My First Hmong Book

Animals (Tsiaj)

Author: Nkauj Hli Lis

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 34

View: 354

A children's book of animals in Hmong and English language with vibrant and high quality images.

A History of the Hmong

From Ancient Times to the Modern Diaspora

Author: Thomas S. Vang



Category: History

Page: 481

View: 617

This is the first completely up-to-date Hmong history book ever written by a member of the Hmong people. It describes the earliest civilizations of the Hmong and Miao in China, and why some of the Hmong migrated into Southeast Asia in the early 19th century, particularly to Vietnam, Laos and Thailand; and how the Hmong of Laos were involved with the Lao civil war, especially the secret war from 1962 to 1975 that caused almost a hundred thousand Hmong to flee to Thailand and Western countries as political refugees after the Communists takeover. This book includes the forcible repatriation of the Lao-Hmong asylum seekers at Nam Khao refugee camp in Thailand back to Laos in late 2009 and the arrest and discharge of former General Vang Pao by the U.S. authorities. "[It] is full of fascinating materials [and] a wonderful book. Congratulations," commented by Dr Nicholas C. T. Tapp, Senior Fellow in the Department of Anthropology, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, the Australian National University.

Hmong in Minnesota

Author: Chia Youyee Vang

Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society


Category: Social Science

Page: 92

View: 618

An engaging history of the arrival of the Hmong in Minnesota in the 1970s, their struggle to build community in a new land, and the challenges they face today.






Page: 72

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Published by the Boy Scouts of America for all BSA registered adult volunteers and professionals, Scouting magazine offers editorial content that is a mixture of information, instruction, and inspiration, designed to strengthen readers' abilities to better perform their leadership roles in Scouting and also to assist them as parents in strengthening families.

Hmong at the Turning Point

Author: Dao Yang

Publisher: Worldbridge Assocs Limited


Category: Agricultura de ladera - Laos

Page: 168

View: 796

Folk Stories of the Hmong

Peoples of Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam

Author: Norma J. Livo

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited


Category: Social Science

Page: 135

View: 272

Describes the culture of the Hmong people, and gathers some of their folk tales

Bamboo Among the Oaks

Contemporary Writing by Hmong Americans

Author: Mai Neng Moua



Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 205

View: 625

A literary collection expressing the conflicts and challenges new Hmong citizens face in the U.S.: balancing cultural identity with assimilation needs, negotiating gererational conflicts made worse by shifting cultures, developing new identities in multiracial America.

Hmong Women and Reproduction

Author: Pranee Liamputtong Rice

Publisher: Praeger


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 314

View: 261

Despite the fact that there are many Hmong living in the West (especially in the U.S., France, and Australia), their voices are generally not heard. This is particularly true for Hmong women. Health and welfare professionals complain that there is a lack of knowledge about Hmong women's lives, history, health needs, and reproductive customs. This book is an important resource for those who treat Hmong women.

Dreams of the Hmong Kingdom

The Quest for Legitimation in French Indochina, 1850–1960

Author: Mai Na M. Lee

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres


Category: History

Page: 401

View: 210

Authoritative and original, Dreams of the Hmong Kingdom is among the first works of its kind, exploring the influence that French colonialism and Hmong leadership had on the Hmong people's political and social aspirations.

Resource Scarcity and the Hmong Response

Patterns of Settlement and Economy in Transition

Author: Robert G. Cooper

Publisher: Singapore University Press


Category: Hmong (Asian people)

Page: 314

View: 552

This book traces the reaction of one mountain minority group -- the Hmong or Meo -- to changing environmental circumstances. The Hmong are shown to be adapting their economic and settlement patterns to meet a situation of increasing resource scarcity, and four Hmong villages are selected for study.

Sovereignty and Rebellion

The White Hmong of Northern Thailand

Author: Nicholas Tapp

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Hmong (Asian people)

Page: 238

View: 727

The White Hmong are an ethnic minority in northern Thailand, Laos, southern China and Burma.