Poplars and Willows

Trees for Society and the Environment

Author: Jud G. Isebrands

Publisher: CABI


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 656

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Poplars and willows form an important component of forestry and agricultural systems, providing a wide range of wood and non-wood products. This book synthesizes research on poplars and willows, providing a practical worldwide overview and guide to their basic characteristics, cultivation and use, issues, problems and trends. Prominence is given to environmental benefits and the importance of poplar and willow cultivation in meeting the needs of people and communities, sustainable livelihoods, land use and development.

Rust Diseases of Willow and Poplar

Author: Ming Hao Pei

Publisher: CABI


Category: Nature

Page: 264

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In recent years there has been increased interest in growing willow and poplar trees, as fast-growing species that have several purposes, including use as biofuels for energy production. However, silviculture of these trees has been constrained by diseases such as Melampsora rusts. This book provides a comprehensive review of over two decades of extensive study of the rust diseases affecting willow and poplar. It provides insights into the population biology of Melampsora rusts in Europe, China, India and Chile, the genetics of their resistance, and their interaction with their hosts. The book offers information essential to the development of effective and sustainable disease control measures including the use of willow genotype mixtures and biological control agents.

Russian Willows and Poplars

Descriptions and Value for Minnesota

Author: Samuel Bowdlear Green



Category: Agriculture

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Author: Canada. Topographical Survey



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The wildlife garden

Planning Backyard Habitats

Author: Charlotte Seidenberg

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi




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A plan for creating a garden that is both alluring to beneficial native wildlife and aesthetically pleasing to the gardener