Own Your Financial Freedom: Money, Women, Marriage and Divorce

Author: Kennedy, Andrea

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 385

View: 717

It is never too early to get a financial reality check to ensure long term financial security. Practical, savvy, and wide-ranging, Own Your Financial Freedom will inform women of important financial constructs prior to marriage and educate women on the ‘what-if’ of a divorce proceeding and post-divorce money management. By making effective money decisions at every stage of your life, if a divorce is ever inevitable, you will feel far more in control and aware of what you are entitled to, making divorce a straightforward process and not a lengthy battle. Packed with essential advice from professionals and financial gurus, Own Your Financial Freedom will help anyone navigate through the emotionally, economically and legally challenging divorce procedure. From understanding entitlements, coming to a settlement and to planning long-term investments, this book is an essential guide to achieving financial freedom. Currently the principal of Wiser Wealth, Andrea Kennedy is an investment manager who has been providing coaching and consultation services to couples, families and professional women for the past decade in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. Andrea has a blog, “Women on Money” (www.wiserwealth.net/blog), and is often interviewed for her perspectives on wealth creation for women and couples. Andrea has a bachelor degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Economics and is a certified financial planner (CFP). Originally from Chicago, Andrea has lived in Asia for the last 20 years

11 Principles to Achieve Financial Freedom: Master Your Financial Life 3

Author:  Nandish Desai




Page: 175

View: 331

11 Principles To Achieve Financial Freedom: Master Your Financial Life 3 teaches about managing personal finance and shows readers how they can improve their financial life. Summary Of The Book 11 Principles To Achieve Financial Freedom: Master Your Financial Life 3 is quite different from conventional books on personal finance. The protagonist of the book is Sam. Instead of a story, the book is more of a collection of conversations between Sam, an IT professional, and his financial coach. Sam is portrayed as an amateur investor who is confused and totally lost when it comes to the world of finances. His coach invites him for a program called 90 Day Money Game that consists of 11 levels that span over a time period of nine days. The eleven levels of this money game are organized as eleven chapters in this book. These are not just chapters but eleven principles to make anybody a powerful investor. Sam’s financial coach transforms him into a potent investor. The chapters in the book are titled Laying a Strong Foundation, Creating New Relationship with Money, How to Create System to Create Wealth, The Game Changers, Investigation Begins, Set Yourself Instead of Setting Goals, How to Increase Income, Active versus Passive Income, How to Master the Game of Financial Freedom, and How to Make Every Year, the Best Financial Year. 11 Principles to Achieve Financial Freedom: Master Your Financial Life 3 highlights that personal finance is more about the person rather than the numbers. It teaches readers how to change themselves to change their financial situation. Through Sam’s story and his journey through the 90 Day Money Game, the readers will be taken out from their state of confusion. Sam’s financial coach changes his perception about personal finance and teaches him the art of creating wealth. He turns him into a flourishing investor. Similarly, this book is designed to be the coach, mentor, and guide for the reader as they embark on the journey of money making. By teaching how to explore one’s full financial potential, the book is designed to take one’s financial life to another level. 11 Principles To Achieve Financial Freedom: Master Your Financial Life 3 aims to help readers understand the value of looking beyond just financial products and returns, and consider wealth creation as a project. It sets a new trend in the world of personal finance.

Finding Your Financial Freedom

Every Woman's Guide to Success

Author: Joyce Ward

Publisher: Dearborn Trade Pub


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 255

View: 329

Offers advice on how to take control on one's finances, including monitoring money's, recognizing investable funds, understanding mortages and taxes, bonds, life insurance and mutual funds

Personal Finance QuickStart Guide

The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Eliminating Financial Stress, Building Wealth, and Achieving Financial Freedom

Author: Morgen Rochard

Publisher: ClydeBank Media LLC


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 347

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THE ULTIMATE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES INCLUDES FILLABLE SIMPLIFIED BUDGET SPREADSHEET AND OTHER ESSENTIAL DIGITAL ASSETS Are you tired of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed when you think about your finances? Have you gotten frustrated with personal finance advice from “experts” that doesn’t feel like it speaks to your unique financial situation? No matter where you are in your financial journey Personal Finance QuickStart Guidecovers everything you need to know to make a positive financial change in your life. At a time when 80% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck and as many as 40% of Americans can’t afford a surprise $400 expense it has never been more important to take control of your financial wellbeing. In Personal Finance QuickStart Guide author, podcaster, and financial advisor Morgen B. Rochard CFA, CFP®, RLP® pulls back the personal finance curtain to present personal finance wisdom that is so simple anyone can start putting it to use today. Morgen has distilled a career’s worth of experience in the financial world into an uncommonly helpful guide to the common money problems we all face. Filled with personal stories told in her straightforward and candid style, this book is the missing ingredient for anyone who wants to take control of their finances and live their most fulfilled life. It doesn’t matter where you are on your financial journey, how much experience you have, or how much money you have in the bank—you can make the financial changes needed to build the fulfilling life you deserve with the time-tested and proven personal finance wisdom enclosed in this book. Personal Finance QuickStart Guide Is Perfect For: - Millennials who feel like they never got a handle on their finances and want to catch up - Young adults who want to build a good financial foundation for the future - Working professionals who are thinking about retirement - Anyone looking to make a financial change in their life and build wealth Personal Finance QuickStart Guide Covers: - How to think about money and craft your own positive money mindset - Repairing your credit score to increase your buying power and provide more freedom in your life - The difference between good and bad debt and how to pay down and manage debt - Financial goal setting with actionable steps to accomplish your goals - How to prepare for retirement and secure your own financially independent future Personal Finance QuickStart Guide Will Teach You: - How to build a positive money mindset, analyze your own money habits, and secure your own financial freedom for good times and bad - How to effectively manage and pay down debt, the difference between good and bad debt, and how to raise your credit score (and keep it high) - How to translate your dreams into a financial reality without restrictive budgeting or beating yourself up over daily spending - The best way to prepare for major life events like home buying, weddings, and sending kids off to college - Yes, you need to invest—how to put your money to work for you without assuming a mountain of risk or learning complicated charts - How to prepare for retirement the smart way, what to do if you come into money, how to reduce your tax burden and more—your entire personal finance journey is in these pages! *LIFETIME ACCESS TO FREE PERSONAL FINANCE DIGITAL ASSETS* Easy to use Simplified Budget Spreadsheet - 1 Page Personal Finance Plan - Effective Goal Setting Workbook - Additional visual aids, infographics and more!

Financial Freedom

A Positive Strategy for Putting Your Money to Work

Author: James A. Barry, Jr.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 329

View: 647

As it explores and analyzes a wide range of investment opportunities, this guide shows how the risk-reward potential of each type might fit into a complete financial plan. Filled with easy-to-implement money management strategies and focusing on long-term financial security, here is simple, expert advice for taking charge of your money and achieving financial independence.

5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom

Do What You Love and Get Rich Doing It

Author: Duane Harden

Publisher: CEOeBooks



Page: 216

View: 862

Book Praise & Reviews ""As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know to turn your passions into profits."" Bill Bartmann (Billionaire entrepreneur, author, speaker, educator) Read & Give Program A portion of the sale of this book is donated to charity. Book Description Are you unhappy in your job? Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck and feel like you just don't have enough money, skills, or education to turn your life around? Even if you're not sure you know what it is you like to do, you can change your life and get rich doing it, says entrepreneur Duane Harden in his wise and entertaining new book, 5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom: Do What You Love & Get Rich Doing It. Turning your passion into a profitable business is easy, fast, and fun, says Harden, and you can become rich in just five easy steps. First, start by saying yes to financial freedom. Attitude is everything and as the Law of Attraction states, what you put out into the universe is often what you attract. If you imagine yourself financially secure and happy, you will be. Imagining a new life for yourself is the inspiration you need to go out and do the concrete things to turn your dreams into a reality. Conversationally written and filled with humorous drawings, helpful worksheets, and key tips, 5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom also offers a 90-day action plan that includes blueprints for success that Harden himself used to build his wealth. His own journey included the purchase of numerous real-estate properties, opening a restaurant, starting a music company, and much more. Harden gives you "Life Assignments" that get you thinking and acting differently. Beware of what he calls the "crabs in a pot" mentality, where everyone is trying to pull everyone else down in order to struggle to the top. Instead, he advises, think positively. Stay away from the naysayers and feed your dream. Soon you will realize that your inner life is reflected in your outer life. Harden helps you to discover the real you, what you want, and how much money you want to be there for you now and in the future. He explains how the real difference between rich people and poor people is fear and an unwillingness to keep an open mind to new opportunities. Rich people are not afraid to take risks, and well-planned risks almost always pay off. Success, he reminds you, is your birthright and it's your job to claim it. Review your credit and your financial house. Clean up the clutter in your life, whether it is the wrong way of thinking or a messy desk. Discover what really makes you tick because when you love what you do it's never really work, and when passion is present the money will miraculously follow. Keep daily positive reminders taped where you can see them, or even have a vision board filled with photographs of where you want to be in life. Write your resignation letter to your boss, but don't send it yet. Just the act of writing it puts you in the right frame of mind for moving on to something much better. "You are what you think and will become what you dream," says Harden. You'll learn to be a PIG (passive income generator) Farmer, which requires little work but makes you tons of money. 5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom shows you how go from rags to riches and is understandable and easy to read. This invaluable guide will change your life!

Tax Resolution and Financial Freedom: Using the Financial Planning Process to Resolve IRS Tax Problems

Using the Financial Planning Process to Resolve IRS Tax Problems

Author: Scott Spann

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 220

View: 297

The LifeSpan Process of Tax Resolution and Financial Freedom is a step by step approach to dealing with IRS tax problems. This book is designed to help individuals with tax liabilities understand how the financial planning process can work to help them deal with the IRS while eliminating negative financial behaviors that often lead to tax troubles. It may also be used as a tool for tax and financial planning professionals to establish tax debt management programs for their clients. Tax Resolution and Financial Freedom explains how to identify and implement the ideal solution to tax problems. The tax resolution plan outlined in this book uses the basic financial planning process to help people take control of tax and financial problems. The ultimate goal is to achieve tax resolution and financial freedom. If you or someone you know is experiencing financial stress related to tax debt, the steps of the LifeSpan Process provide the best path to Tax Resolution and Financial Freedom.

Financial Freedom

A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need

Author: Grant Sabatier

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

View: 201

The International Bestseller "This book blew my mind. More importantly, it made financial independence seem achievable. I read Financial Freedom three times, cover-to-cover." —Lifehacker Money is unlimited. Time is not. Become financially independent as fast as possible. In 2010, 24-year old Grant Sabatier woke up to find he had $2.26 in his bank account. Five years later, he had a net worth of over $1.25 million, and CNBC began calling him "the Millennial Millionaire." By age 30, he had reached financial independence. Along the way he uncovered that most of the accepted wisdom about money, work, and retirement is either incorrect, incomplete, or so old-school it's obsolete. Financial Freedom is a step-by-step path to make more money in less time, so you have more time for the things you love. It challenges the accepted narrative of spending decades working a traditional 9 to 5 job, pinching pennies, and finally earning the right to retirement at age 65, and instead offers readers an alternative: forget everything you've ever learned about money so that you can actually live the life you want. Sabatier offers surprising, counter-intuitive advice on topics such as how to: * Create profitable side hustles that you can turn into passive income streams or full-time businesses * Save money without giving up what makes you happy * Negotiate more out of your employer than you thought possible * Travel the world for less * Live for free--or better yet, make money on your living situation * Create a simple, money-making portfolio that only needs minor adjustments * Think creatively--there are so many ways to make money, but we don't see them. But most importantly, Sabatier highlights that, while one's ability to make money is limitless, one's time is not. There's also a limit to how much you can save, but not to how much money you can make. No one should spend precious years working at a job they dislike or worrying about how to make ends meet. Perhaps the biggest surprise: You need less money to "retire" at age 30 than you do at age 65. Financial Freedom is not merely a laundry list of advice to follow to get rich quick--it's a practical roadmap to living life on one's own terms, as soon as possible.


A Love Story : Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want

Author: Kate Northrup

Publisher: Hay House Incorporated


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 237

View: 663

Explores how a personal relationship with money affects financial stability and presents advice on getting out of debt, setting up a savings plan, and devising a realistic budget which reflects personal values and long term goals.

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom

Practical and Spiritual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying

Author: Suze Orman

Publisher: Currency


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 338

View: 192

The best-selling author of The Courage to Be Rich offers an updated new guide to financial success that shows readers how to obtain control over their money through changing their spending habits; how to understand investments, retirement, insurance, and credit; and how to gain true financial freedom. Original. 100,000 first printing.

Understanding Biblical Financial Freedom

Author: Darleen Martin

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 108

View: 820

Understanding Biblical Financial Freedom is a workbook designed to help you to first understand what God says about your attitudes about money and second to learn how to manage the assets He has blessed you with. This workbook is a composite of several resources that will help you to self-evaluate your current stewardship approach and then to develop some disciplines to strengthen your resolve to manage your assets according to God's will. There are quizzes for you to take, budgeting forms to help you set up a cash flow plan, instructions in creating a filing system for keeping track of your assets and a scripture verse directory to help you search for scripture relating to various issues we have regarding our money. This workbook is used in classes taught upon request by the author, Darleen T. Martin. Darleen T. Martin, a Certified Financial Planner(r) Professional, has been in the financial planning business for over two decades. She began her career in Houston, Texas as an entry level manager trainee with a major Wall Street investment firm and became the first black woman to be a Vice President of the firm. As owner of The Austin Retirement Specialists she also focuses on values-based financial planning. She conducts educational seminars and speaks at many conferences sponsored by professional, civic and church organizations. Understanding Biblical Financial Freedom was developed out of a need to conduct financial workshops that were Christian based. This workshop is now one of the Sunday school classes offered at her church. She also facilitates Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at her church. Darleen is very active in her church and community. She has served on many boards in her community, and ushers at her home churc

Buying a Business to Secure Your Financial Freedom

Finding and Evaluating the Business That's Right For You

Author: Edward T. Pendarvis

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 742

The low-risk secret to a high-pro fit business--a perfect primer for first-time entrepreneurs More and more people are leaving their jobs and investing in small businesses--today's leading job growth opportunity. But isn't it risky? Not with Ed Pendarvis, whose business brokerage firm was rated #1 by Entrepreneur magazine. Once investors learn how to find and evaluate the right kind of business, the risks can be reduced--and profits dramatically increased. The secret lies in valuing and purchasing an already existing small business or franchise, one with a proven track record and potential for continued success. With this simple motivational guide, even a first-time entrepreneur can learn how to: Locate a business Negotiate a price Complete a sale Protect an investment Finance the future Achieve true financial freedom

30 Levels to Financial Freedom for Regular People

Author: Tom Rees

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 164

View: 511

This book is a description of the processes my family has gone through to get to where we are today. I'm retired at 55, and we own our home and three cars. We have no debt. We pay no interest, and most important, we're methodically saving to replace items as they break or wear out (which of course is virtually everything we own). The pages of the book provide the reader with the 30 levels that must be achieved to place you and your family in a debt-free, stress-free financial situation. Each step improves your position. It's a financial lifestyle. A lot of books have been written on this topic. This book is unique in several ways. The book is short and blunt. That's because the solutions are simple. I don't waste your time. I provide forms that will aid you in your planning. Also included are illustrations to drive home a few points. Most importantly, you'll learn how to set up a Replacement Fund. I learned about the importance of a Replacement Fund when we were investing in real estate. I think the Replacement Fund concept is the most important difference when you compare this book to other books on the market.

Become Your Own Financial Advisor

The real secrets to becoming financially independent

Author: Warren Ingram

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

View: 151

New, updated edition of this bestseller! How can you become financially secure with the resources at your disposal? What is the safest way to invest and accumulate money? And why is it never too late to start planning your financial well-being? In this new, updated edition of the bestselling Become Your Own Financial Advisor, all of this, and much, much more, is explained. Money plays a vital role in nearly every aspect of our lives, and yet very few of us know how to save, where to invest and how to avoid money troubles. This highly accessible book is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their financial situation, from the financial novice who needs clear basic guidelines on how to deal with money, to those who are more financially savvy but want to supplement their knowledge. Covering a range of topics, including saving, investing, debt management and blunders to avoid, Become Your Own Financial Advisor provides people of all ages and levels of wealth with practical information on how to improve their finances. In the process, it shows that financial freedom is possible for everyone. This, the second edition of Become Your Own Financial Advisor, has been updated with new types of investments, fresh approaches to technology, the latest tax information and further feedback on ‘Julia’, the savings rock star.

Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions

A Guide to Financial Freedom Whether You Have Your Dream Job, Own Your Own Business, or Just Started Your First Job

Author: Bernard Kelly

Publisher: Hyperion


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 672

An easy-to-read guide to the four stages of a successful financial life Bernard Kelly started his professional life cooking French fries at McDonald’s. While his first paychecks were modest, he hoped that the small amounts he set aside from each would one day lead to the financial freedom he desired. A few short years later, Kelly’s work ethic and dedication have fueled his rise from fry cook to Operations Consultant at McDonald’s. At the same time, those early savings have grown into the kind of personal wealth many of us dream of achieving one day. In Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions, Kelly shares the easy-to-understand principles at the heart of his professional and financial success—ones influenced by his experience working for the most successful restaurant business in the world—and gives you a game plan for how to use them in your own life. Are you just starting your career Perfect. Kelly will introduce you to the the four stages of a successful financial life—Right Now, Quality of Life, Retirement, and Legacy—and explain how to navigate them. Starting a little bit later That’s OK too. Kelly will help you figure out how to get back on track on your path toward financial security. Presented in an engaging and jargon-free voice, this book will capture your imagination, change the way you think about money, and show you that financial freedom is possible—not just for other people, but for you.

Operation Financial Freedom

The Ultimate Plan to Build Wealth and Live the Life You Want

Author: James Dicks

Publisher: McGraw-Hill


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 256

Straightforward advice for anyone looking to take control of their personal finances and successfully invest in stocks, real estate, and more Tackling one’s financial future has to be managed the way a platoon leader plans an assault, in a get-it-done, precision-style maneuver. Dicks teaches you ways to find financial peace in the no-holds barred Operation Financial Freedom. Practical wealth-building techniques cover everything from stock and mutual fund investing to buying income-producing assets, while tax-saving strategies help achieve greater overall performance. More than just a primer for picking the right stocks, this book explains how you can develop and implement a unified financial strategy, creating a millionaire legacy for yourself and your children.

Financial Freedom in 8 Minutes a Day

How to Attract and Manage All the Money You'll Ever Need

Author: Ron Hulnick

Publisher: Rodale Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 247

View: 355

Two respected psychologists present findings indicating that people's finances are more dependent on their thoughts and emotions than on their knowledge of economics and offer ways to change beliefs about money to increase wealth. National ad/promo.

How Much Money Is Enough?

7 Rules to Financial Freedom

Author: Benny Ong

Publisher: Write Editions


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

View: 544

A school dropout at 13 years, veteran financial adviser and author Benny Ong entered the insurance industry in 1967 and after 23 years, set up his own company and pioneered a fee-based advisory for personal and business financial planning in Singapore. In retrospect, after 50 years of dealing with and observing how people relate to money, Benny feels compelled to share his insights on the provocative question: “How much money is enough?” In his inimitable style, Benny uses his own life stories, anecdotes and real-life events to articulate his thoughts on the seven rules in achieving financial freedom. These include: Understanding the difference between financial freedom and financial independence; the discipline of spending below your means; the risks associated with buying on credit; learning how to invest for the long term; doing something meaningful in your later years. Akin to guiding his clients in their personal financial planning over the past five decades, Benny hopes to share with you the truth about money: what it takes and what it means to have enough money, more than enough money and how you can achieve true financial freedom and live a satisfied and fulfilling life.

Money Basics For Everyday People


Author: K.C. Hobbs

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 67

View: 855

MONEY BASIC$ FOR EVERYDAY PEOPLE was created from a desire that all Americans should have the opportunity to acquire their own personal fortunes and live their dreams. It is not our lack of effort and hard work that keeps us from having our wealth. The problem is that most people lack the knowledge to make their money work for them. Since money principles are not emphasized in schools and most financial books are too complicated and detailed in content, people never learn the basics. The American savings rate has been in decline for the last 65 years and millions of hard working couples are now retiring at or just above the poverty level. This book is designed to give basic money information that everyday people can understand and really put to use. The purpose of MONEY BASIC$ for EVERYDAY PEOPLE is to provide simple and useable ideas about money concepts that may have been hidden from you. This book will offer insights into how money works that your families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers do not know. You will learn that you don’t have to be a financial wizard to make your money work harder. Below are a few examples: Would you like a bigger tax refund check? Would you like to know how to save for 6 years and you could possibly have your retirement? Would you like to save hundreds of dollars on your insurance premiums? Would you like to know more than most people in America about money? Would you like to finally have your EYES WIDE OPENED to the mystique of finance? These pages are full of proven concepts and ideas to help you achieve your financial goals. I have purposely concentrated only on the most important topics that will explain how to make your money work harder. What you will need to learn is condensed into just FIVE SIMPLE STEPS that will be easy to understand and put into use everyday. By learning and using the FIVE SIMPLE STEPS that are explained in these chapters, you can achieve financial freedom.