The New-Fashioned Wedding

Designing Your Artful, Modern, Crafty, Textured, Sophisticated Celebration

Author: Paige Appel

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications


Category: Reference

Page: 224

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A fresh, modern take on wedding design perfect for today's bride. Paige Appel and Kelly Harris started designing weddings in 2009, and their work immediately resonated with young brides and grooms: weddings in fields, art galleries, refurbished warehouses, vineyards, hip hotels, or farmhouses. Weddings that featured Mimolette and Mexican beer; fireside chats; succulents and wildflowers; funny jokes; farm-to-table dinners; recycling; offbeat photography; desert heat or mountain snow; salty cookies; pots of paint and confetti cannons. People, Real Simple, Daily Candy, and Design Sponge are just a few of the publications that responded to their addictive mix of old and new, vintage and modern. In this, their first book, Appel and Harris share ideas from the weddings they have designed, such as celebrations at a Palos Verdes farm (Red Hot Juleps, wildflowers galore, a mouthwatering "Sweets Stable") and The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs (a bourbon-soaked retro cocktail hour, colossal balloons, and a marching band), all photographed here in detail. With their trademark wit, they walk the reader through planning their event, from vision statement and storyboard to color palette, stationery, signs and logos, centerpieces and bouquets, furnishings, linens, china and silver, aisle decor, menus, and more, providing hundreds of inspirational ideas in the process.

Modern Wedding

Creating a Celebration That Looks and Feels Like You

Author: Kelsey McKinnon

Publisher: Artisan Books


Category: Reference

Page: 368

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The secret to planning a deeply personal and meaningful wedding has nothing to do with budget. It’s about creating a celebration that reflects a couple’s core values. Translating those values is the work of Modern Wedding, an information-filled guide with hundreds of creative ideas and beautiful, inspiring photographs for readers to look at and say, “This feels like us.” The book unpacks every element of a wedding—stationery, attire, seating plans, flowers and tablescapes, food and drink, gifts—with examples that will appeal to couples who care about how things are made but are not overly influenced by trends. The emphasis is on natural surroundings, seasonal flowers and food, modern dresses, minimalist ceremony structures, and naked cakes. Photographs of real weddings—“case studies” like a destination fete in Tuscany, a house party in Brooklyn, and a New Agey revel in Kauai—show how all the pieces can come together into a unique and expressive whole. Extensive practical information and resources give readers access to all the help they need for their own unique celebration.

Equally Wed

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your LGBTQ+ Wedding

Author: Kirsten Palladino

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Reference

Page: 272

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By and large, most wedding books in the market are still centered around one bride and one groom. And yet, the advent of full marriage equality in the United States has made a new, polished wedding planning book dedicated to guiding LGBTQ couples both timely and essential. Kirsten Palladino will fill that need with this definitive book to inspire couples everywhere who are seeking a meaningful, personal ceremony and a momentous beginning to legally married life. Equally Wed brings author Palladino's expertise as the founder and editorial director of the world's leading online resource for LGBTQ wedding planning to the page. Palladino walks readers through every step of the notoriously costly and arduous planning process with wisdom and accessibility. From how to incorporate hot trends among LGBTQ couples to advice on how to incorporate children into a ceremony to more serious hurdles like dealing with homophobia among family members, Equally Wed has it all. The author importantly includes an accurate picture of wedding budgets for couples from all backgrounds, and shares her invaluable insider tips for making the most of each vendor; she also addresses fashion advice specific for LGBTQ readers, such as suiting up as a nonbinary nearlywed or attending fittings as a butch lesbian or a transgender woman. And best of all, she does it with the celebratory, joyful approach that all couples deserve. With a beautiful 2-color package, a total absence of heteronormative terms and assumptions, and a wealth of advice on every wedding-related topic imaginable, Equally Wed is set to be the go-to LGBTQ wedding guide just as every couple is finally free to wed.

Making Vintage Wedding Dresses

Inspiring Timeless Style

Author: Ciara Phipps

Publisher: The Crowood Press


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

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From the heavily beaded tubular dress of the 1920s through to the body-skimming shift dress of the 1960s, this book looks at and celebrates the historic shapes, detailing and romance of vintage wedding gowns. Equipped with instructions, patterns and photos, it explores the history of wedding wear and explains how to make a vintage wedding gown inspired by historical fashions and trends. A beautiful and practical book, it will inspire everyone who wants to express themself through timeless and elegant styles. Step-by-step instructions are given for making each dress and are complemented by close-up photographs of historic details and decoration. This beautiful book will be of particular interest to wedding dress designers, seamstresses and brides, vintage enthusiasts of 1920s-60s and theatre designers. Beautifully illustrated with 105 colour close-up photographs of historic details and 21 patterns with step-by-step instructions.

Ancient melodies

Author: Shuhua Ling

Publisher: Universe Pub


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 255

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The author, daughter of the mayor of Peking, recounts her childhood growing up in pre-revolutionary China

Vintage Wedding 101

How to Plan an Authentic Vintage Wedding from Start to Finish with Love, Grace, and Style

Author: HowExpert

Publisher: HowExpert


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 131

View: 217

Spanning the eras from the Titanic (1910s) to mid-century glamour (1950s), Vintage Weddings 101 shares a look at wedding trends and traditions from times gone by, offering lots of information to help you decide on your era and implement elements from that time period into your event. Full of helpful tips about how to choose an era, how to do your research, finding venues, picking vintage rings, authenticity, hair, makeup, music playlists- even how to build relationships and work professionally with your vendors, this is an invaluable resource for putting on a big or small classy, sophisticated affair. Combining old-fashioned advice with practical knowledge and guidelines for navigating the wedding planning process in a modern world, Vintage Weddings will help you focus on what’s important and what’s not so you can be well-rested, prepared, and relaxed on your wedding day. Dotted with real-life situations the author and her staff have encountered in her 10 years of attending and planning other peoples’ weddings and experiencing the horror of her own big day being ruined, this book is intended to not only help you put on the glamourous wedding of your dreams but to avoid pitfalls and possible problems along the way and afterwards. Plan your wedding timeline from 18 months down to the day of the event with confidence, manage expectations, and navigate the rocky situations with your vendors, the bridal party, family, friends, and even children like a pro. We wish you the very best as you plan your wedding! About the Expert Celia Morrissey is a historian, vintage enthusiast and designer. She has worked for over 10 years as a professional photographer and event designer. When it comes to weddings, she has been in the trenches on the wedding day with her clients through both extraordinary, heartwarming and also the unthinkable events. Celia has written this book because she wishes somebody had given her this kind of advice many years ago when her own wedding day was ruined. She has seen her clients struggle through navigating the planning and implementation process as well. Since her wedding day, one of Celia’s missions in life is to help other couples emerge from the wedding planning process to enjoy a successful, beautiful wedding day and enjoy beautiful photographs to remember it by for years to come. HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.