More Than Precious Memories

The Rhetoric of Southern Gospel Music

Author: Michael P. Graves

Publisher: Mercer University Press


Category: Music

Page: 310

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More than Precious Memories is the first book of its kind--a collection of essays offering scholarly analysis and interpretation of Southern Gospel Music. Believing Southern Gospel Music to be a significant cultural and religious phenomenon worthy of the best efforts of scholarship, Grayes and Fillingim have assembled a diverse group of scholars who apply a variety of methods and theories to the task of understanding Southern Gospel Music and its cultural context. These scholars and approaches include the following. - Scott Tucker, looks at the theme of "heaven" in six of the Gaither Homecoming songbooks - David Fillingim looks at how Southern Gospel Music answers the question of theodicy from the perspective of the rural white, working class - Robert M. McManus explores selected song lyrics to show how Southern - Gospel Music helps construct the identity of the community compared to Contemporary Christian Music - Darlene R. Graves identifies key sustaining personality strengths of women that tend to preserve consistency between their public performance and personal spiritual walk - Elizabeth F. Desnoyers Colas and Stephanie Howard (Asabi) explore Southern Gospel and Black Gospel music through the influence of Thomas A. Dorsey - Michael Graves examines how the culture of Southern Gospel Music deals with its inevitable prodigal sons - Raymond D.S. Anderson analyzes the Gaither Homecoming videos as examples of the postmodern turn in American popular Christian culture - John D. Keeler presents the first audience study of Southern Gospel Music employing a "Uses and Gratifications" research framework - Paul A. Creasman examines the ways Southern Gospel Musicas a culture memorializes its dead by use of the Internet - Naaman Wood reviews significant scholarly approaches to the study of popular music.

Precious memories

Hightower families in the United States of America from 1698 to the present, with special attention to descendants of Francis Pharoah Hightower : also included, 20 years of collected Hightower data for genealogical research

Author: Dona M. Eason




Page: 298

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Precious Memories

Author: Fay Foster

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Poetry

Page: 172

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This collection of poems include some from the author's first book Poems From The Heart. These were included because they fitted in with the theme of the second book. Unlike the first book all the episodes deal with "memories' that are indeed precious. Hence the title: Precious Memories.

Precious Memories

Sixteenth Book of the Faith Promoting Series

Author: Various

Publisher: GEO. C. LAMBERT



Page: 60

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The assurances received of the beneficial effects of the earlier volumes of the Faith-Promoting Series encourage the hope and belief that the present volume may be none the less helpful and appreciated. Narratives of personal experience, especially when they relate to people familiar to the reader or the community in which he lives possess a peculiar charm to most people, and especially to the young, and may convey helpful lessons more effectually than homilies or treatises, however carefully written, are apt to. The reason therefor probably is that in the narrative the moral is applied in real experience whereas in the treatise or homily the moral is expressed in the abstract only, and doubt may exist in the mind of the reader as to just how to apply it in real life. The hope is entertained that not only may the narratives contained in this volume entertain and at the same time tend to promote faith in those who read them, but that they may also incite others in the community whose lives have been fraught with incidents that would be faith-promoting if published to have the same reduced to writing and supply us therewith for use in the Faith-Promoting Series, or else furnish us with the facts and allow us to prepare the same for publication.

Precious Memories

Author: Phyllis Myers Miller

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 192

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After the unsolved murder of his father, Michael Goodman, an African-American teenager, struggles into manhood while harvesting the grief of death. Living in a poverty stricken neighborhood, he surrenders his childhood to help Erah, his emotionally dependent mother. Michael's life spiraled downward when his mother marries Lucifen Satain, a coldhearted, wealthy businessman who preaches a soul can be purchased with a hot meal or a cool million. Satain hates and plots against Michael from the beginning. When Erah secretly leaves in the night, Michael searches for the truth leading him down a path of lies and deception. Michael meets Gabriel, his estranged older brother, only to learn he works for the man trying to kill him. Devilin, the aloof genius stepbrother, gambles with Michael's life for his own agenda making a deal that could change the teenager's life forever. In a deserted playground, Michael witnesses a beam of light projecting from the eyes of Angel, an inscrutable beauty and falls in love with her. Later, he's told the gift from her eyes is a trick to entice him to join a cult. Voice of the Eyes is family drama about ownership of money and power clashing with the relationship of love. It follows a youth's low points of living in a ghetto on the Westside of Chicago through his struggles of becoming a "normal" teenager to the lowest point when he gets involved with a street thug for money. After attempting murder on his brother, reality compels him to see the ones he trusted are frauds. And, he unites with the ones labeled as deceivers. The novel stabs with mystery, touches on romance, jolts with reality, and will have you believing in the unexplainable and trusting in the illogical.

Precious Memories in the Kitchen

Author: Paulette Langbecker

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Cooking

Page: 253

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My inspiration in making this book was cooking in New Orleans after Katrina. Almost all our workers were from up in the northern states. The cooks were from up there also, so when I got the chance to introduce some good ole down-home country cooking, they liked it. Also you can’t come to New Orleans without eating some Cajun food. I had a lot of fun with some of the dishes—things they had never heard of, and some they had heard of but had never tried, by choice mostly. Our pastor asked me one day if I knew how to cook chitterlings (or chitlins). I suppose you know what this is. It’s the intestines of the hogs prepared as food, better known as the unseen part of the hog. I cooked them, and to my surprise, some liked them, even my husband, who is from Wisconsin. I had many requests for the local recipes, so I decided to put them all together with some of our old family recipes. I have also tried to tell the story of the work of the volunteers and how we appreciate them. To all who gave up their time and money to help people in need, God bless you all. When Katrina came, we asked God, “How much do you love us?” He opened his arms and said, “The whole world full.” And the whole world came. Thank you!

Alan Jackson - Precious Memories (Songbook)

Author: Alan Jackson

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 40

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(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook). This songbook includes all 15 songs from the 2006 release, Jackson's first ever gospel album. Songs: Blessed Assurance * How Great Thou Art * I'll Fly Away * In the Garden * The Old Rugged Cross * Softly and Tenderly * What a Friend We Have in Jesus * and more.

Precious Memories Sharing Joy, Love and Lifelines

A Family Reunion

Author: Estelle Ann Rollins

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 180

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Abram Bobrow is a man tormented by the ghosts and horrors of the past. Relentless nightmares force him to relive a time in his life that was unimaginably horrible. A decade after the end of World War II and the Bobrow family's emigration to the United States, Abram's young sons, Jerry and Bill (ten and twelve years old) become aware of their father's nightly torment, and beg to know why these terrible dreams still occur. Deciding that they are finally old enough to hear this harrowing story, over the next seven days, Abram carefully details what it was like to live though one of the most terrible, tragic and darkest periods of human history. This is Abram Bobrow's true story-how he and his wife Julia, who lived through a Nazi firing squad, escaped into the vast forests of western Byelorussia, became Jewish partisan fighters and fought back against the Nazis. This is a unique story of the triumph and indomitability of the human spirit.

Precious Memories, The Faith-Promoting Series Book 16

Author: George C. Lambert

Publisher: Zion's Camp Books


Category: Religion

Page: 145

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This is the 16th book in the Faith-Promoting Series, and the second volume primarily written by George C. Lambert. Lambert worked closely with George Q. Cannon at Deseret Book, and after Cannon’s death he continued publishing volumes in this series. This book, just like the previous book in the series, Treasures in Heaven, has a special emphasis on temples and geneology work. The story of Thomas Briggs is one of a life-long pursuit to find geneological records. In spite of great personal and physical trials, including the amputation of his legs, Briggs made finding the names of his ancestors a priority in his life. He worked ofter at the Logan Temple, and before his death he had amassed a huge collection of geneology. George L. Farrell was a missionary in England in 1875. He had unique experiences with a number of people, and they continued later in his life when people he had ministered to there moved to Utah. The book concludes with a number of short experiences, regarding missionary work and the changes possible when the Spirit touches people’s hearts.