Northern Exposures

Rural Life in the North East

Author: Chris Steele-Perkins

Publisher: Northumbria University Press


Category: History

Page: 120

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Capturing the English countryside in iconic and authentic black-and-white photographs, this important collection showcases a life that holds fast to vanishing rural traditions. Affectionate yet unsentimental—with images that present the harsh realities of bloodstained slaughterhouses alongside a nostalgic night hunt—these photographs encompass the common nature and soul of rustic peoples, whose tough grittiness and humor shine through the camera. With a deep appreciation of an idyllic lifestyle, this ethnography is a celebratory document of a threatened existence.

Northern Exposures

Photographing and Filming the Canadian North, 1920-45

Author: Peter Geller

Publisher: UBC Press


Category: Photography

Page: 280

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To many, the North is a familiar but inaccessible place. Yet images of the region are within easy reach, in magazine racks, on our coffee tables, and on television, computer, and movie screens. In Northern Exposures, Peter Geller uncovers the history behind these popular conceptions of the Canadian North.

Northern Exposures

A Canadian Perspective on Occupational Health and Environment

Author: David Bennett, Dr

Publisher: Taylor & Francis




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'Northern Exposures' is an important and thought-provoking book that shows how the labor movement has embraced environmental protection and is beginning to create a new and more sustainable vision for the future. Dave Bennett's knowledge and commitment shine through. He is, by turns, the skeptical philosopher sifting the evidence and the passionate partisan arguing for the rights of the people. It makes for a rich and exhilarating mixture.-Nigel Crisp, Permanent Secretary, U.K. Department of Health, and Chief Executive, National Health Service (2000-2006), Author, Turning the World Upside Down: The Search for Global Health in the 21st Century (Royal Society of Medicine Press, 2010)

Northern Exposures

An Adventuring Career in Stories and Images

Author: Jonathan Waterman

Publisher: University of Alaska Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 239

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“Waterman's profound respect for the northern lands burns on every page, and his photos and essays prove to us that there is still beauty in this world—beauty worth fighting for.”—Robert Redford North of the sixtieth parallel, the sun shines for less than six hours in the winter, and towering mountains are the only skyscrapers. Pristine waters serve caribou, moose, and bears in an unbroken landscape. At any given moment in this spectacular scenery, there’s a chance that Jonathan Waterman is present, trekking across the land. A masterful adventurer, Waterman has spent decades exploring the farthest reaches of our beautiful spaces. The essays and photographs collected in Northern Exposures are a product of this passion for exploration and offer an unparalleled view into adventuring in the north and beyond. Picking up after In the Shadow of Denali, his first book of essays, Northern Exposures collects twenty-three stories from Waterman’s thirty-year career that show the evolution of the adventurer’s career and work, from ducking avalanches near the Gulf of Alaska, to searching for the most pristine tundra on the continent, and from writing haiku on Denali in the depth of winter to decrying oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Ninety-six spectacular photographs taken by Waterman during his expeditions lend a broader context and allow readers to fully understand his heartfelt argument for protecting these places. Whether active, aspiring, or just armchair adventurers, readers will be inspired by Waterman’s daring spirit.

Northern exposures

scholarship on Canada in the United States

Author: Karen Gould

Publisher: Assn for Canadian Studies in the


Category: Travel

Page: 419

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Northern Exposures

Author: Bob Morrow

Publisher: Hyperion


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 96

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Exclusive, behind-the-scenes photographs of the hit TV show Northern Exposure that are just as quirky as the show--taken by Rob Morrow himself. Obsessive Northern Exposure viewers will clamor for this special coompendium. And interest in Morrow will grow when he appears in the fall release of Robert Redford's film Quiz Show.

Northern Exposure

Author: Debra Lee Brown

Publisher: Silhouette


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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New York photographer Wendy Walters had come north for peace and quiet, and a photograph of a rare Alaskan caribou. Nothing--and no one--would stop her. Not even the sexiest man in Alaska. One look at rugged game warden Joe Peterson made Wendy's temperature rise. But the stoic Joe wasn't about to let the sassy city slicker wreak havoc with his game preserve or his libido. She was leaving ASAP. But when a rock slide left them stranded in the frozen wilderness, Joe and Wendy had no choice but to hike their way to civilization together. Could they find a way to safety before attraction gave way to temptation?

Northern Exposures

Author: Eric Walters



Category: Adventure stories

Page: 251

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Kevin faces polar bears, lost luggage, and being the only youth on a seniors' eco-tour when he wins first prize in a photography contest--a five-day trip to Churchill, Manitoba, to photograph wildlife.

Northern Exposures

Author: Australian Academy of the Humanities, Symposium Staff



Category: Art criticism

Page: 139

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