Presto Sketching

The Magic of Simple Drawing for Brilliant Product Thinking and Design

Author: Ben Crothers

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."


Category: Computers

Page: 370

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Do you feel like your thoughts, ideas, and plans are being suffocated by a constant onslaught of information? Do you want to get those great ideas out of your head, onto the whiteboard and into everyone else’s heads, but find it hard to start? No matter what level of sketching you think you have, Presto Sketching will help you lift your game in visual thinking and visual communication. In this practical workbook, Ben Crothers provides loads of tips, templates, and exercises that help you develop your visual vocabulary and sketching skills to clearly express and communicate your ideas. Learn techniques like product sketching, storyboarding, journey mapping, and conceptual illustration. Dive into how to use a visual metaphor (with a library of 101 visual metaphors), as well as tips for capturing and sharing your sketches digitally, and developing your own style. Designers, product managers, trainers, and entrepreneurs will learn better ways to explore problems, explain concepts, and come up with well-defined ideas - and have fun doing it.

Draw in 4! Over 100 4-Step Sketches to Boost Your Drawing Confidence

Author: Ben Crothers



Category: Art

Page: 144

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Do you want to get better at drawing, but don't know what to draw? Draw in 4! contains over 100 fun things to draw, using a 4-step technique that will help you draw just about anything more confidently, and give you a whole lot more satisfaction. This is for anyone who enjoys drawing (including sketchnoting and doodling), or who wants to bring more drawing into their work (including making meetings more visual, scribing, graphic recording, and graphic facilitation). Draw in 4! is brought to you by Ben Crothers, author of Presto Sketching. Ben wants to help you bring all your ideas to life with more visual thinking and visual communication. With Draw in 4!, you'll be amazed at how good your drawings will look!

Artists and Arabs

Or, Sketching in Sunshine

Author: Henry Blackburn



Category: Algeria

Page: 215

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Catalog of Copyright Entries

Pamphlets, leaflets, contributions to newspapers or periodicals, etc., maps




Category: American literature


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Presto Variations

A Ray Tate and Djuna Brown Mystery

Author: Lee Lamothe

Publisher: Dundurn


Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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2014 Arthur Ellis Award — Shortlisted Following the money trail gets Tate and Brown into a lot of trouble. Detectives Ray Tate and Djuna Brown are back from a vacation in Paris – fraudulently funded by a stolen State Police credit card. While waiting to find out if they’re going to be fired or jailed, the couple is assigned to the Green Squad, a dead-end job shuffling paper and counting contraband money. But while interrogating a money smuggler, Tate and Brown uncover a massive currency stash they hope will keep them out of jail. Their target is drug trafficker Laszlo "Marko" Markowitz, who has millions in cocaine profits to be laundered and shipped into Canada. As Tate and Brown try to penetrate the Markowitz organization, they uncover an underworld choking on its own profits and find a homicidal madman who has created the perfect blend of criminality and anarchy.

Plays of the 60s

Author: Katharine Brisbane

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Limited


Category: Australia

Page: 272

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The late 1960s were among the most tumultuous years in recent history. Student revolution spread like wildfire around the world as the past-war generation came to adulthood. In Australia protests against the Vietnam War were mixed with rebellious new political awareness. The plays in this volume reflect the radicalism in public and private life which that period has come to represent. Each of these works played a significant part in advancing the horizons of the Australian stage. Included in this volume are: Rodney Milgate's A Refined Look at Existence, an ironical comedy drama set in a NSW country town, which reworks Euripides' 'The Bacchae' (3 acts, 9 men, 3 women); Bill Reed's Burke's Company, a study of the explorer Robert O'Hara Burke and his life and death struggle with the Central Australian desert (2 acts, 9 men); Alex Buzo's The Front Room Boys, a seasonal satire set in a government office (1 act, 7 men, 2 women); and Chicago Chicago by John Romeril, a surreal attack on political exploration set against the 1968 Chicago Democrat Convention (1 act, 19 men, 5 women -- doubling possible).

Freehand Perspective and Sketching

Principles and Methods of Expression in the Pictorial Representation of Common Objects, Interiors, Buildings and Landscapes

Author: Dora Miriam Norton



Category: Drawing

Page: 175

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Slavic Review




Category: Electronic journals


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"American quarterly of Soviet and East European studies" (varies).

Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design

Author: William Buxton

Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann


Category: Computers

Page: 443

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Speaking to the HCI community and other design professionals, this work is grounded in both practice and scientific research. It encourages designers to try new methods, test themselves with the exercises and projects, and see an improvement in innovative interaction design that works.

Andrea Chénier

An Opera in 4 Acts

Author: Umberto Giordano



Category: Operas

Page: 245

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