Panzerwrecks 11

Normandy 2

Author: Lee Archer

Publisher: Panzerwrecks


Category: Tanks (Military science)

Page: 96

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Pz.Kpfw.II's helped overrun France in 1940. Who still had them in 1944? Where? What strange vehicle had spikes and cleats and roamed the sunken lanes of Normandy on gigantic iron wheels? What unusual feature was seen on a knocked out "Puma?" When you kitbash a Sd.Kfz.222 and a Sd.Kfz.251 in 1:1 scale, what do you get, and who gets credit for it? Only one German AFV met the Allied invasion forces on the beaches. Which one? The answers to these and other questions are to be found here in Panzerwrecks 11, with 128 rare and unpublished large format photographs from around the world.






Category: Art

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The sixth issue of Tanker Techniques Magazine, the best modeling magazine focused on painting and weathering techniques. For this edition, one of the most demanded issues, Steel Cats. In these pages you´ll find from the WWII beast to the most modern cats, the classics seen in a different way and the modern with many different finishes; an inspirational magazine for collectors and modellers . It also contains our classic sections, school of techniques , this time focus in how to work with the classic colors of Steel cats, bunkelgelb and Dunkelgrau, interview in the workbench and much more…






Category: Art

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This book analyzes original, eye-catching color variants and camouflage patterns introduced by the German Army late in 1944 and used up until the end of the war in 1945. Throughout this 72 page guide the modeler will find themselves inspired for their next project. The book contains more than 180 beautiful color renderings showing the many camouflage patterns used on common vehicles and oddities used by the German forces. The reader will find vehicles such as the Panther, Pz IV, Tiger I & II, Stugs, Artillery Guns, Halftracks and more. A special section of the book will help us interpret black and white photographs, and also a chapter about "What If" and "Paper Panzers". The perfect complement for the new acrylic set AK 554 German Late War Colors.

Allied Armies in Sicily and Italy, 1943–1945

Photographs from Wartime Archives

Author: Simon Forty

Publisher: Pen and Sword Military


Category: History

Page: 144

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The Italian campaign was one of the most debated of the Second World War, splitting the American and British allies, and causing great disharmony. After the fall of Rome and the surrender of Italy, the invasion of Normandy led to the Italian campaign becoming a sideshow as the ‘D-Day Dodgers’ fought their way through Italy to the Alps against a grinding defence and extreme weather. In a sequence of 200 wartime photographs Simon Forty sums up the major events of the conflict – from the landings on Sicily to the crossing of the Po. Commanded first by Sir Harold Alexander and then Mark Clark, the Allied armies (US Fifth and British Eighth) drew men not only from Britain, the United States, France and Poland but from all over the Commonwealth – from Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa – as well as such other countries as Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Greece and Palestine. The devastation caused by the war in the cities, towns and countryside is part of the story, but perhaps the most powerful impression is made by the faces of the soldiers themselves as they look out from the Italian front of so long ago.

Tigers in Normandy

Author: Wolfgang Schneider

Publisher: Stackpole Books


Category: History

Page: 384

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This book has it all ... like reading an After the Battle and Panzerwrecks combined ... highly recommended! --Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland