Next Steps In Weaving

What You Never Knew You Needed to Know

Author: Pattie Graver

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 184

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There is a lot to learn about weaving! As a new weaver, you might wonder what the next steps are to grow your skills. Next Steps in Weaving has the answers you're looking for. In this beautiful book by Pattie Graver, former Managing Editor of Handwoven magazine, you'll be explore a variety of weave structures and concepts in depth and detail including twill, color-and-weave, overshot, summer and winter, and lace. This is not just a book of weaving patterns. Each topic is explained and supplemented with instructions for weaving a sampler and a project in order to solidify the concepts and enable you to design your own projects. In addition, the book offers troubleshooting tips in order to expand your weaving expertise. Whether you're new to weaving, have the basics down, or are looking to improve your foundation skills, this book will be an asset to your weaving library. So what are you waiting for? Take the Next Steps in Weaving!

Pattern Weaving

Basics for the Handloom

Author: Rabbit Goody

Publisher: Stackpole Books


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 112

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Basic steps needed to weave luxurious fabrics on a foot-treadle handloom.

The Oxford Handbook of the European Bronze Age

Author: Anthony Harding

Publisher: OUP Oxford


Category: Social Science

Page: 750

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The Oxford Handbook of the European Bronze Age is a wide-ranging survey of a crucial period in prehistory during which many social, economic, and technological changes took place. Written by expert specialists in the field, the book provides coverage both of the themes that characterize the period, and of the specific developments that took place in the various countries of Europe. After an introduction and a discussion of chronology, successive chapters deal with settlement studies, burial analysis, hoards and hoarding, monumentality, rock art, cosmology, gender, and trade, as well as a series of articles on specific technologies and crafts (such as transport, metals, glass, salt, textiles, and weighing). The second half of the book covers each country in turn. From Ireland to Russia, Scandinavia to Sicily, every area is considered, and up to date information on important recent finds is discussed in detail. The book is the first to consider the whole of the European Bronze Age in both geographical and thematic terms, and will be the standard book on the subject for the foreseeable future.

Navaho Weaving

Its Technic and History

Author: Charles Avery Amsden

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: History

Page: 263

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First in-depth study of the technical aspects of Navaho weaving, plus history of the loom and its prototypes in the prehistoric Southwest, analysis and description of weaves, dyes, and more. Over 230 illustrations, including more than 100 excellent photographs of authentically dated blankets. Indispensable resource for collectors, weavers, ethnologists, more. Foreword by F. W. Hodge. Bibliography.

Weaving a National Map

A Review of the U.S. Geological Survey Concept of 'The National Map'

Author: National Research Council

Publisher: National Academies Press


Category: Science

Page: 140

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Weaving a National Map draws on contributions to a September 2002 workshop and the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) "vision" document for The National Map, envisioned by the USGS as a database providing "public domain core geographic data about the United States and its territories that other agencies can extend, enhance, and reference as they concentrate on maintaining other data that are unique to their needs." The demand for up-to-date information in real time for public welfare and safety informs this need to update an aging paper map series that is, on average, 23 years old. The NRC report describes how The National Map initiative would gain from improved definition so that the unprecedented number of partners needed for success will become energized to participate. The challenges faced by USGS in implementing The National Map are more organizational than technical. To succeed, the USGS will need to continue to learn from challenges encountered in its ongoing pilot studies as well as from other federal-led programs that have partnered with multiple sectors.

Good ideas for decorating

Author: Ellen Betsch

Publisher: Outlet


Category: Architecture

Page: 288

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Shows practical decorating techniques for baths, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, and includes instructions for making and repairing home furnishings