Option for Murder

Author: Albert Elias

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 180

View: 788

What would you do if someone offered you the option to have three people murdered? Allan Eberhard gets that chance. In the midst of his dull, passionless life, controlled by his domineering wife, comes this astonishing opportunity. The runaway boredom of his life is changed by a wealthy Sheik's offer--and by a woman who introduces him to true love. Allan can't bring himself to commission the killings, but can't reject his option for murder either. But after the mysterious murder of two people--his lover and her husband--his life will never be the same.

Homicide and the Politics of Law Reform

Author: Jeremy Horder

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Law


View: 530

What makes murder, murder? How should we understand the difference between intentional and reckless killing? Should offenders be punished differently according to the perceived severity of their crime and when should they be excused? These questions are the topic of intense debate within legal circles and beyond in the UK, the US, and the rest of world. Jeremy Horder's role as the Law Commissioner for England and Wales on criminal law has given him unique insight into these questions and the debates surrounding them. Here he analyses the recent political and legal reform movements, offering a political history of homicide law reform from the 19th century to the modern era. Using homicide as a starting point, Horder raises deeper questions of who is and should be responsible for making and changing the law. What role should there be for expert bodies, judges, and politicians? What role should there be for the general public? These questions invoke strong emotional responses. Horder argues that comprehensive research into, and a degree of difference to, public opinion on the scope of homicide is essential to the reform process. It is essential principally as a means of conferring true legitimacy on homicide reform in a democracy. Elite or expert opinion alone will never authentically secure such legitimacy. Offering an insider's view into the processes of achieving law reform, Horder expresses criticism of a system that excludes the vast majority of people from consultation on reform of the laws that govern them.

Regulation of Lawyers

Problems of Law and Ethics, Concise Edition

Author: Stephen Gillers

Publisher: Aspen Publishing


Category: Law

Page: 561

View: 107

This book goes beyond the rules in teaching students the subtle differences between proper and improper conduct. The book’s balanced and engaging mix of materials supports its comprehensive coverage of professional responsibility issues. Refined through years of classroom use, this casebook offers: condensed coverage of professional responsibility issues in less space (about 120 pages shorter than the regular 10th edition); well-balanced mix of cases, secondary sources, timely materials (often drawn from recent headlines), engaging problems, and challenging notes; discussion beyond the rules and from different perspectives, to recognize that the law is not necessarily self-evident and covers many subtleties; excellent case selection; realistic, helpful, and abundant problems, many based on actual events, that facilitate class discussion and enable students to understand the rules and regulations that will govern their professional behavior; detailed notes which provide in-depth treatment of the issues; high-profile author (Gillers is a highly visible and recognized national authority on professional responsibility); and an accessible and engaging style which is characterized by variety, clarity, and humor.

A New Homicide Act for England and Wales?

A Consultation Paper

Author: Great Britain: Law Commission

Publisher: The Stationery Office


Category: Law

Page: 356

View: 194

This consultation paper reviews the law relating to homicide in England and Wales, and sets out a number of provisional proposals in order to establish a more rational and coherent framework of legislation. Issues discussed include: the existing law and problems with it; the definition of murder and manslaughter; partial defences including provocation, diminished responsibility and duress; the fault element in murder and the concept of intention; and the doctrine of double-effect. The paper proposes the creation of a new Homicide Act (to replace the Homicide Act 1957) to establish clear definitions of murder and the partial defences to it, as well as defining manslaughter, within a graduated system of offences (the ladder principle) to reflect seriousness of offence and degrees of mitigation. For example, the offence of murder should be divided into two categories, of 'first degree murder' (with a mandatory life sentence) and 'second degree' (with a discretionary life sentence maximum). Responses to the consultation paper proposals should be received by 13.04.2006.

CLAT UG Exam Preparation Book 2022 | 1800+ Solved Questions (8 Full-length Mock Tests + 10 Sectional Tests + 2 Previous Year Papers)

Author: EduGorilla Prep Experts

Publisher: EduGorilla Community Pvt. Ltd.


Category: Education

Page: 484

View: 360

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Behavioral Law and Economics

Author: Eyal Zamir

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 640

View: 933

Economic analysis of law: an overview -- Behavioral studies -- An overview of behavioral law and economics -- Normative implications -- Behavioral insights and basic features of the law -- Property law -- Contract law -- Consumer contracts -- Tort law -- Commercial law -- Administrative, constitutional, and international law -- Criminal law and enforcement -- Tax law and redistribution -- Litigants' behavior -- Judicial decision-making -- Evidence law

Controversial New Religions

Author: James R. Lewis

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 480

View: 922

In terms of public opinion, new religious movements are considered controversial for a variety of reasons. Their social organization often runs counter to popular expectations by experimenting with communal living, alternative leadership roles, unusual economic dispositions, and new political and ethical values. As a result the general public views new religions with a mixture of curiosity, amusement, and anxiety, sustained by lavish media emphasis on oddness and tragedy rather than familiarity and lived experience. This updated and revised second edition of Controversial New Religions offers a scholarly, dispassionate look at those groups that have generated the most attention, including some very well-known classical groups like The Family, Unification Church, Scientology, and Jim Jones's People's Temple; some relative newcomers such as the Kabbalah Centre, the Order of the Solar Temple, Branch Davidians, Heaven's Gate, and the Falun Gong; and some interesting cases like contemporary Satanism, the Raelians, Black nationalism, and various Pagan groups. Each essay combines an overview of the history and beliefs of each organization or movement with original and insightful analysis. By presenting decades of scholarly work on new religious movements written in an accessible form by established scholars as well as younger experts in the field, this book will be an invaluable resource for all those who seek a view of new religions that is deeper than what can be found in sensationalistic media stories.

Aravind Rao's Law Guide


Author: Karukonda Aravind

Publisher: Karukonda Aravind Rao


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


View: 322

Aravind Rao's Law Guide for TS and AP LAWCET is an academic book to crack TS and AP Law entrance exam. Our endeavours to make this book for the readers from various educational backgrounds, we have made the contents of this books relevant from the exam point of view and has been updated as per the current exam pattern and this book covers various topics for the exam.