Porsche Unseen

Design Studies

Author: Stefan Bogner

Publisher: Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh



Page: 328

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Unbekannte Preziosen Wenn Autofirmen Studien und Prototypen zeigen, erlauben sie damit einen Blick hinter den Vorhang, eine Vision von dem, was kommt oder kommen könnte. Neben dem, was bei offiziellen Terminen und auf Messen gezeigt wird, gibt es aber eine überwältigende Menge von Entwürfen und Modellen, die der Öffentlichkeit aus verschiedensten Gründen verborgen bleiben. In diesem Buch wird das unmögliche möglich: ein Blick auf noch nie gesehene Porsche - Porsche Unseen. Stefan Bogner durfte exklusiv im Allerheiligsten des Porsche Designs fotografieren und beschert uns absolute Aha-Momente. Die Porsche-DNA ist in jedem der gezeigten Modelle erkennbar, die Ausführung aber so neu und zum Teil so unerwartet, dass man meint, in einem Paralleluniversum gelandet zu sein. Ein 1-Liter-Auto von Porsche? Ein coupéhafter 4-Sitzer mit 911-Zügen? Einsitzige Roadster mit dem Geist der 50er-Jahre? Das alles hat Stefan Bogner im Modell oder sogar fahrfertig vor der Linse gehabt. Die erhellenden Hintergründe hat Jan Baedeker im persönlichen Gespräch mit Designchef Michael Mauer notiert. Folgen Sie uns auf eine unvergleichliche Entdeckungsreise durch die Welt des Porsche Designs! Zweisprachig: Deutsch/Englisch Unknown valuables When car companies present studies and prototypes, they allow a glimpse behind the scenes, a vision of what will come or might come. Apart from what is shown on official events and at fairs, there is an overwhelming number of drafts and models, that remain hidden from the public for various reasons. This book achieves the impossible: a look at Porsche cars the public never laid eyes on - Porsche Unseen. Stefan Bogner was exclusively allowed to take pictures in the Porsche Design sanctum, aha-experiences guaranteed. The Porsche DNA is recognisable in any of the models shown, but the design is so new and unexpected that it suggests the existence of a parallel universe. A 1-litre Porsche? A coupé-like four seater with 911-looks? Single-seated roadsters with 50's flair? Stefan Bogner took photos of all of them - either as models or ready to drive. Jan Baedeker talked with Michael Mauer, Head of Design, and took down the enlightening background information. Join our extraordinary expedition of discovery through the world of Porsche Design!

Hope Unseen

The Story of the U.S. Army's First Blind Active-Duty Officer

Author: Scotty Smiley

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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The inspiring, unflinching true story of “blind” faith, as Major Scotty Smiley awakes in a hospital bed and realizes his world is permanently dark he must stretch his faith like never before. Courageous, heartfelt, and honest, Hope Unseen challenges readers to question their doubts, not their beliefs, and depend upon God no matter what. A nervous glance from a man in a parked car. Muted instincts from a soldier on patrol. Violent destruction followed by total darkness. Two weeks later, Scotty Smiley woke up in Walter Reed Army Medical Center, helpless . . . and blind. Blindness became Scotty’s journey of supreme testing. As he lay helpless in the hospital, Captain Smiley resented the theft of his dreams—becoming a CEO, a Delta Force operator, or a four-star general. With his wife Tiffany’s love and the support of his family and friends, Scotty was transformed—the injury only intensifying his indomitable spirit. Since the moment he jumped out of a hospital bed and forced his way through nurses and cords to take a simple shower, Captain Scotty Smiley has climbed Mount Rainier, won an ESPY as Best Outdoor Athlete, surfed, skydived, become a father, earned an MBA from Duke, taught leadership at West Point, commanded an army company, and won the MacArthur Leadership Award. Scotty and Tiffany Smiley have lived out a faith so real that it will inspire you to question your own doubts, push you to serve something bigger than yourself, and encourage you to cling to a Hope Unseen.

Porsche 914 and 914-6 - The Definitive History of the Road and Competition Cars

Author: Brian Long

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd


Category: Transportation


View: 477

This budget paperback tells the complete history of the 'Cinderella' Porsches which have now become respected and established classics. Includes 914 and 914-6 in international motorsport and expert advice on buying and restoring. Period illustrations acquired with the assistance of Porsche.

Beneath the Gated Sky

Author: Robert Reed

Publisher: Diversion Publishing Corp.


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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A novel featuring “aliens of real depth and conviction [and] an absorbing narrative” from the Hugo Award–winning author of Beyond the Veil of Stars (Kirkus Reviews). Porsche and Cornell fell in love as they infiltrated an alien world for the sake of humanity. But Porsche it turns out, is not human . . . Now the two return to Earth only to discover a conspiracy so deep that it casts doubt on those to whom they’ve entrusted their lives, in this follow-up to the New York Times Notable Book Beyond the Veil of Stars—about which Publishers Weekly stated, “This may be one of the best science-fiction novels of the year.” “A visionary writer.” —David Brin



Publisher: Gene Heinrich




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Author: Dan B. McVickar

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 203

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A few years ago Dan McVickar began writing about his life’s experiences starting with the era of World War II when he was a small boy. Dan grew up in the small rural town of Sumner, IL. Living there was frugal but mostly pleasant. The notable exception was Dan’s experience at age 14 with being the target of religious hysteria during a church revival. High school was relatively carefree with studies directed toward studying engineering in college. The study of the atom in physics class ignited a lifelong passion for learning more about the nature of creation, i.e. the universe.

Sunset: Sunrise: A Journey of Self-Acceptance

Author: Sarah L. Hartley

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company


Category: Manic-depressive illness

Page: 195

View: 734

"Sunset, Sunrise is a true story about a dramatic change of direction in the life of the author. Born with a sliver spoon in her mouth, she tells a tale filled with amusing anecdotes, despair, wrenching decisions and exultations. This is a must read for anyone interested in humanity and the issues facing someone born with the challenging conditions of depression and transsexualism."--

Robert Altman

In the American Grain

Author: Frank Caso

Publisher: Reaktion Books


Category: Art

Page: 320

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Known as an iconoclast and maverick, film director Robert Altman has consistently pushed against the boundaries of genre. From refashioning film noir in The Long Goodbye, the western in McCabe & Mrs. Miller, the psychological drama in Images, science fiction in Quintet, and the romantic comedy in A Perfect Couple, he has always tested the limits of what film can and should do. In this book, Frank Caso examines the development of Altman’s artistic method from his earliest days in industrial film to his work in television and feature films. Altman is one of those directors whose films audiences can easily recognize, but what exactly are the distinctive elements that have become his signature? Caso identifies more than twenty such elements in Altman’s style, tracing some—such as his use of free-hand cameras and engagement with Christian imagery—to the beginning of his career. Caso also examines Altman’s unsettling mix of offbeat comedic tone with a predominance of violence, murder, and death, showing how their counterpointing effects rendered his films at once naturalistic and otherworldly. Exploring these and other aspects of the Altmanesque style, Caso maps the innovations that have made Altman a master filmmaker. Enriched with illustration throughout, Robert Altman will appeal to fans of this distinctive American auteur or anyone interested in ground-breaking cinema.

Dead, White, and Blue

Author: Carolyn Hart

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Bookstore owner Annie Darling has no time to enjoy the summer fun when a missing person case turns deadly in this mystery in the New York Times bestselling Death on Demand series. July is a hectic time for Annie and her husband, Max. Sun and scorching temperatures never fail to bring swarms of tourists to their mystery bookstore, Death on Demand, for the latest beach reads. Not to mention the whole island is buzzing with excitement over the upcoming Broward’s Rock Fourth of July dance. But after Wesley Hurst's second wife Shell disappears during the fireworks display, Annie and Max take time out of their busy schedule to find the missing woman. Their investigation reveals a twisted tale of blackmail, betrayal, and adultery that takes them from the corridors of the island’s lovely inn to a pier lashed by pelting rain, to a gathering on the terrace of a country club where a trap is set for a calculating killer...