Please Don’t Hug Me

Author: Kay Kerr

Publisher: Text Publishing


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 288

View: 932

A powerful and funny Own Voices story from a debut Australian writer, for fans of Simone Howell’s Girl, Defective and Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl.

Random Ripples In Time

Author: Andrew Pritchard

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction


View: 570

Liam Colreavy is travelling in and out of time while to figure out the connection between his abilities and experiment XZY 35-68 as well as trying to place element X in the over all picture and trying to met-up with his girlfriend living halfway around the globe.

Please Hug Me--I've Been Delayed

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Survive the Not-So-Friendly Skies

Author: Jeff Michaels

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group


Category: Humor

Page: 212

View: 573

Every one of the 800 million people who struggle to keep their sanity in the insane world of air travel will be desperate to get their hands on Please Hug Me, I've Been Delayed. Author Jeff Michaels offers his off kilter observations on everything from earplugs to air marshals, along with practical tips on how to improve the flying experience. Michaels offers his readers - Clever and entertaining techniques for wasting time in airports - Surprising (and dismaying) air travel trivia - Secrets to scoring the lowest possible airfare - A five-minute program for overcoming the fear of flying - Tear-out forms for surviving an overnight stay at the airport Readers will appreciate the author's perfect balance of playfulness and sincerity as he takes them from the ground to the air and back again. Perfectly suited for all travelers, this book will keep readers smiling.

Please Don't Hug Me

Author: Cathy Acampora





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There are over 4.5 million reported dog bites a year. This book can help you to understand dog safety and body language. It is simplified so children can understand it. All of the proceeds goes towards the Plymouth County 4-H program in Massachusetts, a non profit youth development program for ages 5-18.

please don’t go through it

Author: piyush nayyer

Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 126

View: 390

this book of poetry is a story of a boy who once lost himself. overthinking ruined his life, and his own thoughts attacked him every single day. the voices inside his head got too loud, and he started drowning in his gloom and self-doubt. this is his story of the process of rediscovering his happiness. this is his fight to save himself from his own mind. this is his diary.

Paula Modersohn-Becker, the Letters and Journals

Author: Paula Modersohn-Becker

Publisher: Northwestern University Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 576

View: 834

Recognized today as one of the great modernist painters, Paula Modersohn-Becker was also a gifted writer, and her large body of letters and journals represent the story of her life. This volume presents the journals and every extant letter, each carefully annotated.

God’s Diamond Among Rocks

Rewards and Challenges of Single Parent Adoption While Facing a Physical Challenge

Author: Sandra H. McKoy

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

View: 265

God’s Diamond Among Rocks is a captivating, moving true story of the incredible struggles of a single parent and her adopted son. It is a story of love, hope, sacrifice, endurance and an unwavering trust in the promises of God for her son’s life. This story will capture your heart and reveal the hand of God and His unconditional love. Twenty years ago the author was my special needs son’s teacher. Her love for children is amazing. She lives her everyday life for the glory of God. I highly recommend this book. Diane L. Mikell-Rasa, RN Former President, National Association for Healthcare Quality Former Director, Quality Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center The most striking aspect of Sandra’s story is that amazing people and opportunities seemed to step forth, right out of the ether, when she needs them the most. As the story progresses, don’t be surprised if you find yourself praying right along with Sandra as she becomes a mom, secures a more ideal job situation and buys her own home. God is simply amazing, and this hilarious, mournful and soul-stirring story is a testimony that will edify us all. Donna Mitchell, Journalist: New York City, New York. In our American society one barely hears about adoption with the exception of a celebrity and a child from a foreign land. As great as those occurrences are, the fact is that there are many within our neighborhoods that undergo the arduous process without all the fame and finances. Americans rarely know what actually happens to children in foster care and how many are not adopted. You hold in your hand a compelling true story on the struggles that exist within our foster care and adoption programs. Sandy McKoy reveals the complications that accompanied her pursuit of simply touching another life, and writes about the realities that will try to exhaust one from reaching the wonderful goal of adoption. As you read this book you will experience the suspense as she not only faces bureaucratic resistance but spiritual resistance also. This book will show you what faith is, why it is needed, but most of all how it is the only way to have victory. I believe that “God’s Diamond Among Rocks” has all the power and intensity to become a great movie someday. Open this book and enter a place not often visited. Rev Benjamin Valentin Staff Minister of Faith Fellowship Ministries Sayreville, New Jersey The Word of God tells us to tell the truth out of a loving place. So often as Christians – and as people – we sugarcoat the truth because we know it might challenge us and make us uncomfortable. Yet life goes on, with its daily lessons and unavoidable truths. I salute my dear friend and sister for sharing her powerful testimony and for reminding us that with GOD all things are possible. Let this memoir encourage you to know, you can choose to be content. The Joy of The Lord can be your strength. And those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Thank you, Sandra McKoy, for telling your story with unflinching honesty. Sandra shares her true, honest, tearful, joyful, triumphant truth of God’s love, patience, deliverance and endurance in her life and the life of her son. My former college friend: It is who she was and is. It is and was what she was raised to do. It is and was the way she lived. Their story affects everyone that has crossed their path and it will affect you, if you’ll simply let it. Marsha Evans Educational Tutor & Mentor Norlina, North Carolina

Bought For Her Baby Bundle

The Marciano Love-Child\Desert King, Pregnant Mistress\The Italian's Pregnancy Proposal\Blackmailed For Her Baby

Author: Melanie Milburne

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 180

Bought For Her Baby Bundle by Melanie Milburne,Susan Stephens,Maggie Cox,Elizabeth Power released on Aug 1, 2008 is available now for purchase.

For Only Destiny Can Hold Our Hearts . . . Forever

Author: Norma Nickerl

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Poetry

Page: 108

View: 208

Faith Love is Kind Love is the key Love is believing in something good But the greatest love.... My love is not a toy, my heart can not be fueled by your means....

Hug Me

Author: Simona Ciraolo

Publisher: Nobrow Press


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 1000

Felipe the cactus just wants a hug, but his family is not the touchy-feely kind, so he goes out into the world to find a friend and maybe get that long awaited hug.

CEO, Hug Me Tight

Volume 3

Author: Qian YeYiHua

Publisher: Funstory


Category: Fiction


View: 719

She had been reborn! She had undergone a beautiful transformation! If you bully me, I will return it a hundredfold! Hurt me, I want you to live a life worse than death! The last one must be me!

Discuss Disgust

Author: Bonny Hicks



Category: Singaporean fiction (English)

Page: 142

View: 573

Rich Husband Please Let Me Go

Volume 1

Author: Tian Qin

Publisher: Funstory


Category: Fiction


View: 245

They had been married for three years, with no children, and Cheng Tianhua was charged with infertility. However, who would have known that in these three years, she rarely saw her husband in person, and sharing a bed was something she had never done before.When her husband repeatedly proposed divorce, she decided to remarry for the sake of her mother's medical expenses.He found out later on that since her new husband was the famous First Young Master of Shen Family, and the reason why he married her was ...Later on, he realized that he had just fallen from one hell to another ...Later on, he discovered that there was a type of love called persistence, and there was also a type of love called letting go ....He was born into a noble family, noble, elegant, wise.He doted on her, pampered her, defended her ... I don't love her.He had his treasures, she had her heart's love, and in this loveless marriage they used each other, hurt each other, and yet fell into a swamp called love without knowing it. "

Devil's Vortex

Author: James Axler

Publisher: Gold Eagle


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 157

CHILD OF DARKNESS An orphaned teen with the ability to transform into a vicious whirlwind latches on to Ryan and the companions as they travel through former North Dakota. Her deadly power seems like a boon at first, until it starts to control her. When threatened, she destroys everything in her path...including those she loves. Then a group of outcast fighters kidnaps the young woman and manipulates her--and her terrifying mutation--for their own destructive agenda. With the vortex unleashed, the companions face a tough decision: chill the orphan or perish in her violent wake. AMERICAN NIGHTMARE Since the nukecaust, the American dream has been reduced to a daily fight for survival. In the hellish landscape of Deathlands, few dare to dream of a better tomorrow. But Ryan Cawdor and his companions press on, driven by the need for a future less treacherous than the present.

An Anonymous Soul

Author: Preneeja Peelukhana

Publisher: Educreation Publishing


Category: Poetry

Page: 103

View: 767

In a life time surrounded by people, knowing every facet of each person is fascinating. This serves as the major drive for penning down the thoughts into poetry. This book is a compilation of 'her' feelings & flooded emotions. It's her quora - the questions she had & the answers she seeked, the stories she had & the escape she seeked in various situations with various people. Experience the swirl as you immerse into the whirlpool of an ordinary girl's mind and indulge into the depth of her experiences as she tries to rhyme!

Absolute Reconciliation

Author: Joseph Wainaina Karanja

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 816

Can you change your destiny by embracing reconciliation and forgiveness, even after surviving a harsh life? That is the dilemma facing young Alex Ngure. Absolute Reconciliation explores the themes of male chauvinism in the African context, issues of guilt, family breakdowns, and difficulties of forgiveness. The ultimate theme of the book is the desire to be reconciled with self, others, and God. The story is set in 1985 to 1995 in Nairobi, Kenya, where Alex is born of an incestuous rape relationship. He faces the wrath of his stepfather, Macharia, who was not privy of his wife’s rape. Acting out of ignorance, Macharia accuses his wife, Rachel, of adultery. His stepfather treats Alex as a scapegoat, accusing him of all manner of vices as a way of hitting back at his “unfaithful” wife. Unable to cope with the physical, emotional, and mental abuse coming from Macharia, Alex runs away and ends up on the streets of Nairobi, where he is initiated into a gang. Even as Absolute Reconciliation shows the problems arising out of broken homes, crime, and guilt, it still ends on a hopeful note.

Please Don’t Let Christianity Keep You From Christ

(God Didn’t Do It)

Author: Shellan Marie

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 594

“As Rick removed his bandana, I got a clearer view of the man with half a face. It was not a face scarred from surgical intervention. It was not a face marred with cancerous sores or a few necrotic pits. Half of Rick’s face was gone …” (—from Chapter 22). “I glanced up at a tree standing next to the van. I had a fleeting thought that the tree could pose a potential danger. Within a few minutes of the thought, the tree fell through the roof of the van, right in front of where I was sitting. The entire back of the van was smooshed …” (—from Chapter 13). “Shellan, this is Lou from Bleep Loan and Trust. Gib has not made a payment in over four months and if we don’t collect soon, we will repo the truck. Just letting you know there’s a good possibility we will come to you for the balance owed …” (—from Chapter 6). “I interrupted the lad at some point … to tell him that if he thinks he is damned by God, he obviously does not know the truth of God. I tried to share about God’s unconditional love; how God does not leave or forsake us but we are the ones who turn away. The young man did not appear to hear my words as he continued to ramble about his plight. Somewhere in all his anxiety, he stated that he had prayed for God to send him an angel—from how he was going to hell … how successful he used to be with big money, houses, and nice cars but now only a bicycle could he call his own … how he was going to hell … how he was going to hell … he was going to hell …” (—from Chapter 20).

The Lost Lover

I Fed Up with the Urbanized Lifestyle Then I Returned to the Countryside for a Wise Bride. the Challenges in Love!

Author: Badal W. Kariye, Phd

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 541

Let me tell you that love is a real challenge in life, and if you fall in love with someone in the urbanized town then you're completely fed up with him or her. Your next option is to go away for a while to remote areas where you seek a handsome groom or a beautiful bride for better future in your lifestyle. My visionary mission was to find my best nomadic bride or brides if I fed up with girls and ladies in the urbanized towns while some of my close platonic girls have been trying to secure nomadic grooms all over the globe. Why love is a real challenge in your lifestyle? If you need to know more about the challenges in love then let's read this beloved novel in comparative romance which I walked away from the urbanized lifestyle in order to adapt authoritative nomadic lifestyle, which turns and can have ups and downs in your lifestyle. Well, I loved you my dear queens however; I couldn't understand why women rejected polygamy? If jealousy was the reason then why some men preferred monogamy? Let's share how love in any lifestyle can be a challenge? I encountered it, and I've to share my experience with you. My global readers, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, love are a silent killer if you don't find its cure as soon as you fall in love with someone. Please you never tell to a woman that you re a polygamist even if it's part of your traditional customs. I believe that this beloved novel will help and liberate you to use and get the right solutions in love correctly and romantically regardless your race, religion or political views. I love you all.

Please Don't Drink the Holy Water!

Homeschool Days, Rosary Nights, and Other Near Occasions of Sin

Author: Susie Lloyd

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 201

View: 512

Come along as wry homeschooler Susie Lloyd faces the trials of family Rosary, and tangles with snide education experts, gruff confessors, and pushy relatives who tell her it's time to wake up and join the "real world." Lots of humor here!