One Leg Over

Having Fun—Mostly—in Peace and War

Author: Robin Dalton

Publisher: Text Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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Robin Dalton, now aged 96, has lived an extraordinary life—as a TV performer, spy, literary agent, film producer and author. But it's her love life that's in the spotlight this time A surprising, lively and fun memoir of love, relationships and a young woman's sexual liberation One Leg Over is a vibrant account of a colourful life and tells of Robin's affairs with, among others, David, Marquis of Milford Haven, Prince Philip's best friend and best man At the age of 17 Robin was briefly married to an older man, in Sydney. Their divorce bumped the war off the front page of a Sydney newspaper with the headline 'Society Disgrace' An extract to give a sense of Robin Dalton's style: 'During the five months duration (weekends only) of my marriage I did not even learn what an orgasm was. Neither did I learn this from the American servicemen with whom I exultingly tripped through the first years of our Pacific War. It took the British Navy, our second wave of war time visiting servicemen, to teach me this.' Robin left behind WWII Sydney to fly to London at a time when flight was reserved for special military personnel, and went on to develop friendships with Frank Sinatra, Noel Coward, Prince Philip, Lord Mountbatten, Edward and Wallis Simpson, and various kings and princes. She was also a correspondent of Jack Kennedy and T. S. Eliot Robin Dalton writes of love and heartbreak, of parties with the aristocracy and her many fiancés in this hugely entertaining memoir of a time in history more commonly associated with hardship and austerity In 2015 Text published Aunts Up the Cross in the Text Classics, as well as publishing for the first time the delightful short book Robin wrote aged eight, My Relations The publication of One Leg Over will be supported by a strong publicity and marketing campaign

Leg over Leg

Volumes Three and Four

Author: Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: History

Page: 600

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Leg over Leg recounts the life, from birth to middle age, of “the Fariyaq,” alter ego of Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq, a pivotal figure in the intellectual and literary history of the modern Arab world. The always edifying and often hilarious adventures of the Fariyaq, as he moves from his native Lebanon to Egypt, Malta, Tunis, England, and France, provide the author with grist for wide-ranging discussions of the intellectual and social issues of his time, including the ignorance and corruption of the Lebanese religious and secular establishments, freedom of conscience, women’s rights, sexual relationships between men and women, the manners and customs of Europeans and Middle Easterners, and the differences between contemporary European and Arabic literatures, all the while celebrating the genius and beauty of the classical Arabic language. Volumes Three and Four see the peripatetic Fariyaq fall in love and convert to Catholicism for twenty-four hours in order to marry. Although the narrative revolves around a series of debates over the nature of male-female relationships, opportunities also arise for disquisitions on the physical and moral significance of such diverse topics as the buttocks, the unreliability of virginity tests, and the human capacity for self-delusion. Lengthy stays in England and France allow for animadversions on the table manners and sexual aberrations of their citizens, but the discussion, whether it involve dance-halls, pleasure gardens, or poetry, almost always ends up returning to gender relations. Akin to Sterne and Rabelais in his satirical outlook and technical inventiveness, al-Shidyaq produced in Leg Over Leg a work that is unique and unclassifiable. It was initially widely condemned for its attacks on authority, its religious skepticism, and its “obscenity,” and later editions were often abridged. This is the first complete English translation of this groundbreaking work.

Effective Cycling

Author: John Forester

Publisher: MIT Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 599

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The core of John Forester's concept of Effective Cycling is that bicyclists fare best when they act, and are treated in return, as drivers of vehicles, with the same rights and responsibilities that motorists have. In this new edition of his classic introductory work, Forester reasserts this idea in terms of practice and education as well as theory while also addressing--among much else--the two major forces that have shaped bicycling since the early 1980s: the proliferation of high-quality equipment and the seriously insufficient progress on the social, political, and psychological fronts. The book is filled with details, strategies, and tips that will be useful both to occasional cyclists and to those who enjoy cycling as a way of life--all drawn from the author's many years of experience as a cyclist, a Cycling Transportation Engineer, and the founder of the Effective Cycling Program.

World of Martial Arts !

Author: Robert HILL




Page: 139

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The martial arts are various methods of armed and unarmed combat, originally used in warfare in the Far East and shaped by Oriental philosophical concepts. The history of martial arts is challenging to document precisely, because of the lack of historical records, secretive nature of the teacher-student relationships and political circumstances during much of its history. The martial arts are popular in many parts of the world today as forms of self-defense, law enforcement tactics, competitive sports, and exercises for physical fitness. Among them are KARATE , Kung fu, jujitsu, JUDO, aikido, Tai chi chuan, Sumo wrestling, and kendo. This informative book takes it's reader on a journey throughout time and across the globe for a close up look at the history of many martial arts styles .

Leg Over Leg, Or, The Turtle in the Tree

Concerning the Fāriyāq, what Manner of Creature Might He Be. Volume Two

Author: Humphrey Taman Davies

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: HISTORY

Page: 455

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Leg over Leg recounts the life, from birth to middle age, of 'the Fariyaq, ' alter ego of Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq, a pivotal figure in the intellectual and literary history of the modern Arab world. The always edifying and often hilarious adventures of the Fariyaq, as he moves from his native Lebanon to Egypt, Malta, Tunis, England and France, provide the author with grist for wide-ranging discussions of the intellectual and social issues of his time, including the ignorance and corruption of the Lebanese religious and secular establishments, freedom of conscience, women's rights, sexual relatio.

Dictionary of Contemporary Slang

Author: Tony Thorne

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Reference

Page: 512

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With more than 7,000 definitions, this book provides a definitive guide to the use of slang today. It deals with drugs, sport and contemporary society, as well as favourite slang topics such as sex and bodily functions. In this convenient paperback edition of the highly acclaimed Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, language and culture expert Tony Thorne explores the ever-changing underworld of the English language, bringing back intriguing examples of eccentricity and irreverence from the linguistic front-line. "Thorne is a kind of slang detective, going down the streets where other lexicographers fear to tread." Daily Telegraph

Kinetic Control - E-Book

The Management of Uncontrolled Movement

Author: Mark Comerford

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 544

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This text is designed as clinical reference to develop knowledge of the examination, diagnosis and classification of uncontrolled movement (motor control dysfunction) and the management of movement dysfunction. It will help the therapist: Develop clinical skills in the assessment and retraining of movement control To use movement control tests to identify uncontrolled movement To classify uncontrolled movement into diagnostic subgroups Access a large range of motor control and movement retraining strategies Develop an assessment framework that will provide a diagnosis of dysfunction, pain sensitive tissues and pain mechanisms Use a clinical reasoning framework to prioritise clinical decision making Provides detailed explanation of evidence and research underpinning motor control dysfunction and movement retraining Unique subclassification system of musculoskeletal disorders and pain Region specific testing -step by step instructions for assessment, diagnosis, classification and treatment using Movement Performance Solutions unique system Highly illustrated with clear step by step instructions for treatment of Lumbar, Cervical and Thoracic Spine, Shoulder and Hip


Author: Ellen Datlow

Publisher: Tachyon Publications


Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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This fiendish anthology, complied by the horror genre’s most acclaimed editor, drags you into the twisted minds of modern literary masters at their fiendish best. Visionary storytellers fill this collection of tales lyrical and strange, monstrous and exhilarating, horrific and transformative. *A sweetly vengeful voice on the radio calls a young soldier out to join a phantom patrol. *A hotel maid who threw her newborn child from a fourth-story window lingers in an interminable state. *An intern in a paranormal research facility delves deeply into the unexplained deaths of two staff members. *A serial killer plans his ultimate artistic achievement: the unveiling of an extremely special instrument in a very private concert. At once familiar and shocking, these riveting stories will haunt you long after you put down your book and turn out the light.

Yoga as Therapeutic Exercise E-Book

A Practical Guide for Manual Therapists

Author: Luise Worle

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 256

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Yoga as Therapeutic Exercise is a practical guide to prescribing yoga exercises therapeutically for common health problems. The book is aimed at all manual therapists, as well as yoga teachers working with beginners and physically restricted or older students. It describes how to modify yoga postures for a wide range of patients and conditions, integrating relaxation, stretching and strengthening. Written in an accessible style and with a very practical layout, it describes the principles and aims of this exercise approach before providing groups of exercises for specific areas of the body (feet and knees, pelvis, spine, shoulder girdle, neck, arms and hands). Exercises are classified from basic to advanced level and supported by clear illustrative photographs and precise descriptions. KEY FEATURES Includes basic tests to find the appropriate exercises Gives advice for patient compliance Presents basic exercises for all areas of the body Helps patients build up a successful individual form of practice Luise Wörle and Erik Pfeiff both lecture and teach throughout Europe. Luise is a yoga teacher and osteopath; Erik is a psychotherapist and bodywork therapist.


Author: Wendy Garofoli

Publisher: Capstone


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

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"Provides instructions for joining or starting a hip-hop dance crew, and includes information about real-life crews"--Provided by publisher.