Noisy Bottoms

Author: Sam Taplin

Publisher: Noisy Books


Category: Behaviour

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This hilarious new soundchip book will provide hours of cheeky fun for little children - and for everyone else! Ages: 3+

Noisy Bottoms

Author: Sam Taplin





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Foxes do it... rabbits do it... Even Daddy Bear does it! Little children won't be able to resist pressing the buttons to make all the sounds in this hilarious book! Little Bear meets all the animals in the forest and discovers that sometimes, everyone has a noisy bottom...including himself! With five different sounds guaranteed to get children giggling.

Process Quality Control

Troubleshooting and Interpretation of Data

Author: Ellis Raymond Ott

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 462

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Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns

14th International Conference, CAIP 2011, Seville, Spain, August 29-31, 2011, Proceedings

Author: Ainhoa Berciano

Publisher: Springer


Category: Computers

Page: 577

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The two volume set LNCS 6854/6855 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, CAIP 2011, which took place in Seville, Spain, August 29-31, 2011. The 138 papers presented together with 2 invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 286 submissions. The papers are organized in topical section on: motion analysis, image and shape models, segmentation and grouping, shape recovery, kernel methods, medical imaging, structural pattern recognition, Biometrics, image and video processing, calibration; and tracking and stereo vision.

Professional Photoshop

The Classic Guide to Color Correction, Fifth Edition

Author: Dan Margulis

Publisher: Peachpit Press


Category: Computers

Page: 528

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The commonsense, by-the-numbers approach of Professional Photoshop has shaped the workflows of a generation of Photoshop experts. This new edition, the first in nearly five years, is completely updated for the age of digital photography. It continues the book’s tradition of introducing astoundingly effective, previously unknown methods of image enhancement. The original photographs found in the book come from a variety of professional sources, and all correction exercises are on the included CD. Professional Photoshop has changed radically from edition to edition, and this time is no exception—with almost 90 percent new content and completely overhauled coverage of curves, channel blending, and sharpening.Professional Photoshop offers a full explanation of: How curves bring out detail in the most important areas of the imagen A comprehensive strategy for blending channels to create deeper, stronger images The strengths and weaknesses of CMYK, LAB, and RGB, and when to use each one The first detailed look at the Shadow/Highlight command—and even more sophis-ticated ways to enhance contrast in the lightest and darkest parts of the imagen Sharpening strategies, in three full chapters, including the innovative hiraloam method (High Radius, Low Amount). Plus, a fiendishly effective method of merging hiraloam and conventional unsharp masking The realities—and the politics—of preparing files for commercial offset printing and how to deal with colors that are out of the press’s gamut What Camera Raw and similar acquisition modules can offer Typical problems of digital captures that were not found in the age of film— and how to correct for them

Image Analysis and Recognition

4th International Conference, ICIAR 2007, Montreal, Canada, August 22-24, 2007, Proceedings

Author: Mohamed Kamel

Publisher: Springer


Category: Computers

Page: 1314

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The refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition are featured in this volume. Seventy-one full papers are presented along with forty-four poster papers. These papers cover image restoration and enhancement, image and video processing and analysis, image segmentation, computer vision, pattern recognition for image analysis, shape and matching, motion analysis, tracking, and more.

Earth Surface Remote Sensing II

21, 24 September 1998, Barcelona, Spain

Author: Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche (Italy)

Publisher: Society of Photo Optical


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 240

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This work brings together 25 papers examining subjects such as geological applications, cultural heritage, geological hazard, land management and passive remote sensing of the ocean and sea ice.

Quiet People in a Noisy World

72 Essays

Author: Jon Remmerde

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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Quiet People in a Noisy World contains 72 essays about a close family living a simple existence, almost outside the consumer culture. Fifty-four of these essays have been previously published in Back Home, The Christian Science Monitor, The Denver Post, The Doula, Men’s Fitness, Northwest, Summit, and The Sun, A Magazine of Ideas.

Statistical Image Processing Techniques for Noisy Images

An Application-Oriented Approach

Author: Phillipe Réfrégier

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Computers

Page: 254

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Statistical Processing Techniques for Noisy Images presents a statistical framework to design algorithms for target detection, tracking, segmentation and classification (identification). Its main goal is to provide the reader with efficient tools for developing algorithms that solve his/her own image processing applications. In particular, such topics as hypothesis test-based detection, fast active contour segmentation and algorithm design for non-conventional imaging systems are comprehensively treated, from theoretical foundations to practical implementations. With a large number of illustrations and practical examples, this book serves as an excellent textbook or reference book for senior or graduate level courses on statistical signal/image processing, as well as a reference for researchers in related fields.

Sparse Distributed Memory and Related Models

Author: Pentti Kanerva



Category: Distributed artificial intelligence

Page: 55

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Abstract: "This paper describes sparse distributed memory (SDM) as a neural-net associative memory. It is characterized by two weight matrices and by a large internal dimension -- the number of hidden units is much larger than the number of input or output units. The first matrix, A, is fixed and possibly random, and the second matrix, C, is modifiable. The paper compares and contrasts SDM to (1) computer memory, (2) correlation-matrix memory, (3) feed-forward artificial neural network, (4) cortex of the cerebellum, (5) Marr and Albus models of the cerebellum, and (6) Albus' cerebellar model arithmetic computer (CMAC). Several variations of the basic SDM design are discussed: the selected-coordinate and hyperplane designs of Jaeckel, the pseudorandom associative neural memory of Hassoun, and SDM with real-valued input variables by Prager and Fallside. SDM research conducted mainly at RIACS in 1986-1991 is highlighted."

Horse Shoe Bottoms

Author: Thomas Tippett



Category: Coal mines and mining

Page: 298

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