The Practical Encyclopedia of Magic

Author: Nicholas Einhorn

Publisher: Selectabook Limited


Category: Magic

Page: 256

View: 439

Reveals secrets of over 120 magic tricks, with over 1,000 color photographs. Gives indepth information on how to perform amazing closeup tricks, baffling optical illusions and incredible mental magic.


The Practical Encyclopedia of Magic and Sleight of Hand

Author: Nicholas Einhorn

Publisher: Lorenz Books



Page: 256

View: 401

This Kit Box combines a 264-page practical book featuring 700 step-by-step photographs with the relevant tools or equipment to get you started right away. The 'Kit' is packaged in a beautifully designed gift box with a magnetic lid. The high-quality accessories make this a great-value product and perfect for either self-purchase or a gift.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Witchcraft & Practical Magic

A Visual Guide to the History and Practice of Magic Through the Ages - Its Origins, Ancient Traditions, Lanugage, Learning, Ways and Rituals, and Grea

Author: Susan Greenwood

Publisher: Southwater Pub


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 512

View: 605

A historical and anthropological study and practical guide to contemporary white magic, with 950 illustrations.

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants, Revised

A Practical Guide to Creating Healing, Protection, and Prosperity Using Plants, Herbs, and Flowers

Author: Susan Gregg

Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

View: 524

Learn how to improve your life using the spiritual properties all around you in nature. This revised and expanded guide includes the magical properties and uses for nearly 300 plants. Entries describe how to use spells or rituals and potions that solve ev

The Big Book of Practical Spells

Everyday Magic That Works

Author: Judika Illes

Publisher: Weiser Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

View: 854

Practical, inspirational, and comprehensive, The Big Book of Practical Spells is a useful tool and resource for beginners and experienced devotees of the magical arts. Here in one majestic volume is a basic introduction to magic; a psychic glossary; a primer on the four elements, colors, and magical supplies (including minerals and botanicals); and a compendium of spells for any situation you may face. With Judika Illes as your guide, you will learn how to enhance your psychic power, cleanse your aura, protect yourself from malevolent powers, and create and use a wide variety of spells. There are spells for marriage, fertility, pregnancy prevention, babies and children, money, healing, and transitioning to the next life. These are spells that will help make life easier, more productive, and stress free. *Previously published at Pure Magic

Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

Author: Jean Hugard

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 416

View: 676

This giant-sized collection explains how to perform over 600 professional card tricks, devised by the world's greatest magicians. The finest single compendium available, the book features a clear style that makes the instructions easy to follow.

The Complete Book of Aquarian Magic: A Practical Guide to the Magical Arts

Preparing to practise the Magical Arts

Author: Marian Green

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 240

View: 451

Here, contained within one contemporary volume are two classic practical guides for modern witches: 1. Magic for the Aquarian Age: A complete manual for magical techniques and preparing to practice the magical arts. Including exercises and techniques designed to awaken perceptions and senses that have been blunted by modern life, the guide aims to help unwrap the secret inner YOU and discover the submerged part of yourself that has the power to completely transform your life. 2. Experiments in Aquarian Magic: This guide draws on the ageless store of magical knowledge to enable you to make full use of its power and life expanding techniques. Included here is invaluable information regarding: - Vision journeys - Healing - Creating a magic temple - Time travel - Talismanic magic The guide includes a new introduction by magical expert Judika Illes, author of four popular witchcraft encyclopedias: The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft. The Encyclopedia of Spirits, and the brand new Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints, and Sages.

The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures

The Ultimate A-Z of Fantastic Beings from Myth and Magic

Author: John Matthews

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 682

View: 426

"From unicorns, salamandars, satyrs, giants, elves and trolls, to dragons, nymphs, mermaids, werewolves and griffins -- take an enchanting journey through the history, folklore, and mythology of these beasts from virtually every culture in the world."--Page 4 of cover.