My Big Seek and Find Book

Wipe Clean Spiral

Author: Roger Priddy




Page: 56

View: 436

This wipe-clean activity book with dry-wipe pen is packed full of seek-and-find puzzles, mazes, picture puzzles, number fun, and more. The colourful illustrated pages wipe clean, so that children can complete and repeat the puzzles time and time again - excellent for developing their problem-solving and observational skills, as well as their fine-motor control. This is a perfect book for use at home or on the move.

Find It!: a Big Book of Seek and Find Adventures

Author: Thomas Nelson



Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 176

View: 445

Brilliant seek-and-find book, full of colorful, illustrated pages. Introducing an amazing seek-and-find book, packed full of engaging, illustrated pages full of things for children to find! Each busy page contains suggestions of things for children to find, making this the perfect book for adults and children to enjoy together. Kids will love searching through the colorful scenes!

Pip's Big Hide-And-Seek-Book

Author: Thaïs Vanderheyden

Publisher: Clavis



Page: 32

View: 816

Pip is playing hide-and-seek with his little mice friends. All one hundred of them! Can Pip find all his friends? How about you? Will you help him look? Ready or not, here we come.

My Big Wimmelbook—Cars and Things That Go

Author: Stefan Lohr

Publisher: The Experiment


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 16

View: 735

Designed for a color e-reader with a touch screen. Welcome to Wimmelworld—a land of few words, yet endless entertainment! This one-of-a-kind picture book features six panoramic scenes that are bursting with life—and tons to discover! First, your child will meet a colorful cast of characters: Dan the delivery man, Lucky the hungry dog, and more. Then, as they explore the scenes—downtown shopping mall to Wimmeltown speedway—children as young as two will have a blast pointing out recognizable things, while older kids will begin to find the star characters . . . and tell their stories! It’s hours upon hours of fun—and an effortless introduction to literacy to boot. Please use pan and zoom to explore the illustrations. About Wimmelbooks Wimmelbooks originated in Germany decades ago and have become a worldwide sensation with children (and adults)! My Big Wimmelbooks is the first-ever series to introduce Wimmelbooks by name in English.

Peppa Pig: Peppa Hide and Seek

A Search and Find Book

Author: Sue Nicholson

Publisher: Ladybird Books


Category: Children's stories

Page: 24

View: 585

Peppa's friends are playing hide-and-seek and Peppa has to find them all. Help Peppa find her friends and finish the game, and look out for lots of other things to spot.

My Little Numbers Book

Author: Roger Priddy

Publisher: Priddy Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

View: 553

Children will love learning their 123 and beyond with this exciting introduction to numbers and counting. Inside are bright, vivid photographs of hundreds of child-friendly, easily recognizable objects, animals and more for them to look at and count. Much more than just a number book, each photograph has a clear text label which also helps children to build their general vocabulary. With matching and seek-and-find pages to have fun with, too, this is an ideal book to help children develop their essential number skills.

My Very First Hide and Seek


Author: Sarah Creese



Category: Counting

Page: 10

View: 461

Have fun exploring this big busy book packed full of things to find and count.

Collins Big Cat -- Morris Plays Hide and Seek

Band 06/Orange

Author: Vivian French

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Cats

Page: 24

View: 456

"Rose and Tom wanted to play hide and seek. Morris didn't. He wanted to eat his kitty biscuits. But maybe he could do both?" --Back cover.

Photographing Big Sur: Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them

Author: Douglas Steakley

Publisher: The Countryman Press


Category: Travel

Page: 96

View: 508

An exciting series that combines wanderlust with the art of photography. The rugged Big Sur coastline is one of the most photogenic in the world. Th e route along Highway 1 dips down to pristine beaches and climbs precariously high above the Pacific, offering sweeping panoramic views. There is also a great variety of wildlife, including gray whales, porpoises, sea lions, and elephant seals. Patient and lucky photographers might also spot endangered California condors riding the thermals. This book describes the best photo locations for novices and professionals alike, beginning with Point Lobos and continuing south to Hearst Castle and San Simeon. Clear directions and detailed maps are here too. Professional photographer Doug Steakley guides you to the right place at the right time of day to get memorable photographs.

Hide and Seek

Author: Peter Lerangis

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 142

View: 640

A suspicious baby-sitter . . . a pair of conspiracy theorists . . . more secret codes from Spy X. Twins Evie and Andrew have more than a mystery on their hands. Evie and Andrew have always wondered what happened to their mother after she disappeared on their birthday. Now they are starting to find out . . . and the results are very surprising. Their mother was into something big, and now the twins are being drawn in as well. Nobody - not their baby-sitter, not their new school friend, not a pair of menacing bikers - is who he or she appears to be. But Evie and Andrew will have to uncover the truth if they ever want to see their mother again.