Author: Samuel B. (Samuel Bowdlear) 1859 Green



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A National Plan for American Forestry

Letter from the Secretary of Agriculture Transmitting in Response to S. Res. 175 (Seventy-second Congress) the Report of the Forest Service of the Agricultural Department on the Forest Problem of the United States

Author: United States. Forest Service



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The Management of Forests for Timber Production

An Outline of the Factual Information Relating to the Principles and Practice of Forest Management Under American Conditions ...

Author: Percy M. Barr



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Taxonomy and Ecology of Woody Plants in North American Forests

(Excluding Mexico and Subtropical Florida)

Author: James S. Fralish

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


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Thorough, detailed dendrological coverage of North American trees, shrubs, and vines This comprehensive field guide/procedural handbook provides extraordinarily detailed descriptions of trees, shrubs, and vines of North American forests. Written at a more detailed level than most field guides, it introduces basic taxonomic concepts and methods and explains the rationale behind taxonomic classification systems. Entries include Latin and common names for each species as well as physical descriptions at various levels of maturity and for different seasons. Also noted are regional and state distributions, soil conditions, cover types, shade tolerances, and common diseases and pests. This remarkably thorough and reliable reference includes: * Detailed descriptions of more than 800 species * Hundreds of additional varieties and cultivars * 550 exquisitely detailed line drawings of leaves, bark, fruit, and seeds * Broad coverage of commercial and noncommercial species * An emphasis on the silvical features of each species * A unique section on forest community ecology and cover types * The new North American Classification System Well-organized and practical, this authoritative guide is an immensely useful resource for foresters, wildlife and field biologists, naturalists, environmental scientists, and land managers.