Online Gravity

The Unseen Force Driving the way you Live, Earn and Learn

Author: Paul X. McCarthy

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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Why have local video shops disappeared and been replaced by Netflix? Why are hotels being replaced by AirBnB? Why is Amazon the only company who can sell you the book you want to read? And why is there no Pepsi in cyberspace? They are all under the influence of Online Gravity, the unseen force driving the way business is done online, and changing the face of work and employment now and over the coming decades. Online Gravity has formed huge planet-like companies which dominate the online business world and either eat up or blitz their competition. We all hear about jobs being replaced by technology. McCarthy, industry expert and big data analyst, shows that rather than reducing jobs, Online Gravity has replaced 2.6 jobs for every one lost. And while the phenomenon of Online Gravity is startling, it is entirely transparent and follows its own distinct set of rules and laws. McCarthy identifies the 'secret sauces' that have not only driven success for these companies but can help us - and our children - as workers and future business owners of the 21st century. In this must-have guide to negotiating our future in an increasingly digital world, he shows us what Online Gravity is, how it works and how we can harness it for our own success. Witty, pithy and full of astounding ideas, Online Gravityis not only a highly enjoyable read but an essential handbook for the decades ahead.

Springer Handbook of Robotics

Author: Bruno Siciliano

Publisher: Springer


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 2227

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The second edition of this handbook provides a state-of-the-art cover view on the various aspects in the rapidly developing field of robotics. Reaching for the human frontier, robotics is vigorously engaged in the growing challenges of new emerging domains. Interacting, exploring, and working with humans, the new generation of robots will increasingly touch people and their lives. The credible prospect of practical robots among humans is the result of the scientific endeavour of a half a century of robotic developments that established robotics as a modern scientific discipline. The ongoing vibrant expansion and strong growth of the field during the last decade has fueled this second edition of the Springer Handbook of Robotics. The first edition of the handbook soon became a landmark in robotics publishing and won the American Association of Publishers PROSE Award for Excellence in Physical Sciences & Mathematics as well as the organization’s Award for Engineering & Technology. The second edition of the handbook, edited by two internationally renowned scientists with the support of an outstanding team of seven part editors and more than 200 authors, continues to be an authoritative reference for robotics researchers, newcomers to the field, and scholars from related disciplines. The contents have been restructured to achieve four main objectives: the enlargement of foundational topics for robotics, the enlightenment of design of various types of robotic systems, the extension of the treatment on robots moving in the environment, and the enrichment of advanced robotics applications. Further to an extensive update, fifteen new chapters have been introduced on emerging topics, and a new generation of authors have joined the handbook’s team. A novel addition to the second edition is a comprehensive collection of multimedia references to more than 700 videos, which bring valuable insight into the contents. The videos can be viewed directly augmented into the text with a smartphone or tablet using a unique and specially designed app. Springer Handbook of Robotics Multimedia Extension Portal:

Innovation and Strategy of Online Games

Author: H. Wi Jong

Publisher: Imperial College Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 241

View: 409

This book is the first study to survey, over a ten-year period, innovations and the industrial formation process of online game business, and global strategies of major Korean online game companies. It focuses on the innovative factors which made the Korean online game industry grow tremendously and successfully to gain competitiveness in the global game industry. These include: the main factors stimulating online game business; virtual business created by online games as well as an examination of the role of the Korean government at the beginning and developmental period of the online gaming business.

GMAT Official Guide 2018: Book + Online

Author: Graduate Management Admission Council

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 864

View: 812

"The definitive guide from the makers of the GNAT exam."

The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2015 with Online Question Bank and Exclusive Video

Author: GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Study Aids

Page: 840

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This is the only official study guide from the creators of the test and delivers more than 900 retired GMAT® questions and answer explanations and a 100- question diagnostic exam to help focus your test preparation efforts. NEW to The Official Guide for GMAT® Review 2015: Access to the online Question Bank including more than 900 practice questions of all types with answers and explanations, math review, essay topics, and a diagnostic test, as well as access to 50 online integrated reasoning questions. Exclusive access to videos from real test takers and GMAC staff who share insight and tips on GMAT® preparation.

The Physics of God and the Quantum Gravity Theory of Everything

Author: James Redford

Publisher: James Redford


Category: Science

Page: 186

View: 503

ABSTRACT: Analysis is given of the Omega Point cosmology, an extensively peer-reviewed proof (i.e., mathematical theorem) published in leading physics journals by professor of physics and mathematics Frank J. Tipler, which demonstrates that in order for the known laws of physics to be mutually consistent, the universe must diverge to infinite computational power as it collapses into a final cosmological singularity, termed the Omega Point. The theorem is an intrinsic component of the Feynman–DeWitt–Weinberg quantum gravity/Standard Model Theory of Everything (TOE) describing and unifying all the forces in physics, of which itself is also required by the known physical laws. With infinite computational resources, the dead can be resurrected—never to die again—via perfect computer emulation of the multiverse from its start at the Big Bang. Miracles are also physically allowed via electroweak quantum tunneling controlled by the Omega Point cosmological singularity. The Omega Point is a different aspect of the Big Bang cosmological singularity—the first cause—and the Omega Point has all the haecceities claimed for God in the traditional religions. From this analysis, conclusions are drawn regarding the social, ethical, economic and political implications of the Omega Point cosmology.

Geological Survey of Canada, Current Research (Online) no. 2005-D2


Publisher: Natural Resources Canada


Category: Magnetic susceptibility

Page: 12

View: 370

This study documents the magnetic properties & densities of exposed units in the Central Metasedimentary Belt, Central Metasedimentary Belt boundary tectonic zone, and part of the Central Gneiss Belt, located between the Kawartha Finger Lakes and the Bancroft region of southern Ontario. A representative suite of rock unit samples was collected from the primary lithological units of both the Belt and the tectonic zone in order to record spatial variability of magnetic properties & density. The area sampled was selected because it transects several prominent regional magnetic anomalies. Closely spaced in situ magnetic susceptibility measurements are complemented by laboratory measurements which provide more controlled conditions but sparser sampling. The results are intended to provide useful constraints for future gravity & magnetic modelling and inversion studies in the region.

Pulling Against Gravity

Economic Development in New Brunswick During the McKenna Years

Author: Donald J. Savoie

Publisher: IRPP


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 199

View: 934

An objective look at the New Brunwisck of 1987, when Frank McKenna became premier, and the New Brunswick of 1997. Compares its economic performance with that of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Manitoba to determine whether McKenna's reforms had a positive impact on the province's economy.

Pictures Showing what Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon's Novel Gravity's Rainbow

Author: Zak Smith

Publisher: Tin House Books


Category: Architecture

Page: 760

View: 594

Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow (1973) has been called a modernFinnegans Wake for its challenging language, wild anachronisms, hallucinatory happenings, and fever-dream imagery. With Pictures Showing What Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon's Novel Gravity's Rainbow, artist Zak Smith at once eases and expands readers' experience of the twentieth-century classic. Smith has created more than 750 pages of drawings, paintings, and photos--each derived from a page of Pynchon's novel. Extraordinary tableaux of the detritus of war--a burned-out Konigstiger tank, a melted machine gun--coexist alongside such fantasmagoric Pynchon inventions as the "stumbling bird" and "Grigori the octopus." Smith has said he aimed to be "as literal as possible" in interpreting Gravity's Rainbow, but his images are as imaginative and powerful as the prose they honor.