The Police Patrol Car

Economic Efficiency in Acquisition, Operation, and Disposition

Author: Rosalie T. Ruegg



Category: Police vehicles

Page: 117

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Police Patrol: 2000 A.D.

Author: Mack Reynolds

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 150

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Mack Reynolds has always been admired for his ability to portray the world of the future in its varied aspects - social, political, scientific and economic. Now, he presents his readers with an imaginative and action-packed look into the everyday life of a twenty-first century policeman.

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A Study of Police Patrol Work

Author: Richard Victor Ericson

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 243

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Professor Ericson and his colleagues followed the work of patrol officers in a large Canadian regional police force. From their direct observations comes a wealth of information, quantitatively assembled and qualitatively discussed, with insights into the nature of policing. This book reveals that the police are not mere 'referees' of our legal lives, blowing the whistle on our infractions. They are censors of certain types of possibly wrong actions. They are selective in their invocation of criminal law and use the law artfully to restore settings to orderliness. Ericson emphasizes the routine manner in which the patrol officer intervenes and gains compliance fron the citizenry. He demonstrates that when the criminal process is invoked, the police maintain fundamental control over the court outcome. Using these findings, he addresses basic questions about the role of police in relation to crime and how it is produced, literally, by the patrol officer. Crime is also seen as the primary basis of police legitimacy, which in turn enables the police to engage in broad surveillance and information-gathering. The author's conclusions about the nature of policing and his discussion of the implications of proposals for reform of police, will generate better-informed deliberation in political and public decision-making and in the general study of sociological theory.

Police Patrol

Operations and Management

Author: Charles D. Hale

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Police administration

Page: 397

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This new edition provides an overview of police patrol that combines theory with practical applications for police supervisors, executives, and those in support-service roles who want to know how their work contributes to public safety. It covers patrol operations, goals and strategies. It combines management theory with case study examples taken from small police departments. The new edition adds coverage of community and problem oriented policing. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of police patrol operations. Includes a new chapter on community-oriented policing that reflects the latest developments in the field, as well as a new chapter on special issues in police patrol that highlights the police and the community, special problems and special people.

Policing in Modern Society

Author: Bruce L. Berg

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing


Category: Political Science

Page: 463

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Policing in Modern Society blends both practical and theoretical issues to create a well organized text with the necessary balance for the future criminal justice professional. The author's writing style draws heavily upon the use of contemporary examples taken from movies, television and the print media. The instructors guide includes chapter outlines, chapter objectives, summaries of chapters, key terms from chapters, a test bank consisting of the following types of questions: choice, true and false, matching, and discussion. The author has an appealing, easy reading style and uses varied pedagogical devices which makes the book very reader friendly. Draws on contemporary examples taken from movies, television and the print media Combines the practical and the theoretical issues Instructors manual includes chapter outlines, objectives, summaries, key terms and test questions

Aids to Decisionmaking in Police Patrol

Survey Response

Author: James S. Kakalik



Category: Police patrol

Page: 102

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With increasing demands on limited local government funds, there is a growing need for effective aids to decisionmaking in determining: Proper patrol force strength; Equitable and effective distribution of patrol services by police district and tour of duty; Effective operational policies and tactics for police patrol. The paper summarizes the findings of a five-month study of police patrol conducted as part of a broader study on the allocation and deployment of municipal services. (Author).

Police Patrol

Tactics and Techniques

Author: Thomas Francis Adams

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Political Science

Page: 329

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Patrol objectives for the police officer and supervisory personnel, and routine patrol procedures. The uniformed officer who patrols the street is the 'hub of the constantly turning wheel of law enforcement.' the material is presented with the understanding that, although operational plans are standardized, the police officer must continuously exercise discretionary powers. Individual chapters discuss performance expectations and records utilization. It is stressed that these duties must be carried out accurately and objectively. Additional functions which are covered concern control and riot prevention, field interviews, and police community relations. Again, it is emphasized that there is considerable leeway for individual interpretation. Other chapters focus on the initial phases of crime investigation and planning for emergency calls (crimes in progress). This illustrated manual should be beneficial to introductory law enforcement courses or police training sessions. Each section includes exercises and study questions, suggested semester or term projects, and selected references.

Police Patrol Operations

Author: Mark R. Miller

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


Category: Education

Page: 528

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POLICE PATROL OPERATIONS is the most comprehensive modern patrol text available. Miller concisely depicts current police operations for the field. Scores of pictures provide readers with a complete understanding of the modern-day officer and the equipment required to "serve and protect." This text leads the reader from the basic purpose and function of patrol to the "big picture" of police operations. It discusses contemporary approaches to current problems encountered in the field. Miller thoroughly addresses the entire patrol function, including community-based policing, ethics, traffic, communications, substance abuse, vehicle operations, testimony, and report writing, along with officer survival tactics.

Police Patrol

Author: Katherine K. Winkleman

Publisher: Walker & Company


Category: Police


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Describes the activities that take place at a police station and the duties of different types of officers.