Perspectives of Quality in Adult Learning

Author: Peter Boshier

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Education

Page: 219

View: 183

Provides a detailed analysis of concepts involved in adult learning, including the chatacteristics and experiences of adult learners and quality and learning. >

Teachers and Trainers in Adult and Lifelong Learning

Asian and European Perspectives

Author: Regina Egetenmeyer

Publisher: Peter Lang


Category: Education

Page: 223

View: 208

What competences are needed in future by people working within adult and lifelong learning? What pathways of professionalisation are available to them in Europe and Asia? What are the actual effects of teacher training? What are the specific responsibilities of adult and continuing education teachers and trainers? This book focusses on the professional development of trainers and teachers in adult and lifelong learning and the state of the art of professional development in Asia, Europe, China and India.

Leadership in Post-Compulsory Education

Author: Marian Iszatt-White

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Education

Page: 208

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The issue of 'leadership', the need for good, insightful and decisive leaders is a prominent theme in Education. Yet few can define exactly what leadership is. This book examines the phenomenon of leadership in post-compulsory education through the careful description and analysis of a long-term observational study of college principals at work. In contrast to other, more theoretical, attempts to understand leadership, this book develops an understanding of leadership by pointing to specific examples of what leaders actually do as they go about their everyday work of resolving organisational issues. Instead of presenting leaders as charismatic heroes this book investigates a number of familiar, routine, aspects of everyday leadership work: how leadership is 'performed'; the various technologies - email, documents, slide presentations - involved in leadership work; the everyday management of organisational personnel and meetings; and how success and failure is defined and understood by the leaders themselves. It concludes with some suggestions of what is learned from understanding leadership as everyday work and some 'cautionary tales' for those who would become educational leaders themselves.

Vocational and Professional Capability

An Epistemological and Ontological Study of Occupational Expertise

Author: Gerard Lum

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Education

Page: 224

View: 798

The central claim of this fascinating monograph is that strategies for vocational and professional education adopted by the UK over the last two decades are founded upon a number of fundamental and fatal errors. The essential problem is that these strategies derive from a number of philosophical confusions about what it is to be skilled, competent or capable. The aim of the book is to unravel the philosophical assumptions at the heart of current strategies, examine their shortcomings and propose a more coherent account of vocational and professional capability. It will be argued that not only does this have serious practical implications for the vocational curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment, but that it indicates the need for an urgent and radical reassessment of the relationship between vocational, general and academic education.

Current Perspectives on Administration of Adult Education Programs

Author: Patricia Mulcrone

Publisher: Jossey-Bass


Category: Education

Page: 115

View: 659

The adult and continuing education administrator has always needed to be a manager, director, or coordinator of programs; but changes in the field, particularly in the last decade, have required administrators to develop enhanced skills, increases their leadership responsibilities, and adapt to changing roles. This volume of New Directions fo Adult and Continuing Education examinessome f these developments, clarifies issues, examines major concepts and themes, andindicates future directions related to adult education administration. This sourcebook will provide assistance tothe adult education administrator who finds that his or her official (or unofficial) job description has changed. This is the 60th issue of New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. For more information on the series, please see the Journals and Periodicals page.

Integrating Lifelong Learning Perspectives

Author: Carolyn Medel-Añonuevo

Publisher: UNESCO


Category: Adult education

Page: 306

View: 546

This book contains the major papers presented during the International Conference on Lifelong Learning: Global Perspectives on Education, held in Beijing, China, from 1 to 3 July 2001. Almost 200 participants from government agencies, academic institutions, research organizations, multilateral agencies and non-government organizations from 40 countries, shared their policies and practices on lifelong learning in their respective contexts. This compilation illustrates the range of perspectives and practices in different parts of the world. The organizers of this conference, the Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences, the Chinese National Commission of UNESCO, the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, the Socrates Program of the European Commission and the UNESCO Institute for Education looked forward to the unique opportunity of bringing together such a range of stakeholders, not only for exchanging experiences but more important, to collectively reflect and analyse the implications for policy and educational practices of such discourses and experiences.

Museums and Adults Learning

Perspectives from Europe

Author: National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (England and Wales)



Category: Adult education

Page: 242

View: 818

This book contains 28 papers presenting perspectives from Europe on museums and adult learning. The papers, each of which is devoted to a specific country, examine topics such as the following: further education and inservice training; programs for unemployed individuals; lectures and open days; elderly visitors; immigrants; refugees; disabled visitors; cooperative programs; the Internet; training and staff development; cultural policy; museum education; modern trends; museums and promotion of adult education; museums as advisors and organizers; workshops; belief in the value of education; innovations; assessing educational needs; local community programs; museum education as cultural politics; outreach; public and private sponsors of adult education; structural models; and case studies. The following papers are included: "Preface" (Elizabeth Esteve-Coll); "Introduction" (Alan Chadwick, Annette Stannett); "Conceptual Framework" (David Anderson); "Norway" (Eva Maehre Lauritzen); "Sweden" (Helena Friman); "Latvia" (Aija Fleija); "Croatia" (Ivo Maroevic, Toncika Cukrov); "The Czech Republic" (Radka Schusterova, Pavel Hartl); "Hungary" (Laszlo Harangi); "Poland" (Daniel Artymowski); "Romania" (Virgil Stefan Nitulescu); "Russia" (Irina Mikhailovna Kossova); "Slovenia" (Tatjana Dolzan-Erzen); "Cyprus" (Loukia Loizou Hadjigavriel); "Italy" (Edi Fanti, Lida Branchesi, Paolo Orefice, Gianni Maria Filippi); "Malta" (Carmel Borg, Peter Mayo); "Portugal" (Ana Duarte); "Austria" (Gabriele Rath); "France" (Jean Galard); "Germany" (Dorothee Dennert, Helena von Wersebe);"Switzerland" (Flavia Krogh Loser); "Belgium" (Willem Elias); "Luxembourg" (Bettina Heldenstein, Herbert Maly); "The Netherlands" (Bastiaan van Gent); "Ireland" (Ann Davoren, Ted Fleming); "The United Kingdom" (John Reeve); "European Initiatives" (Alan Chadwick, Annette Stannett); "Israel" (Nina Rodin); and "Conclusions" (Nicole Gesche). Some papers include substantial bibliographies. (MN)

Current Perspectives in Industrial/organizational Psychology

Author: Geula Lowenberg

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Psychology

Page: 618

View: 841

This work includes such topics as human resources management, strategic planning in job analysis, compensation and organizational communication. It also includes a chapter on international issues in industrial/organizational psychology, including global management issues.

Policies, Politics and the Future of Lifelong Learning

Author: Ann Hodgson

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Education

Page: 210

View: 717

Focusing on the political context of lifelong learning, this book covers the background and policy elements, as well as offering a detailed consideration of the linkage of educational and political issues.

The Teaching Game

A Practical Guide to Mastering Training

Author: Marybeth K. Saunders

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company


Category: Adult education

Page: 192

View: 353