Practical Leadership and Management in Nursing

Author: Eleanor J. Sullivan

Publisher: Pearson Education


Category: Leadership

Page: 311

View: 706

Team work, management, & leadership skills are an important part of being a nurse. This is the perfect book to help you on your way to being a well-rounded nursing professional. It uses friendly, accessible language to comprehensively cover all management theories & applies them to practical nursing settings.

Practical Leadership in Community Colleges

Navigating Today's Challenges

Author: George R. Boggs

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 240

View: 352

Anticipate, manage, and overcome the complex issues facing community colleges Practical Leadership in Community Colleges offers a path forward through the challenges community colleges face every day. Through field observations, reports, news coverage, and interviews with leaders and policy makers, this book digs deep into the issues confronting college leaders and provides clear direction for managing through the storm. With close examination of both emerging trends and perennial problems, the discussion delves into issues brought about by changing demographics, federal and state mandates, public demand, economic cycles, student unrest, employee groups, trustees, college supporters, and more to provide practical guidance toward optimal outcomes for all stakeholders. Written by former presidents, including a past president of the American Association of Community Colleges, this book provides expert guidance on anticipating and managing the critical issues that affect the entire institution. Both authors serve as consultants, executive coaches, and advisors to top leaders, higher education institutions, and leadership development programs throughout the United States. Community colleges are facing increasingly complex issues from both without and within. Some can be avoided, others only mitigated—but all must be managed, and college leaders must be fully prepared or risk failing the students and the community. This book provides real-world guidance for current and emerging leaders and trustees seeking more effective management methods, with practical insight and expert perspective. Tackle the college completion challenge and performance-based funding initiatives Manage through economic cycles, declining support, and calls for accountability Delve into the issues of privatization and employee unionization Execute strategies to align institutional goals and mission Manage organizational change and new ways of thinking that are essential in today's competitive environment Manage issues involving diversity, inclusiveness, and equity Prepare adequately for campus emergencies Community colleges are the heartbeat of the nation's higher education system, and bear the tremendous responsibility of serving the needs of a vast and varied student body. Every day may bring new issues, but effective management allows institutions to rise to the challenge rather than falter under pressure. Practical Leadership in Community Colleges goes beyond theory to provide the practical guidance leadership needs to more effectively lead institutions to achieve results and serve the students and the community.

Practical Leadership in Nursing and Health Care

A Multi-Professional Approach

Author: Suzanne Henwood

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Medical

Page: 255

View: 628

This multidisciplinary text is an essential introduction to leadership in health care, combining the underpinning theory with a practical approach to help you come to decisions and solutions in everyday practice. * Written in an accessible and easy to understand style by an international team of practitioners who will engage, inspire and empower you to really make a difference in practice * Evidence based and with a focus on patient care and service delivery to ensure best practice * Includes case studies from a range of disciplines as well as questions and reflective activities to help you apply theory to practice * Provides practical tools from a number of disciplines including NLP, positive psychology, coaching and transactional analysis * Free HodderPlus website provides PowerPoints, case studies, questions, reflection activities and annotated web links This practical guide is an invaluable tool for all students and professionals in nursing and allied health, including radiographers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dieticians and paramedics.

Practical Leadership Skills for Safety Professionals and Project Engineers

Author: Gary L. Winn

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 330

View: 330

For Future Leaders in Safety and Engineering You’ve chosen to become a leader in occupational health and safety. Practical Leadership Skills for Safety Professionals and Project Engineers can show you how. Purposely oriented toward the art and science of leadership, this book is designed to provide insight and outline development techniques for the budding young professional. Aimed squarely at college students and early career professionals, it parallels the steps that a student or recent graduate needs to take (from pre-professional to professional); it moves the reader from the classroom and then on through to early managerial years. The book covers basic office protocol and etiquette, understanding diversity and cultural nuance, and ethical considerations, and addresses most ABET-accredited engineering and safety programs with similar curricula. It also considers special cases that include toxic leadership; environmental stressors; increasing resilience; gender issues; international nuance; experiential training; and "depleted" leader development environments where upper management doesn’t seem to care. In addition, the author introduces stories, accumulated wisdom, and anecdotes from his own experience, balanced by supported research and data on outcomes. Part empirical, part anecdotal, this book: Cites current social and psychological work on leadership and professional development References industry‐related leader development research Breaks down what being a "professional" means; codes of ethics; dilemmas; case studies Explores leadership in the crisis and non‐crisis modes Offers help with identifying and fighting toxic leadership, and more Designed for both coursework and reference, Practical Leadership Skills for Safety Professionals and Project Engineers contains published research combined with the author’s own industry experience. This book provides a blueprint for the undergraduate or early‐career professional in occupational health and safety, industrial hygiene, safety management, and related industries.

Peter F. Drucker on Practical Leadership

Author: Peter F. Drucker

Publisher: Harvard Business Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

View: 980

Turning Insight into Action In this collection of essays, Peter F. Drucker focuses on the steps leaders can take today to prepare themselves and their organizations for tomorrow. Covering key areas such as technology, economics, people, and the organization, Drucker shows managers how to put his advice and ideas into action. Throughout the book, Drucker brings clear-sighted analysis to an array of subjects that remain as relevant today as they were when he first wrote about them. Using examples from a wide range of industries, this book equips executives to better understand and address the practical implications of topics such as: Managing workers Spotting opportunities for innovation Evaluating company performance Assessing global business Both applicable and inspiring, Peter F. Drucker on Practical Leadership is essential reading for leaders preparing for tomorrow.

Practical Leadership Lessons from an Average Leader

Four Attributes All Effective Leaders Possess

Author: Gregg Mays




Page: 160

View: 274

As a young leader you arrive to work your first day, dressed for success. You look the part. You feel the part. But when a crisis arises, you feel inadequate to make that critical decision that could solve the problem. Leaders at every level face challenges daily. How they address and solve them defines how they are perceived as a leader. There is nothing that can take the place of firsthand experience. Getting you and your team out of difficult situations, then processing the lessons learned is the best way to become a good or great leader. The problem is, in this fast-paced world, you do not know just how many of those "difficult situations" you are going to be allowed to experience before your boss calls you in for "the talk." The one that starts out with words like, "We really appreciate all of your hard work to this point, but..." We all know what comes after the "but." This book is a must-read guide for the young leader as you learn your craft and lead your team. Additionally, it provides practical insight that any leader can use. Author, Gregg Mays has walked in the "shoes' of a young leader facing a leadership crisis but lacking experience. Using real events from his leadership journey, he provides practical ways for leaders to walk in the door on day one ready to lead effectively. Embracing the K.I.S. motto, Keep It Simple, Gregg provides a clear road map to success. And when success does not happen, he has taught us how to deal with that. This book is not only good for young, inexperienced leaders. Seasoned leaders will enjoy the stories and lessons learned contained in this practical look at an art form that is not easy to master.

Practical Wisdom, Leadership and Culture

Indigenous, Asian and Middle-Eastern Perspectives

Author: Ali Intezari

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 210

View: 722

Despite the growing attention towards the importance of practical wisdom in business today, little research has been done about the concept of practical wisdom in the Indigenous, Asian and Middle-Eastern traditions. Contemporary studies of wisdom are dominated by the philosophical traditions of Western thought, which is based on the ancient Greek concepts of wisdom. Much less is known about how practical wisdom, as illuminated by these other traditions, can be implemented in today’s organizational settings. This book thus fills an important gap in understanding wisdom and how it is applied in a poly-cultural world. Wisdom is culturally bound. Wisdom is poly-cultural and interweaves individuality and communality. Practical wisdom is inextricably connected to many needs of contemporary personal and professional life. Moreover, the increasingly growing poly-culturality around the world requires a better understanding of how practical wisdom is understood in different cultures and traditions. Accordingly, there is a need for a) poly-cultural understanding of the concept of wisdom and b) the role of practical wisdom in a world crying out for wisdom. This book underlines the importance of developing a poly-cultural and interdisciplinary understanding of the concept of practical wisdom in today’s complex environment. The book offers significant insight into the implications of the non-Western traditions of wisdom and how such an understanding of the non-Western traditions can help us better and more critically understand and appropriately address new multi-faceted complex emerging phenomena. While the Western traditions offer valuable insight into the implication of wisdom in modern life, an integrated view that brings together the Western and non-Western traditions can provide a more critical and practical insight into how to apply practical wisdom in a contemporary poly-cultural environment.

Practical Leadership

Author: Gordon MacKay

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 144

View: 209

This management book is published in association with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Drawing upon both contemporary experience and that of well known leaders, this book offers practical advice and guidance to inspire, encourage, and inform anyone facing, for the first time, the real day to day challenges of leadership. Over recent decades technology and education have led to great challenges for traditional styles of leadership. Nevertheless, the author demonstrates real prescience in ancient tales of leadership, its initiation and development and their practical value for leaders today. The book opens with the author’s account of his own initiation into leadership; of being propelled totally unexpectedly and quite unprepared into the practice and challenges of leadership. The book contains reflections on and fundamental insights into the nature and practice of leadership. Illustrated with many rich examples, metaphors, allegories and illustrations, the author exposes consistent patterns marking the practice of great leaders. Written for those seeking guidance in practical leadership Written for the vast majority of leaders: who are in middle management Not burdened with theories and models found in many academic books

Practical Management and Leadership for Doctors

Second Edition

Author: John Wattis

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Medical

Page: 188

View: 545

This practical, concise book will help every medical manager survive and thrive in the increasingly challenging world of healthcare. It offers a hands-on introduction to the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour required to succeed in a modern healthcare setting. Focussing on common issues and challenges, the authors examine organisational structures and strategies for productive relationship-building, goal-setting and quality maintenance. This edition updates every chapter, while three new chapters focus on encouraging innovation, how to lead and manage in difficult circumstances, and the major developments in the professionalization of medical management and leadership.

Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Practical Guide to Generating New Business

A Practical Guide to Generating New Business

Author: Angelo Mastrangelo

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 215

View: 639

Real-life examples from the author's experience illuminate a step-by-step plan that can help entrepreneurial leaders achieve their goals. • Suggests easy-to-follow principles for entrepreneurial leaders in all kinds of organizations based on the author's 40+ years of success leading enterprises in the business and nonprofit worlds • Combines principles of entrepreneurship and leadership into two groundbreaking models • Explains the fundamentals of entrepreneurial leadership in clear, readily understandable language • Shows the reader how to identify commercially viable opportunities versus opportunities that may not generate income • Takes readers inside the "Cola Wars" of the 1980s and 1990s, providing a glimpse into an industry that most people regularly patronize but of which they have no insider understanding • Uses real-life examples to show how entrepreneurial leadership has been practiced in unexpected places, including three U.S. presidencies

Leadership Skills for Licensed Practical Nurses Working with the Aging Population

Author: Cheryl Kruschke

Publisher: Springer


Category: Medical

Page: 185

View: 518

This textbook fills a gap in education for licensed practical nurses (LPN), providing information specific to their own needs and concerns. Firstly, it clarifies the leadership role of LPNs in the healthcare setting, and then identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities related to leadership, management, communication, culture change and person-directed care concepts. It also explains the efficacy of these concepts related to the LPN care of patients in the work setting and reviews the Nurse Practice Act (NPA) enacted in every US state. LPNs play an essential role in the patient care team and we have to ensure they receive advanced education as practitioners in healthcare settings that reach vulnerable populations such the elderly. They have been considered as the registered nurses’ right hand in acute care as well as many home-health settings. They provide basic medical and nursing care, ensure the comfort of patients, discuss health care with patients, and report the status of patients to registered nurses and doctors. But the LPNs are often expected to take on a real leadership role based on the perception that as licensed nurses they already have all the qualifications and education necessary for leadership roles. However, there is a gap in the education they receive and a limited body of literature dedicated to them. Written in honor of all LPNs, this educational textbook fills that gap. With learning objectives, review questions and scenarios, it is a valuable resource for courses for undergraduate students training to be LPNs.

A Practical Guide to Leadership

Be Inspired by Great Leaders

Author: Alison Price

Publisher: Icon Books Ltd


Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

View: 555

Leadership: A Practical Guide is packed with examples of famous leaders who achieved brilliant things against all odds. You’ll discover their ideas, strategies and tried and tested winning solutions, which can be applied to the opportunities and challenges that you face. So whether you’re starting from scratch as a new leader, needing to raise your game, or aiming to do what great leaders do and aim even higher, this practical yet inspirational guide will help you to perform at your very best.

Yes, You're a Leader! A Practical Guide to Leadership for Real People

A Practical Guide to Leadership for Real People

Author: John Charles Kunich

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 186

View: 179

Offering an array of fresh innovations to remedy the most daunting leadership challenges of today's complex and rapidly evolving world, this practical how-to guide is for anyone who has ever had qualms about his or her lack of leadership experience or imagined limitations. • Explains how to be a transformational leader under even the worst conditions • Provides an analytical tool that helps leaders to identify the pros and cons of various options and steer clear of disastrous errors • Reinvents mentoring and feedback for time-crunched leaders • Illustrates the importance of becoming a mature leader in a millennial world • Shows how to multiply creativity and agility in a hypercompetitive environment

Initiating and Sustaining the Clinical Nurse Leader Role: A Practical Guide

Author: James L. Harris

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers


Category: Medical

Page: 318

View: 568

Initiating and Sustaining the Clinical Nurse Leader Role: A Practical Approach serves as a practice guide Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNLs) using the ten assumptions for preparing the CNL, the CNL roles, and the end of program competencies. The CNL designs, implements, and evaluates client care by coordinating, delegating and supervising the care provided by the health care team, including licensed nurses, technicians, and other health professionals. This text provides real world tools and processes and includes chapter objectives, summaries, articles, case studies, tools, notes from the field, interviews with CNLs, CNL students, employers of CNLs and educators.

Leadership and practical action

Author: New York (State). Legislature. Joint Legislative Committee on the Problems of Public Health, Medicare, Medicaid and Compulsory Health and Hospital Insurance




Page: 122

View: 717

Family Business: Practical Leadership Succession Planning

Author: Ronald P. Smyser

Publisher: Abbott Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 140

View: 759

Less than 15% of family businesses survive to and through the second generation of leadership. Family Business: Practical Leadership Succession Planning provides valuable insights to (1) demystify and simplify the process of succession, (2) help ensure continuing financial security for you and your family and (3) enhance the effectiveness and balance of your professional and private life. For example, you will learn: ? The fifteen key causes of leadership succession failure and how to avoid them. ? How ownership transition without a clear, practical leadership succession plan can decimate your business's chance of survival. ? The value of practical, effective delegating skills to creating a seamless leadership succession and a healthy, future business. ? How reprioritizing your professional time can enhance your leadership impact, your leadership succession, and your private life. ? What your next generation really wants but won't tell you?and what you should do. ? The issues of choosing one of your children to succeed you, and how to avoid them. ? Where and how to acquire or develop leadership candidates throughout your business, including your successor position. ? The key perils of trust funds and why you should avoid them. ? Much, much more. Whether you already have a family business or are starting one, Family Business: Practical Leadership Succession Planning is a must read.

A Practical Guide for New School Leaders

Author: John C Daresh, Dr

Publisher: SAGE



Page: 144

View: 459

An inspiring resource for Headteachers, deputy Headteachers and any primary teacher who desires a leadership rile. All teachers who want to lead, or want to make themselves aware of problems faced by leaders, will not only find this book useful and informative but will learn a lot from it too' - "Junior Education " This book is full of so many practical ides that new heads will surely be enthused to try something new and put energy into their new role, especially as this is supported by an outstanding detailed analysis of the frequent problems that those new to headship will face, enhanced by interesting and well-chose case studies. " "I am sure that this is one of books whose reputation will grow by word of mouth by those who have used it, to their colleagues. It deserves to be, and I am sure will be come a classic' - "The International Journal of Educational Management " A Practical Guide to New School Leaders will be appreciated by those taking up new posts as head or deputy and should be part of their personal collections' - "Tim Brighouse, Times Educational Supplement " In summary, this book makes an excellent contribution to the current debate on Leadership from a practical point of view. It provides an important resource for many aspects of leadership development programmes at a variety of levels. As a resource for both the newly appointed headteacher and those involved in their training it contributes to ensuring that the new headteacher will become a reflective thinker in terms of his/her early career as school leader. The book offers concrete strategies, case studies and checklists to help the new school leader to develop an individual action plan in order to survive and thrive' - "Stephen Merrill, Edge Hill College of Higher Education, Journal In-Service Education " New head teachers need help as they walk the tightrope between surviving the first years in the job and becoming strong and effective instructional leaders. John C Daresh and Trevor Arrowsmith offer concrete strategies, case studies and a personal leadership checklist to help the new school leader develop an individual plan to thrive and survive. Key features include: Real-life concerns facing new school leaders; technical and managerial skills to survive socializing to the role of a leader; strong leadership through self-awareness; the road to school leadership - making the most of being an assistant or deputy; developing personal portfolios and action plans. The book also provides answers to questions that concern new school leaders. This is a practical and essential resource for head teachers, deputy head teachers and all those aspiring towards a leadership role in schools. John C Daresh is currently professor of educational leadership at the University of Texas at El Paso. He has served as a consultant for universities and departments of education across the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Trevor Arrowsmith has been Principal of a Specialist Secondary School Language College in Northampton for 8 years. He is also LPSH national trainer and an External Advisor on heads performance management.

Mother Teresa, CEO

Unexpected Principles for Practical Leadership

Author: Ruma Bose

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 127

View: 163

Mother Teresa's distinctive leadership style- based in absolute simplicity and practicality-helped her to build one of the word's largest and most successful global organizations. This book- the first to examine Mother Teresa in this context- shows readers how to apply her leadership principles and practices.

20 Golden Leadership Nuggets: Practical Leadership Lessons to Use Today - Right Now

Author: Nicole F. Smith



Category: Business & Economics

Page: 82

View: 666

"It can be scary. It can be overwhelming. It can be immensely rewarding. What is this thing that can have people confused with conflicting emotions? What is it that everyone believes will instantly give them the status and power they desire yet inspires so little interest for learning the good, bad and ugly lessons? Leadership." - Excerpt from Nicole's book.You can learn about leadership from academic theories, books, or from leadership consultants. However, the lessons that will drive all those theories home are the ones learned as you are applying them or observing others in the real world as a professional. Leadership is an influence. Without leadership, we cannot progress as a race. The first responsibility of a leader is to define the reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant. To quote Jesus Christ: "If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall in the ditch."That is why leadership is so important. Great leadership shapes nations, and aspiring leaders are definitely its driving force. It's no wonder why true leaders are sometimes worshiped as demigods.Are you tired of those "serious" leadership books based just on theory and nothing more?Meet Nicole F. Smith!As she says in her book "This leadership journey that I have been on for the past 20 years has been one of many smiles, much laughter, buckets of tears, and pockets full of golden nuggets. Some of these golden nuggets, 20 in particular, I have polished up to share with you."An amazing journey of leadership from the vantage point of a Gen X leader. In her book, Nicole shares her lessons learned while being stuck in the battle between millennials and baby boomers caught right in the cross-fire, for her presence in leadership for 20 years. Practical lessons in a quick and easy read, combined with different leadership styles, with anecdotes and humor. That's what you get from this wonderful book.Help employees be the best version of themselves and help leaders to create a fulfilling legacy."A few shiny golden nuggets I have learned is that leadership takes heart. It takes bravery, and it takes courage." So take it!

A Handbook of Practical Wisdom

Leadership, Organization and Integral Business Practice

Author: Wendelin Küpers

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 246

View: 113

The current financial and on-going ecological crises have taught us that without practical wisdom, business, organisations and leadership cannot be sustainable. In response to this situation, the Handbook of Practical Wisdom presents a critically informed understanding of wise practices, contributing to more integrative organizational and leadership studies and practice. The focus on integration emphasises the interdependencies of practical wisdom in relation to members, groups and cultures of organisations in their socio-cultural spheres. Wisdom has long slipped from the scholarly map, and so this handbook provides revived and new mappings for today and the future. Seeking to actualize creative potentials of practical wisdom, this book and series aspires to contribute to the contemporary odysseys and quests for orientation in organisation and management research and practice. Wisdom research, as presented in this book, provides bridges to underestimated, neglected or forgotten knowledge and offers transformative passages between Scylla - the rocks of dogmatic modernity - and Charybdis - the whirlpool of dispersed post-modernity. Practical wisdom allows for a better equipped and more experiential and reflexive journey and fosters the art of mindful travelling, beyond a reactive, moralizing sentimentalism. Accordingly, this handbook serves as a medium for reassessing and rearticulating more responsible ways of ’praxis’ in the field of organization and management. In this spirit, each chapter opens a space for dialogue and debate, inviting further inquiries, conversations and explorations by and among its readers: students, academics and practitioners.