failing to speak truthfully about Him. They misrepresented His character. Job, on the other hand, understood His Maker and was, therefore, the single voice of truth in an otherwise corrupt world. Can you honestly say that you know your Creator? Can you speak truthfully about Him? This devotional will help you get to know the real God, who is neither the judgmental tyrant nor the light-weight movie character. He is, if nothing else, a God of love and compassion. At the conclusion of your devotionals, I have formulated a “Love Quotient” (L.Q.) test to measure the depth of your love. The questions are designed to be thought-provoking and insightful. You may also find them a bit daunting and uncomfortable. Answer each question according to your beliefs. There are no wrong or right answers. It is my hope you’ll find this little exercise revealing and instructive of how you love. The answers and Key is also included. Your heart is what you’re all about. May you understand God’s love for you.

Prisoner of Love

Author: Beverly Jenkins

Publisher: NYLA


Category: Fiction

Page: 75

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“Beverly Jenkins is renowned for her historical romances.” –Romantic Times“Beverly Jenkins has reached romance superstardom!” –Detroit Free PressKansas, 1884Abandoned by her husband, Elizabeth Franklin is struggling to keep up with the chores on her 60-acre farm. Desperate to stay in the only home she ever loved, the resourceful Elizabeth agrees to marry a prisoner, Jordan Yancey – an arrangement that will set him free while affording her the farm help that she so urgently needs. But what Elizabeth never expects is that this former prisoner will arouse the kind of passion and desire she’s only heard about and capture her instead... Jordan Yancey would do anything to get out of prison, and the arrangement with the pretty, but prim Elizabeth seems like a good bet – his freedom for a little farm work, and a wife on paper. He never imagines that his pretend bride will become the most magnificent woman he’s ever met...and that his sensuous little 'jailer' will be the one to free his heart...A sensual, steamy and deeply romantic story, Prisoner of Love by Blackboard bestselling author, Beverly Jenkins, is a historical romance to treasure!

Love's Prisoner

Author: Elizabeth Oldfield

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 189

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Hostage of the Heart Dynamic news journalist Piers Armstrong had survived being held hostage by terrorists in Central America for a year. Now he was back home and the slow process of rehabilitation had begun. Every night Piers returns to captivity in his dreams…. Suzy Collier had to talk Piers into giving an interview about his experiences—and of course he refused to cooperate! He was the same stubborn, difficult…incredibly sexy man that Suzy had fallen in love with three years ago. Or was he? Suzy couldn't help noticing sublte changes in him….

The First Love

Author: Rosana Nassar

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 112

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"First Love discusses all the marginal aspects that are intrinsic to love and that sometimes contradict it: freedom, attachments, betrayal, independence, intimacy, violence (opposite of love), God, loss, adolescence conflict, separation. But most of all, it explains the origin of the love we carry within, the love we give and allow others to give us by looking at the mother-child relationship. Our fears of being left alone and our fears of trusting others. The importance of freedom is well explored in this book in conjunction with the importance of maintaining intimate relationships. The importance of having an intimate relashionship with God and build a better self and a better world by loving others is well explored. It argues that love has the same root. The eternal feeling of fusion, ecstasy, intimacy and trust we felt in the first moments of life in the arms of the one who welcomed us into the world are forever remembered, missed and desired, inducing us to look for a repetition of such moments throughout our entire life. The search for love is endless, from birth to death. It's our quest, it's our motive. Love is the omega. The beginning and the end. It's what motivates us all to fight for life, to conquer and to accomplish wonders in this world.