Pierre Gonnord: the Dream Goes Over Time


Publisher: Fabrica Editorial



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This is a stunning collection of images portraying Gypsy people from throughout renowned photographer Pierre Gonnord's career. Large-scale, highly detailed, and dramatically lit, with dark, blank backgrounds; noted French photographer Pierre Gonnord's images recall the paintings of Goya, Caravaggio, Velasquez and other old masters. Gonnord's subjects belong to communities on the margins of conventional society - homeless urban youth, gypsies, tattooed Japanese gang members, and others. Gonnord's art transforms each into a vision of compelling, unexpected beauty and dignity. Face to face with the viewer, these evocative, eloquent portraits are intended, says the artist, "to narrate unique, remarkable stories about our era. Sometimes hostile, almost always fragile, and very often wounded behind the opacity of their masks, they represent social realities and sometimes another concept of beauty." This magnificently illustrated volume brings together images of Gypsy people - the artists most portrayed social group - captured by Gonnord throughout his career.

Pierre Gonnord: PHotoBolsillo

Author: Lorena Martínez de Corral

Publisher: La Fabrica


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Pierre Gonnord has photographed prisoners, monks, geisha, urban gangs, yakuza, mentally ill patients, ethnic minorities ... His images are an immense archive of life. Stimulating and revealing, his portraits lead the spectator towards contemplation ? the primordial artistic act.0Gonnord?s surprising language, his characteristic dark backgrounds from which the faces of his protagonists emerge, his accurate capacity to express human feelings, his exhaustive and moving analysis of each mark on the skin, each wrinkle, gesture, tattoo and scar, have turned Pierre Gonnord?s enormous narrative potential into a benchmark when talking about contemporary photographic portrait.


sangre caliente


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La segunda edición de PHotoEspaña, el Festival Internacional que convierte Madrid en la capital de la Fotografía acoge, 93 exposiciones simultáneas: alrededor de 30 en museos e instituciones, dentro de la Sección Oficial y más de 50 en galerías de arte y otros espacios, en el Festival Off, formando en conjunto una gran exposición fotográfica en el corazón de la ciudad.


más allá de la fotografía

Author: Sema D'Acosta



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Jean-Baptiste Huynh

Author: Jean-Baptiste Huynh

Publisher: ENSBA


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Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León : colección

Author: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León

Publisher: Actarbirkhauser


Category: Art

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This sequel to the first volume, surveys the second phase of the collection of MUSAC, The Castilla and Leon Museum of Contemporary Art. Featuring works by over 100 artists from 2005 to the present, with critical texts and illustrated introductions.

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The Joseph M. Cohen Collection

Author: Raymond W. Merritt

Publisher: Grafiche Damiani


Category: Photography

Page: 333

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Edited by Ray Merritt. Text by Malcolm Daniel. R. Ward Bissell, Sarah Greenough, Robert C. Morgan, Marvin Heiferman, et al. Afterword by Joseph Cohen.

Art Nexus




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Author: Uta Grosenick

Publisher: Merrell Pub Limited


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This important volume, the first comprehensive overview of China's current art scene, presents the 80 most influential artists working today, among them Cao Fei, Gu Dexin, Yang Fudong and Zhang Huan, and predicts the stars of tomorrow. An essential resource reflecting the rapidly growing international market for and interest in contemporary Chinese art.


los diez primeros años

Author: Alberto Anaut

Publisher: Fabrica Editorial


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Star Trak

Author: Anton Corbijn

Publisher: Schirmer Mosel


Category: Celebrities

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