Precious in His Sight

Childhood and Children in the Bible

Author: Roy B. Zuck

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 280

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Though numerous volumes have been written on human observations about children, very few volumes present God's perspective on them as recorded in the Bible. Precious in His Sight fills the gap admirably. Not only is this volume unique, it is also comprehensive. The author covers all of the children in the Bible, intensively studying the biblical text as well as incorporating insights from the best historical works on childhood and child-rearing in ancient times. The author's sensitivity to the cultural and sociological factors impinging on families in biblical times is everywhere apparent. In order to appreciate what the book of Proverbs says about children, for example, one must understand how children were treated and viewed in other cultures during Old Testament times. Everything the Bible says about children applies to contemporary childhood, according to the author. He finds biblical examples and abundant implications for children's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development. The principles that can be garnered from this incisive work will help educators and parents in the teaching and training of children today.

Precious in His Sight

Author: Terri A. Gibbs

Publisher: W Publishing Group


Category: Children

Page: 96

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World-traveled photographer David Dobson has compiled this intriguing collection of stunning photos and original prayers from children around the globe. This inspirational full-color book is a perfect gift for adults and children.

Precious in His Sight

A Mother's Journey of Faith with Her Special Needs Child

Author: Lisa Barron

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 184

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Caring for a struggling special needs child and holding her close as she takes her last breath is perhaps one of a parent's most painful experiences. Precious In His Sight will lead special families and friends in finding hope, strength, and comfort. Lisa Barron, wife, mother, and nurse, becomes transparent as she shares very personal and special memories of her four-and-a-half-year journey with her sweet daughter Madison. Lisa shares how she was able to experience love and joy through the blessing of her special needs daughter. She also tells how her faith helped her find peace with her daughter's imperfections. Lisa recounts such challenges as dealing with difficult physicians and insurance companies, financial issues, excursions outside the home, awkward moments in public, and sibling care. She also stresses the importance of finding a church home and having supportive friends and family. She gives practical advice and guidance along with reassuring scriptures to provide the strength special families need. She devotes an entire chapter to friends and family, helping them see just how they can help the most. The author is sharing her story with you because we are all Precious In His Sight.

Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, White-Who's More Precious In God's Sight?

A call for diversity in Christian missions and ministry

Author: Leroy Barber

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Drawing upon two decades of mission experience, Leroy Barber exposes the racial divisions within Christian ministries and offers practical and comprehensive solutions for promoting diversity. RED, BROWN, YELLOW, BLACK AND WHITE highlights the historic patterns that have created racial discrepancies within missions. It joins the essential canon created by touchstone books like Divided by Faith by Michael Emerson and Christian Smith and the ever-popular Race Matters by Cornel West. With a no-blame attitude, powerful personal narratives from a dozen other black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and white Christians, interactive histories of missions, and the writings of MLK and Howard Thurman (the entire "Letter From Birmingham Jail" and Howard Thurman's motivational speech "Sound of the Genuine"), Barber addresses this tough issue in a way that will inspire and motivate readers of all races toward change.

Children of the Womb

All are Precious in God's Sight

Author: Curt Blattman

Publisher: Author House


Category: Education

Page: 264

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Children of the Womb deals with one of America’s most controversial social issues – abortion. At the age of sixteen, Louise Ann Jordan finds herself facing the most difficult decision of her life – what to do about an unplanned pregnancy? A quick abortion seems to be the answer to her problem until she discovered what her doctor had really removed from her body. Devastated by the realization that she had terminated the life of her first child, Louise sets out on an incredible journey, during which she exposes the evils of abortion to an entire nation. Children of the Womb is a deeply thought provoking and soul searching novel. Let your heart and mind be your tour guides as you travel with Louise and explore the amazing secrets of the womb.

Precious in His Sight

Author: M. E. Hughes

Publisher: Viking Adult


Category: Fiction

Page: 259

View: 254

Louisiana in the 1960s is home to aristocratic Patouts, a family that thrives in the face of fearfully guarded secrets, old scores in need of settling, and a changing and often troubling political climate

In His Image

Author: Matthew Lee Smith

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 432

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In His Image is the next step for those who have read The Purpose Driven Life. Following the Life Purpose of Mission, this book explores God's great love for humanity from every book of the Bible. From the creation of Genesis to the culmination in Revelation, God’s love shines through every page. Never is this ever clearer than in the times of Israel’s great betrayal of their God. His passionate pursuit of His children can be heard dripping from his voice as He calls them (and us by proxy) back to His shelter and protection. This book was written ... • To convince the reader of God’s intense and immense love for them; • To encourage the reader to reach out to the God who is passionately in love with them; • To strengthen the reader’s faith in God’s compassion; and • To motivate the reader to share the love of God with every person they meet. It is very clear God loves people of all races and ethnicities. Therefore, whenever appropriate to the passage of the day, emphasis is made on the issue of racial reconciliation around God’s love. His love becomes the motivation for evangelism and for community. In each daily devotional ... • There is a Biblical Scripture they are encouraged to read; • There is a passage of Scripture to read in the devotional itself; • There is the devotional to read which focuses the reader on a single thought, broken into two, three or four practical ideas they can utilize that day in their lives; and • There is a thought to take with the reader each day which summarizes the theme concerning God’s great love for them.