Palm Sunday

An Autobiographical Collage

Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Publisher: Dial Press


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In this self-portrait by an American genius, Kurt Vonnegut writes with beguiling wit and poignant wisdom about his favorite comedians, country music, a dead friend, a dead marriage, and various cockamamie aspects of his all-too-human journey through life. This is a work that resonates with Vonnegut’s singular voice: the magic sound of a born storyteller mesmerizing us with truth. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Palm Sunday

Author: George Weisz

Publisher: AuthorHouse


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Christmas Promises is a collection of short stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you remember the magic of childhood innocence, the warmth of family gatherings, and the joy of sharing the holiday season with the ones we love.

Palm Sunday Parade

Author: Martha McKown

Publisher: CSS Publishing


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Catholic Holy Week Catholic Liturgical Mass Readings:

From Palm Sunday Holy Thursday Good Friday Easter Vigil (Holy Saturday) Easter Sunday to Easter Octave Stations of the Cross Year A

Author: Catholic Common Prayers

Publisher: Onuorah Ngozika Ann


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Dear people of God, please make out the time to be actively part of every rite and ceremony of this gracious season of Lent and holy week. Easter is the most solemn of the feasts of the church. The preparations for Easter begins on Ash Wednesday when all of us begin to reflect on the temptations, suffering and death of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our Lord's entire life, especially his passion, would have made little or no meaning if there was no resurrection. Let us therefore, thank the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who raised him from death and made us partakers of the glory of his resurrection.

At Lent and especially in the Holy week the Church offers us a very rich and spirit filled ceremony and expects us to participate actively, in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. The holy week celebration requires that all of us, priests and the faithful alike, immerse ourselves in the paschal mystery that we celebrate. This we must do through simple acts of prayer, reflection, silence and a deep expression of religious piety. If we use this Holy week and Easter Manual to participate fully in this holy season. We will be in the full spirit of the season. The stations of the Cross, liturgy readings, prayers, Holy week ceremonies and gestures as laid out in the manual will afford every one of us the opportunity to triumphantly enter Jerusalem with Christ on Palm Sunday, partake in the last supper be arrested with Christ on Holy Thursday, scourged, crucified and die with Christ on Good Friday in order to RISE with him on Easter Sunday. The readings are in accordance with the Vatican II and it also contains daily Readings for Easter Octave.

May the Risen Lord bless our Lenten observance with an eternal and glorious Easter

Palm Sunday to Easter

Author: Rose Publishing

Publisher: Rose Publishing Inc


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Packed with charts, diagrams, and simple summaries, this quick-reference pamphlet—Palm Sunday to Easter—covers the important teaching and events of Jesus' life throughout Holy Week. Discover how Jesus' death and resurrection fulfilled over 22 Old Testament prophecies. This pamphlet is perfect for individual reference, an Easter Bible study, Easter Sunday school lessons, and homeschool Bible curriculum. Go day-by-day through the week leading up to Jesus' resurrection and hour-by-hour leading up to his death on the cross. • From Palm Sunday and his Triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the Last Supper. • From the arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane to the Crucifixion. • From the burial of Jesus to his glorious Resurrection on the third day. Palm Sunday to Easter Features Incredible Visuals and Bible Study Tools: • Map and Diagram of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus that walks you day by day through the week leading up to Jesus' death and Resurrection Easily see where each of the key events leading up to Jesus' death occurred with this labeled, detailed, and drawn-to-scale diagram of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus. • Timeline Showing 22 Key Events as They Occurred Hour-by-Hour before Jesus' CrucifixionThis clock diagram/timeline shows 22 key events as they happened hour-by hour leading up to Jesus' death. It starts with Jesus being taken before Pilate and ends with his death on the cross. Explains Jesus' last words on the Cross, the words of the thieves crucified next to Jesus, and centurion's confession, from the 3rd Hour (about 9 am) to the 9th Hour (6 pm) when Jesus died. It uses Roman (modern) expression of time as well as Jewish. •Diagram of a Tomb from Jesus' TimeThis detailed diagram shows the layout of a typical tomb from Jesus' day. Includes measurements and layout of key portions of the tomb, including the rollaway stone at the entrance. (Optional: This Jesus Tomb diagram is an excellent floor plan for creating a rolling stone model for your Sunday school or homeschool.) •Easy-to-follow chart covering 22 Old Testament Prophecies and their New Testament Fulfillment by Jesus' Death and Resurrection. Covers Key Events and Facts on Jesus' Life, Death, and Resurrection, including— • Simple Summaries of Key Events Leading Up To Easter (Corresponds with Jerusalem Map)Enjoy having easy-to-understand explanations of key events leading up to Easter. It starts with Jesus' arrival in Bethany 6 days before Passover and ends with his resurrection on Easter Sunday. Includes Scripture verses from all 4 gospels for key events, such as— • Palm Sunday and Jesus' Triumphal entry into Jerusalem • Moneychangers in the Temple and Jesus' cleansing of the temple • Jesus' celebration of Passover with his disciples—The Last Supper • His Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection • Brief Overview of the Physical Trauma Endured by JesusExplains the medical effects of Jesus' mistreatments. He was flogged, beaten, pierced with a spear, crucified, and ultimately died—all of that for our transgressions. The 5-6 inch spikes that were driven into his wrist and feet more than likely severed major nerves, making breathing difficult and possibly leading to heart failure. This is an excellent meditation on how much Jesus loved the world, and how he voluntarily laid down his life in such a dramatic way to save us. • 5 key archaeological finds, such as the Pontius Pilate Inscription and Caiaphas tomb, which support the Bible's reliability of story of the Resurrection. Also, discusses the 2 possible locations of Jesus' tomb "Impressive! Rose Publishing's Palm Sunday to Easter Pamphlet is visually stunning and informative in a way that grabs your attention and draws you in. Following Jesus from Palm Sunday to Easter is a refreshing journey through the events of this critical part of Jesus mission 'To seek and save that which was lost,' Luke 19:10 NASB. The quantity of details is wonderfully informative and could be used by an individual, family, small group Sunday School class or the entire church. It would even be a great gift for someone unfamiliar with the good news." Wayne Newcomb, retired pastor, church leader, and Team Rose Representative (supplied with an advanced copy for a non-bias review) "Palm Sunday to Easter contains a fantastic timeline with key Scriptures detailing Jesus' time on the cross. This visual tool forms a great picture of what this window of time was really like. It gives a detailed medical description of His sufferings, which humbled me, made me grateful, and put me in awe of Christ's strength. This pamphlet is a wonderful guide for those wanting to submerge themselves deeper into Passion Week." Chris Ledezma, Bible teacher from Columbus, Ohio (Supplied with an advanced reader copy for an unbiased review) “I love the overview that is shown of Jesus' last week before the crucifixion, including before Palm Sunday. Included is a map that shows where these events took place...There is a pictorial description of the tomb as well as several archaeological discoveries. This pamphlet lists the prophesies of Jesus' death and resurrection as supported by Scripture in the Old and New Testament... This pamphlet will be a welcome addition to the Rose pamphlet library and it should be a bestseller. This pamphlet can be a great handout for churches on Palm Sunday.” Larry Bennison, Small Group Bible Study Leader, Connection Point Church, Team Rose Representative

Little Colt's Palm Sunday

Author: Michelle Medlock Adams

Publisher: WorthyKids


Category: Juvenile Fiction

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A favorite Easter hardcover now available in paperback. Here is the story of the little colt who carried Jesus on his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Told from the perspective of the colt, the story begins with Mama Colt explaining who Jesus is, then moves through Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem amid the cheering throngs of his followers. While often included as part of the Easter story, this is a unique approach to the story of Palm Sunday. Ages 4-8.

Just in Time! Palm Sunday and Holy Week Services

Author: Robin Knowles Wallace

Publisher: Abingdon Press


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Part of the "Just in Time" series, this book features ready-to-use lectionary-based worship and preaching resources for Palm Sunday and Holy Week. This helpful resource includes three options for Palm Sunday services including procession suggestions with special emphasis on participation by children. It also includes two suggested services for each lectionary year (A, B, and C), six services for Holy Thursday and three services for Good Friday. Palm Sunday and Holy Week Services Includes ready-to-use Palm Sunday and Holy Week services for worship with multiple worship options for each lectionary year scripture and gives suggested liturgies for each services including those related to Taize. UPSELL: 9781426720451 Just in Time! Special Services; 9780687493371 What Is Communion?; 9781426711510 Communion and United Methodists; Others in the Just In Time Series, Other Communion Resources