Primeval Saints

Studies in the Patriarchs of Genesis

Author: James B. Jordan

Publisher: Canon Press & Book Service


Category: Religion

Page: 156

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James Jordan reveals the fascinating weave of lives that bind together the heroes and villains of Genesis. Progressively, these lives image and reverse one another in an ascending narrative of action, a narrative all too commonly broken apart and missed. These heroes of the city of God -- Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and others -- come to flesh and blood in ways that undo our normal assumptions. In stark contrast to the selfish heroism of pagan literature, the heroism of Genesis triumphs by breaking all the standard rules. Jordan inverts so many of the traditional negative judgments against these patriarchs' alleged weaknesses and "sins" of deception, struggle, and tyranny that they stand forth as heroes rather than scoundrels. And yet this book is not just about the heroes of Genesis. Throughout, Jordan draws a picture of how Christian culture should be imagined and lived in our own day, from creativity and work to tyranny and freedom. You will never be able to read Genesis the same way again.

A Practical Guide to Primeval History

Author: C. Matthew McMahon

Publisher: Puritan Publications


Category: Religion

Page: 500

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In this new work, McMahon takes the reader through the first 11 chapters of Genesis explaining in practical terms the important aspects of each section by way of commentary, doctrine and practical application. McMahon’s biblical perspective on this practical guide stems from historical theology, and the unified practice and belief of the historic Christian church. His position is that the first eleven chapters of Genesis is an historical narrative. This narrative of primeval beginnings, or Genesis, holds the basis for most of humankind’s questions concerning the meaning of life. Primeval history in these chapters answers questions like: Where did the universe come from? Is there a God? What was God doing before the universe was created? What is God like? Why did God create anything? What is God’s plan for the world? Did God really create the universe in six days? Who were the first people? Why do we die? What is temptation? What is sin? How does understanding original sin impact our view of the Bible? How can we have a right relationship with God? What is a covenant and why did God make covenants with certain people? Why did God destroy the primeval world with a flood? Where did the nations come from? And many more… There are literally hundreds of questions that could be posed from the first 11 chapters of the book of Genesis. What do you know about primeval history? What would you like to know? Whatever your question is about the early history of the world, from a biblical perspective, this work will help you understand these first 11 chapters of Genesis and God’s plan for the ages thereafter.

Noah Primeval

Young Adult Edition

Author: Brian Godawa





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This is not your Sunday School Noah's Ark.Noah Primeval is a speculative retelling of the beloved story of Noah for a new generation. In an ancient world submerged in darkness, fallen angels rule as gods and breed giants and monsters. Mankind is enslaved to evil. Noah, a tribal leader, has been prophesied to bring an end to the rule of these "gods" and save humanity from coming destruction. But Noah's wife and son are captives of these dark forces. To rise against this supernatural evil and rescue his family Noah will need an equally supernatural army. But why has God told him to build a huge box out of gopher wood?Godawa is known as an author who both entertains and educates. Inspired by Michael Crichton's novels, Godawa has adapted his Hollywood screenwriting background into his prose style to create a reading experience that is like watching a movie. Also similar to Crichton, Godawa has sought to provide the scholarly research that undergirds the fictional adventure. Noah Primeval has an additional 100 pages of special appendixes that provide an explanation of Biblical concepts in the novel such as the Sons of God, the Nephilim, Leviathan, and the ancient Mesopotamian Cosmography in the Bible.Noah Primeval is written in the spirit of The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, blending fantasy and mythopoeia with history to retell the Biblical narrative with a fresh perspective, while staying true to the original spirit of the story.

The Formation of Genesis 1-11

Biblical and Other Precursors

Author: David M. Carr

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 320

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There is general agreement in the field of Biblical studies that study of the formation of the Pentateuch is in disarray. David M. Carr turns to the Genesis Primeval History, Genesis 1-11, to offer models for the formation of Pentateuchal texts that may have traction within this fractious context. Building on two centuries of historical study of Genesis 1-11, this book provides new support for the older theory that the bulk of Genesis 1-11 was created out of a combination of two originally separate source strata: a Priestly source and an earlier non-Priestly source that was used to supplement the Priestly framework. Though this overall approach contradicts some recent attempts to replace such source models with theories of post-Priestly scribal expansion, Carr does find evidence of multiple layers of scribal revision in the non-P and P sources, from the expansion of an early independent non-Priestly primeval history with a flood narrative and related materials to a limited set of identifiable layers of Priestly material that culminate in the P-like redaction of the whole. This book synthesizes prior scholarship to show how both the P and non-Priestly strata of Genesis also emerged out of a complex interaction by Judean scribes with non-biblical literary traditions, particularly with Mesopotamian textual traditions about primeval origins. The Formation of Genesis 1-11 makes a significant contribution to scholarship on one of the most important texts in the Hebrew Bible and will influence models for the formation of the Hebrew Bible as a whole.

Primeval Revelation

Studies in Genesis I-VIII

Author: John Cynddylan Jones



Category: Bible

Page: 366

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The Book of the Torah

The Narrative Integrity of the Pentateuch

Author: Thomas Wingate Mann

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press


Category: Religion

Page: 180

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"A sound piece of work. Its holistic, final-form approach reflects the major trend in biblical criticism. It is perceptive, sensitive, thoughtful and stimulation".---David Gunn Professor of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary

Noah and His Times

Embracing the Consideration of Various Inquiries Relative to the Antediluvian and Earlier Postdiluvian Periods, with Discussions of Several of the Leading Questions of the Present Day

Author: James Munson Olmstead



Category: Bible and geology

Page: 413

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