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Plant Disease: An Advanced Treatise

How Plants Suffer from Disease

Author: James G. Horsfall

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Science

Page: 508

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Plant Diseases An Advanced Treatise, Volume III: How Plants Suffer from Disease deals with the mechanism on how individual plants suffer from disease. Organized into 19 chapters, this volume discusses plant growth, the conceptual theory of disease development in plants, and the occurrence of different kinds of impairment in diseased plant system. The opening chapters outline the array of physiological functions that are essential in the growth and development of healthy plants. This text also describes the effect of disease on the capture, transfer, and utilization of energy by plants. The subsequent chapters discuss specific types of dysfunction in plant system, including food flow, water system, mineral nutrition, and growth alteration. Other chapters deal with other plant diseases, such as crown gall, teratoma, dysfunction and shortfalls of symbiont responses, disrupted reproduction, and tissue disintegration. This volume also examines various physical factors of the environment that impose mechanical or other physical stresses on plants. It also discusses the engineering mechanics of growing plants and the effect of various pathogens and microorganisms on plant strength and plant organ structural integrity. Other chapters deal with the effect of disease on cell membrane and permeability and on intermediary plant metabolism. The concluding chapters cover the genetic aspects of diseased plants and the diseases that induce senescence and diseases that senescence induced. This volume is an invaluable source for plant pathologists and researchers, mycologists, virologists, and graduate students.

A Textbook of Plant Pathology

Pathogen and Plant Disease

Author: B. P. Pandey

Publisher: I. K. International Pvt Ltd


Category: Pathogen and plant disease

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Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.


Category: Science

Page: 548

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This fully-revised and enlarged fourth edition introduces the students to the basic and applied aspects of plant pathology and to the major diseases of crops and fruit trees in India. Latest developments in the molecular biology of diseased plants and control measures are incorporated in the book.