The Name of the Game is Death

Author: Dan J. Marlowe

Publisher: Black Mask


Category: Criminals

Page: 136

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"Two guys with guts and a go-to-hell-with-you-Jack regard for consequences have about three chances in ten of pulling off a big, well-planned smash-and-grab. If one of them can shoot like me . . . the odds are a damn sight better." In the course of his line of business, the man who calls himself Roy Martin has robbed a bank in Phoenix, killed three men, and caught a bullet in his arm. Safety--and one half of $178,000--awaits him on the other side of the country. All that separates "Martin" from his destination are two thousand treacherous miles and three lethal temptations: to trust the wrong friend, to love the right woman, and to start believing that a man like himself can ever be safe. The Name of the Game is Death combines a narrative as taut as a hangman's rope with chillingly authentic insights into the psychology of casual murder.

Name That Word!

Author: Carson-Dellosa Publishing Company, Inc.

Publisher: Key Education Publishing Company


Category: Education


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A ?partner” game or a game played in ?teams” for the entire classroom, children can either provide verbal clues or the clues can be pantomimed. It is great for building expressive and receptive language skills, increasing essential vocabulary, stimulating conversation and discussion, introducing grammar, as well as improving social skills. The game includes a game board, 144 photo game cards broken down into eight different themes, 6 markers, 1 die, and directions. It also supports NCTE and NAEYC standards. Key Education products are intended to engage and educate young and special learners, as well as assist teachers in building a strong and developmentally appropriate curriculum for these children. The product line?comprised of teacher/parent resource books, photographic learning cards, and other activity- and game-oriented materials?is designed to assist in Unlocking the Potential in Every Child.

The Name Game

Cultural Modernization and First Names

Author: Jurgen Gerhards

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 156

View: 539

From decade to decade, significant changes occur in the choice of first names for children. One-time favorites are perceived as old fashioned and replaced by new choices. In The Name Game, Jurgen Gerhards shows that shifts in the choice of names are based on more than arbitrary trends of fashion. Instead, he demonstrates, they are determined by larger currents in cultural modernization. Using classic tools of sociology, Gerhards focuses on changing atterns of first names in Germany from the end of the nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth, using these as an indicator of cultural change. Among the influences he considers are religion, and he notes a trend toward greater secularization in first names. He considers the extent to which Christian names have been displaced, and whether the process is similar for Catholics and Protestants. He traces the impact of different political regimes (Second Empire, Weimar Republic, Third Reich, West Germany, East Germany) and the accompanying rise and fall of German nationalist sentiment. He also investigates the dissolution of the family as a unit of production, and its impact on the naming of children. He shows that the weakening of traditional ties of religion, nation, and family has led to greater individuation and greater receptivity toward foreign first names. Gerhards concludes with a discussion of whether the blurring of gender and sex roles is reflected in the decrease of gender-specific names. Written in a lucid, approachable style, The Name Game will be of interest not only to sociologists and cultural studies specialists, but also non-professionals, especially parents who are interested in reflecting on the process of name giving.

Name That Word!

50 Prompts for Family Fun

Author: Chronicle Books Staff




Page: 51

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In this fast-paced, family-friendly word game, one player must quickly describe a mystery word for their teammates without using any of the related terms listed on the card. The team that guesses the most words in the allotted time wins!

The Game of the Name

Introducing Logic, Language, and Mind

Author: Gregory McCulloch

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Philosophy

Page: 320

View: 269

This book is a good introduction to modern work in an important field of analytic philosophy. The main concerns of analytic philosophy are the investigation of language and the analysis of mind. Work on the former is shaped by the seminal logical theories of Frege, whilst work on the latter ismainly concerned with materialism. It has long been recognized that the two are intimately connected. The recent growth of cognitive science has stimulated new work in the overlapping areas, much of which is unfortunately inaccessible to undergraduates.In this introduction to the subject, the author gives a clear explanation of Frege's basic logical ideas, and explains their application to ordinary language. He then shows how meaning is itself rooted in the philosophy of mind, and the question of intentionality - how the mind represents theworld. He concludes with an examination of the different ways in which thought can be 'about' individual material objects.

Name That Game

A Few Hilarious, Silly and Ridiculous Game Show Ideas

Author: Ima Snidely

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Humor

Page: 122

View: 393

This side-splitting book is a satirical assortment of game show names -- games that could exist, but thankfully do not. Sometimes wacky, sometimes quirky, sometimes even a bit mean and nasty -- the book is a great way to completely waste an entire Saturday afternoon, along with about ten of your hard-earned dollars!

Name of the Game of Life

Persecutor, Enabler, Victim, Helper

Author: C. Thomas Anderson




Page: 28

View: 484

There are three basic game roles that are played in the world today. The roles originate from our inheritances, our parental examples, and our life experiences. There is a fourth role that is what we were designed to be. Find yourself in this mini-book. Warning: This book may reveal too much about your soul. Please apply to your own soul only!

Planet Name Game (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)

Author: Tish Rabe

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 499

A Step 2 Step into Reading Science Reader based on an episode of the hit PBS Kids TV show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Join the Cat in the Hat as he takes Sally and Nick on an adventure into space to learn the names of the eight planets in our solar system! Written in rhyme for children who can read with help, this Step 2 book is a great way to introduce beginning readers to basic concepts about space and to support the Common Core State Standards. Step 2 Readers use basic vocabulary and short sentences to tell simple stories. For children who recognize familiar words and can sound out new words with help.

The Name Game

The Decision That Lasts a Lifetime

Author: Albert Mehrabian

Publisher: Signet Book


Category: Games

Page: 192

View: 655

Rates a variety of common men's and women's given names on their connotations of success, morality, health, warmth, cheerfulness, and masculinity or femininity

The Name of the Game Was Murder

Author: Joan Lowery Nixon

Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 192

View: 776

Novelist Augustus Trevor has written a manuscript that reveals the darkest secrets of his guests. Whoever can solve Trevor's clues can have his story removed from the book. But when Trevor is bludgeoned to death, the survivors (along with the reader) are challenged to find both the manuscript and the murderer.

The Name of the Game

Author: Jennifer Dawson

Publisher: Zebra Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 948

"An author to watch out for." --RT Book Reviews Some people follow the rules. . . A professor of forensic anthropology, James Donovan is the reasonable sibling among the passionate, impulsive Donovans. But there's nothing reasonable about his reaction to baker Gracie Roberts. She's all wild curls and mouth-watering curves, as deliciously tempting as the sugary treats she's famous for--and twice as irritating. But before long, James decides that getting a taste of her is one indulgence he can't pass up. . . Some people play to win. . . Independent, smart, and sexy, Gracie's year-long dry spell has her itching for a man. Responsible, health-obsessed James? Not in a million years! She needs a guy who knows how to let loose! But when James sets out to show her just how satisfying a disciplined man can be when pleasure is at stake, she learns just how sweet--and spicy--he really is. Have James and Gracie found the recipe for love?

Name the Game of Betrayal - Animal Behavior "Way of Life and Survival"

Author: Tina Sobotta

Publisher: Outskirts Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 206

View: 823

A "Universal Game" and "International Language" to be interpreted to those who read the "Written Words" and play that voice they envision to resonate around the world! My vision is that Name the Game of Betrayal-Animal Behavior "Way of Life and Survival," will be a story that will be shared in every language, or language that inspires-not expires-your journey of healing and love of living your way of life.

Party Games for All Occasions

Author: Vanita Vij

Publisher: Vij Books India Pvt Ltd


Category: Games

Page: 160

View: 930

Content Fun Party Games, Teen Party Game Ideas, Bachelor’s Party Games Ideas, Christmas Party Games Ideas, Unique House-warming Party Games, Ideas for Office Party Games, Pajama Party Games, Tea Party Games, All occasion Games,, Baby Shower Games, Bridal Shower Game

Structured COBOL

Author: Gerard A. Paquette

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin


Category: Computers

Page: 838

View: 814

Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game

WINeuvers for WISHcraft

Author: Helene Hadsell

Publisher: 7290268 Canada Inc.


Category: Crafts & Hobbies


View: 441

How to be a winner—in the contests you enter or in the game of life. Who says you can’t win’em all?! These are just some of the topics covered in Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game. Learn Helene’s dynamic philosophy of successful living through positive thinking, and you too can enjoy rich rewards in terms of spiritual, physical, and material well-being. Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game includes the following information: SPEC – what is it and how to use it to win prizes, and in life Learn WINeuvers for WISHcraft using your WINgenuity Helene’s Three-Step Process for Success The Difference Between Desire & Knowing How Helene Won a Fully Furnished Home The Nuts & Bolts of Contest Mechanics – the basics Frequently Asked Questions New The third edition is Helene Hadsell’s final revised edition of Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game. Never before told stories, tips, notes plus updates from Carolyn Wilman, aka The Contest Queen. Uncover your destiny. — Learn how to create your own Blueprint. WIN GOLD! Discover Helene’s Fourteen Steps program for being a Gold Medal winner.

The Name of the Game

Author: Will Eisner

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 168

View: 383

A tale loosely based on the author's wife's family is a multi-generation saga in which the power and privilege of an American dynasty are shaped by wealth, marriage, and jealousy. Reprint.