PHP Persistence

Concepts, Techniques and Practical Solutions with Doctrine

Author: Michael Romer

Publisher: Apress


Category: Computers

Page: 111

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Take the pain out of dealing with relational databases in an object-oriented programming world. With this short book, you can save time and money by simply coding less while accomplishing more with the Doctrine persistence framework, a leading persistence solution for PHP programmers and web developers. PHP Persistence teaches you about PHP persistence and how to use it effectively for your database-driven applications. Bestselling author Michael Romer leverages his own vast experience to show you what you need to know about Doctrine 2 and how to use it in your own projects. Along the way you’ll learn about powerful persistence techniques, such as object-relational mapping (ORM) in PHP. What You'll Learn Define entities and references between entities Manage entities Master the Doctrine Query Language Use appropriate command-line tools for PHP persistence Program for caching Who This Book Is For Experienced PHP programmers and web developers with some exposure to PHP.

Persistence in PHP with the Doctrine ORM

Author: Kévin Dunglas

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd


Category: Computers

Page: 114

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Persistence in PHP with the Doctrine ORM is a concise, fast, and focused guide to build a blog engine with advanced features such as native queries and lifecycle callbacks. This book is primarily intended for PHP developers and architects who want to increase their skills in the field of Persistence and ORM to map the data they are working on to objects they are using in programming. Basic knowledge of databases and PDO and working knowledge of PHP namespaces is a prerequisite.


Patterns, Frameworks, Testing and More

Author: Kevin McArthur

Publisher: Apress


Category: Computers

Page: 349

View: 972

Pro PHP presents experienced developers with a thorough guide to the language's key advanced features, focusing on both recent and emerging features and development trends. Advanced object-oriented features, documentation, debugging, software patterns, and the Standard PHP Library are just a few of the topics covered in extensive detail. Author and noted PHP expert Kevin McArthur also examines emerging practices and trends such as the MVC architecture as applied to PHP, with special emphasis placed upon the increasingly popular Zend Framework. The book also covers JSON, the SOAP extension, and advanced web services topics.

PHP Functions Essential Reference

Author: Zak Greant

Publisher: Sams Publishing


Category: Computers

Page: 731

View: 729

The definitive reference to over 1,000 PHP functions and features includes complete coverage of PHP 4, including extensive coverage of Zend. Every PHP function is clearly illustrated with detailed examples.

Extending and Embedding PHP

Author: Sara Golemon

Publisher: Sams Publishing


Category: Computers

Page: 409

View: 646

Teaches every PHP developer how to increase the performance and functionality of PHP- based websites, programs and applications.

Endocrine Surgery

Author: Tom W. J. Lennard

Publisher: Saunders


Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 255

Provides senior surgical trainees with a concise learning and revision source, and the practicing surgeon with an update in endocrine surgery. The volume gives a current summary of the key topics within the specialty and concentrates on recent developments. As in the previous edition, evidence-based practice is indicated where appropriate - icons are used throughout the books to highlight sections of text and key references which are considered to be associated with reasonable evidence, i.e. are supported by randomized clinical trials, systematic literature reviews, meta-analysis or observational studies.

Multi-Tier Application Programming with PHP

Practical Guide for Architects and Programmers

Author: David Wall

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Computers

Page: 278

View: 914

While many architects use PHP for projects, they are often not aware of the power of PHP in creating enterprise-level applications. This book covers the latest version of PHP – version 5 -- and focuses on its capabilities within a multi-tier application framework. It contains numerous coding samples and commentaries on them. A chapter discusses object orientation in PHP as it applies to the multi-tier architecture and other chapters discuss HTTP and SOAP, the two communication protocols most useful in tying together multiple layers. There is also coverage of database design and query construction as well as information about tricks you can use in generating user interfaces. Covers PHP as it relates to developing software in a multi-tier environment—a crucial aspect of developing robust software with low cost and ease of use as design goals. Makes extensive use of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services as implemented in PHP and NuSOAP. Shows precisely how to make use of the InnoDB table type newly available in MySQL. InnoDB supports true referential integrity and row-level locking. An application example (a multi-currency bookkeeping application) runs throughout the book, showing various PHP capabilities as well as the database interaction.

Advanced PHP Programming

A Practical Guide to Developing Large-scale Web Sites and Applications with PHP 5

Author: George Schlossnagle

Publisher: Sams


Category: Computers

Page: 650

View: 597

* *PHP has exploded in popularity, and is now starting to make inroads into large-scale business-critical Web systems *So far, little has been written about how to scale PHP applications to the enterprise level *Schlossnagle fills this void, providing the definitive guide to developing PHP applications for performance, stability, and extensibility

PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

Author: Matt Zandstra

Publisher: Apress


Category: Computers

Page: 487

View: 698

At last – a second edition of this classic web development work. PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice shows you how to meld the power of PHP with the sound enterprise development techniques embraced by professional programmers. Going well beyond the basics of object-oriented development, you'll learn about advanced topics such as working with static methods and properties, abstract classes, interfaces, design patterns, exception handling, and more. You'll also be exposed to key tools such as PEAR, CVS, Phing, and phpDocumentor. PHP is the most popular web development language in the world. With corporate adoption on the rise, this fully updated and enhanced edition is an essential text for webmasters.

Ruby on Rails for PHP and Java Developers

Author: Deepak Vohra

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Computers

Page: 394

View: 302

This book covers developing web applications with Ruby on Rails. It discusses Ajax, directory services, and web services. The book details the configuration of Ruby on Rails with different databases such as MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server 2005. In addition, it makes a comparison with PHP, the most commonly used scripting language for developing web applications. The book also provides example applications that may be modified to suit a developer’s application.