Of Mess and Moxie

Wrangling Delight Out of This Wild and Glorious Life

Author: Jen Hatmaker

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Life is messy for each of us. But Jen Hatmaker reminds us that it's okay to admit that we're all in the same boat. Join New York Times bestselling author and honorary big sister Jen as she shares hilarious tales, shameless honesty, and unconditional hope for the woman who's forgotten her moxie. We will endure discouragement, heartbreak, failure, and suffering. All of us. And more than once. But we are the very same folks who can experience triumph, perseverance, joy, and rebirth. More than once. And in more than one category. And in more than one season. And that? That's moxie. Moxie reaches for laughter, for courage, for the deep and important truth that women are capable of weathering the storm. We are not victims, we are not weak, we are not a sad, defeated group of sob sisters. Yes, life is hard, but we are incredibly resilient. Of Mess and Moxie shines a light on Jen's own triumphs and tragedies into a sigh of relief for all normal, fierce women everywhere. Whether it's the time she drove to the wrong city for a fourth-grade field trip or the way she learned to truly forgive, she offers a reminder to those of us who sometimes hide in the car eating crackers that we do actually have the moxie to get back up and face our messes head-on. After all, this race is not a contest--there's enough abundance to go around. This book will give you the encouragement you need to remember that: Your mess is normal You are not in competition with your peers--your seat at the table is secure You have incredible gifts to offer Come alongside Jen as she teaches us that we can all choose to live undaunted and in the moment, no matter what the moments hold, and we really can lead vibrant, courageous, grace-filled lives.

Grace Saves All

The Necessity of Christian Universalism

Author: David Artman

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 166

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Grace is amazing. About this all Christians agree. Yet nearly all forms of Christianity put significant limits on grace. Those forms of Christianity which proclaim grace alone actually saves typically don’t believe God gives grace to everyone; while those forms of Christianity which proclaim God gives grace to everyone typically don’t believe grace alone actually saves. Must grace either be that which saves alone but doesn’t go to all, or that which goes to all but doesn’t save alone? In Grace Saves All, David Artman argues that grace saves alone and goes to all. This inclusive approach to Christianity is variously called universal reconciliation, universal salvation, or perhaps most accurately, Christian universalism. He contends that the inclusive/Christian universalist approach is necessary because it offers the only Christian theology which successfully defends the goodness of God. For it logically follows that if God is all-good, all-knowing, and all-powerful, then God must also be all-saving. Often dismissed as a modern feel-good theology, Christian universalism is an ancient, orthodox, and biblical theology which was expounded by early Christians and early church fathers. Artman brings much deserved attention to this wonderful spirituality.

The Preacher's Wife

The Precarious Power of Evangelical Women Celebrities

Author: Kate Bowler

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 368

View: 735

From the New York Times bestselling author of Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved, a fascinating look at the world of Christian women celebrities Since the 1970s, an important new figure has appeared on the center stage of American evangelicalism—the celebrity preacher's wife. Although most evangelical traditions bar women from ordained ministry, many women have carved out unofficial positions of power in their husbands' spiritual empires or their own ministries. The biggest stars—such as Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and Victoria Osteen—write bestselling books, grab high ratings on Christian television, and even preach. In this engaging book, Kate Bowler offers a sympathetic and revealing portrait of megachurch women celebrities, showing how they must balance the demands of celebrity culture and conservative, male-dominated faiths.

In Full Bloom

Finding the Grace and Grit to Thrive Wherever You're Planted

Author: Claire Swinarski

Publisher: Ave Maria Press


Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 272

What do you do when you feel stuck and your life takes a detour from your grand plan? Claire Swinarski, founder of The Catholic Feminist podcast, says that even if your life is not where you wanted it to be or you are in a time of transition or discomfort, God has planted you right where you are for a reason. In Full Bloom inspires you to see God’s grace at work and discover for yourself the grit and practical strategies to thrive no matter what life has thrown your way. When your dreams don’t match reality, you have several choices: You can wait for your situation to change. You can leap blindly from change to change until something sticks. Or you can do as Claire Swinarski suggests—thrive. In Full Bloom explores strategies for thriving and experiencing God’s grace even when you’re not exactly living the dream. Searching for a career post-college? Longing for excitement while feeling trapped someplace miserable? Single and dreaming of a family? Enjoying a fantastic job in a great city but grappling with feelings of loneliness? No matter where you are, Swinarski offers a game plan for pinpointing what’s not working in your life, making strategic changes, and developing habits that will sustain you no matter what challenges the future holds. Swinarski blends vulnerability, hard-hitting wake-up calls, and practical wisdom as she shares her own struggles, inspires with stories from TheCatholic Feminist podcast community, and offers “soul-care” exercises to help you discover the faith and grit to grow into the life you’ve always hoped for.

Fantasy Island - Moxie's Vampire

Author: Zena Wynn

Publisher: Real Love Enterprises


Category: Fiction

Page: 61

View: 727

When bestselling romance author, Moxie Calhoun, is approached by her publisher to create a new vampire series, she’s up for the challenge. Because she reads and writes contemporary, Moxie researches by reading every vampire romance and watching every vampire movie she can get her hands on. At the end Moxie makes a startling conclusion, she just doesn’t find vampires sexually appealing. As a writer she has no doubt she can create a realistic vampire for her readers, but how can she make him sexy enough to fall in love with when the whole idea of vampires leaves her feeling “Meh.” Obviously, she needs to take her research to the next level. Enter Fantasy Island. Since vampires don’t exist in the real world, Moxie requests to meet a variety of vampires, face-to-face, in the hopes doing so will spark some flame of interest. Unfortunately, her plan succeeds all too well.

The Very Worst Missionary

A Memoir or Whatever

Author: Jamie Wright

Publisher: Convergent Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 740

“The reason you love Jamie (or are about to) is because she says exactly what the rest of us are thinking, but we’re too afraid to upset the apple cart. She is a voice for the outlier, and we’re famished for what she has to say.” --Jen Hatmaker, New York Times bestselling author of Of Mess and Moxie and For the Love Wildly popular blogger "Jamie the Very Worst Missionary" delivers a searing, offbeat, often hilarious memoir of spiritual disintegration and re-formation. As a quirky Jewish kid and promiscuous punkass teen, Jamie Wright never imagines becoming a Christian, let alone a Christian missionary. She is barely an adult when the trials of motherhood and marriage put her on an unexpected collision course with Jesus. After finding her faith at a suburban megachurch, Jamie trades in the easy life on the cul-de-sac for the green fields of Costa Rica. There, along with her family, she earnestly hopes to serve God and change lives. But faced with a yawning culture gap and persistent shortcomings in herself and her fellow workers, she soon loses confidence in the missionary enterprise and falls into a funk of cynicism and despair. Nearly paralyzed by depression, yet still wanting to make a difference, she decides to tell the whole, disenchanted truth: Missionaries suck and our work makes no sense at all! From her sofa in Central America, she launches a renegade blog, Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, and against all odds wins a large and passionate following. Which leads her to see that maybe a "bad" missionary--awkward, doubtful, and vocal—is exactly what the world and the throngs of American do-gooders need. The Very Worst Missionary is a disarming, ultimately inspiring spiritual memoir for well-intentioned contrarians everywhere. It will appeal to readers of Nadia Bolz-Weber, Jen Hatmaker, Ann Lamott, Jana Reiss, Mallory Ortberg, and Rachel Held Evans.

Ordinary on Purpose

Surrendering Perfect and Discovering Beauty amid the Rubble

Author: Mikala MD Albertson

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 300

Beauty is Found in the Ordinary The world is shouting at us to be more. Strive. Achieve. Overachieve. Never stop pushing. As a family practice doctor, wife, and mother, Mikala Albertson appeared to be living a "perfect" life, but really her whole world was falling apart. Married seven years to an alcohol and drug addict while raising two young children and finishing residency, Mikala eventually reached a breaking point. And surrendered. In sifting through the shattered pieces of her life, she realized she had been chasing something that doesn't exist. Perfect is pretend. And what she desperately needed to embrace was ordinary. A good, hard, messy, gritty, lovely, ordinary life. In Ordinary on Purpose, Mikala shares her heartfelt journey in a raw and revealing way as she invites you to lay down your own endless chase for perfection and embrace this beautiful, messy life exactly as it is with our perfect, loving God right by your side. What would it look like to stop pretending to be "perfect" and be ordinary? Instead of always feeling overwhelmed and alone, you might discover the beauty of a good, hard life grounded in the radiant hope of God's unending love. Life happens in the ordinary, after all.

Redeem All

How Digital Life Is Changing Evangelical Culture

Author: Corrina Laughlin

Publisher: Univ of California Press



Page: 210

View: 311

Redeem All examines the surprising intersection of American evangelicalism and tech innovation. Corrina Laughlin looks at the evangelical Christians who are invested in imagining, using, hacking, adapting, and sometimes innovating new media technologies for religious purposes. She finds that entrepreneurs, pastors, missionaries, and social media celebrities interpret the promises born in Silicon Valley through the frameworks of evangelical culture and believe that digital media can help them (to paraphrase Steve Jobs) put their own dent in the universe. Laughlin introduces readers to "startup churches" hoping to reach a global population, entrepreneurs coding for a deeper purpose, digital missionaries networking with mobile phones, and Christian influencers and podcasters seeking new forms of community engagement. Ultimately, Redeem All reveals how evangelicalism has changed as it eagerly adopts the norms of the digital age.

Whole Thirty Fast and Easy

Author: Melissa Hartwig

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Category: Cooking

Page: 300

View: 785

Easy-to-prepare, healthful, and delicious recipes for the Whole30 and beyond

The Wisdom of Your Body

Finding Healing, Wholeness, and Connection through Embodied Living

Author: Hillary L. PhD McBride

Publisher: Brazos Press


Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 385

Many of us have a complicated relationship with our body. Maybe you've been made to feel ashamed of your body or like it isn't good enough. Maybe your body is riddled with stress, pain, or the effects of trauma. Maybe you think of your body as an accessory to what you believe you really are--your mind. Maybe your experiences with racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, ageism, or sizeism have made you believe your body isn't the right kind of body. Whatever the reason, many of us don't feel at home in our bodies. But being disconnected from ourselves as bodies means being disconnected from truly living and from the interconnection that weaves us all together. Psychologist and award-winning researcher Hillary McBride explores the broken and unhealthy ideas we have inherited about our body. Embodiment is the way we are in the world, and our embodiment is heavily influenced by who we have been allowed to be. McBride shows that many of us feel disembodied due to colonization, racism, sexism, and patriarchy--destructive systems that rank certain bodies as less valuable, beautiful, or human than others. Embracing our embodiment can liberate us from these systems. As we come to understand the world around us and the stories we've been told, we see that our perspective of reality often limits how we see and experience ourselves, each other, and what we believe is Sacred. Instead of the body being a problem to overcome, our bodies can be the very place where we feel most alive, the seat of our spirituality and our wisdom. The Wisdom of Your Body offers a compassionate, healthy, and holistic perspective on embodied living. Weaving together illuminating research, stories from her work as a therapist, and deeply personal narratives of healing from a life-threatening eating disorder, a near-fatal car accident, and chronic pain, McBride invites us to reclaim the wisdom of the body and to experience the wholeness that has been there all along. End-of-chapter questions and practices are included.