The Practice of Classical Palmistry

Author: Madame La Roux

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe



Page: 276

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Gypsies have been reading palms for hundreds of years and everyone knows that they can tell you the future. Madame La Roux is a bona fide gypsy who has traveled the country and read thousands of palms. In this fact-packed book, she teaches you how to get information from the lines, the fingers, the thumb, the bumbs and knots, the hills and valleys of the palm--so you can accurately predict the future for yourself and for your friends. It is an easy-to-learn technique, and she provides pictures of hands and lines, present case studies, checklists, and supplies worksheets that enable you to quickly grasp the overall meaning of all of the features of the hand. Also included are instructions for making good palmprints. This is the book to have if you want to learn to read the palm!

Runic Palmistry

Author: Jon Saint-Germain

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 206

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"Runic Palmistry" combines standard palmistry, Norse mythology, and the runes, using all three to understand a person and his or her path, personality, needs and special gifts.

The Art and Science of Hand Reading

Classical Methods for Self-Discovery through Palmistry

Author: Ellen Goldberg

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 544

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A comprehensive guide to the inner psychology revealed by the hand • Details how to interpret the entire hand--the shape of the palm and fingers, mounts, lines, fingerprints, flexibility, nails, and skin texture • Reveals the personality archetypes, strengths, and weaknesses connected with each of the seven mounts and how the rest of the hand modifies these traits • Explains how lines change and the decisive influence of the person’s own mind in healing defects found on the lines Palmistry is a science and a universal language. The hand tells a story about your talents, relationships, health, and how you feel about yourself. It reveals periods of ease or challenge in your life, and it speaks about your weaknesses and the traits you need to develop. As you change, so do your hands, reflecting the progress you have made. In this comprehensive guide to hand reading, based on Ellen Goldberg’s 40 years of teaching palmistry and the Western Mystery tradition, the authors make the powerful insights of the hand accessible in an inviting and user-friendly manner. The book presents the character traits and personality archetypes associated with each of the seven mounts of the palm and shows how to determine which are most influential in the nature of the individual. The mount archetypes reveal the lifestyle, love,sex, and marriage preferences; the best career choices; and the unique strengths and weaknesses for each person. The book also examines other factors that enhance the qualities revealed by the mount types, including the flexibility of the hand, texture of the skin, and the shapes of the fingers, fingertips, and nails. The meaning of each major and minor line is described in detail as well as the influence the person’s own mind has in healing defects and obstacles found on their lines. The authors also provide accurate timing guides for each line, making it possible to locate specific events and to see how your lines change over time. Presenting the hand as a guide to self-fulfillment, The Art and Science of Hand Reading incorporates correspondences to other mystical sciences such as astrology, Kabbalah, the Hermetic teachings, and archetypal psychology. It also includes practical examples and more than 600 illustrations to show how to integrate the meanings of each part of the hand to form a complete picture of your inner psychology and your ever-changing destiny.


Author: Maria Gardini



Category: Palmistry

Page: 155

View: 513

An illustrated guide to palmistry, explaining the terms and techniques used in palm classification and analysis, and showing how the interpretations derived from palm reading can provide an insight into personality and the whole range of human relationships.

Forthcoming Books

Author: Rose Arny



Category: American literature


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Author: Karl Rahner



Category: Bible

Page: 462

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A Classical Dictionary

Containing Brief and Accurate Accounts of the Proper Names Mentioned in Classical Literature

Author: Edward Sylvester Ellis



Category: Classical dictionaries

Page: 222

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