Dis/inhibition, First Edition

Author: Nancy E. Shaffer

Publisher: Nancy E Shaffer




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Valerie Running Deer is a brash, brilliant neuroscience graduate student. Elizabeth Baldwin is her uptight, control-freak advisor. Elizabeth and Valerie’s relationship has always been a battle of wills, but when Elizabeth hands over one of Valerie’s original research ideas to another student, Valerie fires the shot that turns their cold war into a hot one: she makes a pass at Elizabeth’s daughter Lisa, a coy, impetuous teen who has been harboring a crush on her. Valerie’s spiteful impulse is diffused when she starts to fall for Lisa behind Elizabeth’s back, but a confrontation is inevitable. Valerie’s tumultuous journey towards it will entangle her in the circuitous dance of the relationships around her as friends, colleagues, and family struggle to balance need and trust, impulse and restraint. Control freaks. Hot heads. Timid artists. Impulsive kids. Dis/inhibition explores the complications of self-control both outside and inside the scientific laboratory.

You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Author: Toccara S. Burrell-James

Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.


Category: Fiction

Page: 162

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Candi Thomas is a 26 year old working woman and College student who is currently studying to obtain her Master's Degree in Business, with a Minor in Criminal Justice. When her friend's actions and her outside life threaten to be revealed to her family, she is willing to go to any limits to keep this from happening. See she's a good girl in her family's eyes, and she's more than determined to stop bad things about her from making it to them, especially her mother and sister. She has two best friends, Monae (Mo) and Zanae (Nae) who are the two who know about the wild and crazy life Candi is living. They are the only two who Candi can trust, or are they? Candi and her two besties share all their secrets with each other, but only time will reveal the truth about them. Candi meets this great guy named, Dre which made it a lot easier for her to get over her lying, cheating ex-boyfriend Jay. But is Dre really who he says he is? When things starts to be revealed about Candi will she be able to handle them? Will Candi be able to control the situation? Or will her outside life finally come back to haunt her and her Mother and sister finally find out the truth?

McCullough Mountain Collector's Edition

McCullough Mountain

Author: Lydia Michaels

Publisher: Lydia Michaels


Category: Fiction


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This special Collector’s Edition features all eight of the beloved McCullough Mountain novels in one. Lydia Michaels’ McCullough Mountain series has been featured in USA Today, nominated three separate times for the prestigious RONE Award, and includes multiple bestsellers! This box set also features the newly released story of Kate McCullough, How to Love Her. This wild Irish family situated in a small town in Pennsylvania will grab your heart and not let go! If you’re looking for a family saga you can’t put down, the McCulloughs are waiting! Bundle Includes: How to Love Her (Prequel- Kate) Sacred Waters (1- Colin) *Recommended by USA Today Skin (2- Finn) *Bestseller **RONE Award Finalist ***Featured in USA Today Chaste (3- Kelly) *#1 Bestseller **RONE Award Finalist Faking It (4- Sheilagh) *RONE Award Finalist Forsaking Truth (5- Luke [MM]) *#1 Bestseller 6 weeks in a row! As Tears Go By (6- Braydon) Hold Me Fast (7- Frank & Maureen then and now) Heat Level: Adult Content (3-5 Flames) McCullough Novels have been Rated over 1,500 times on Goodreads with an average rating of 4.13 Stars!

Sweet Tea (Revised Edition)

Black Gay Men of the South

Author: E. Patrick Johnson

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 576

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Sweet Tea

Harper's Weekly

Author: John Bonner



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Category: College and school drama


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