Brain Wave Vibration

Getting Back Into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life

Author: Ilchi Lee

Publisher: Best Life Media


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 267

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Catch the wave of a powerful training technique that has already transformed thousands of lives. Brain Wave Vibration is a powerful, easy-to-follow method that helps people bring their bodies and minds back into balance for total health. The repetitive shaking method functions as a dynamic, moving meditation that is far easier and more accessible than most traditional meditation practices. This book provides tips for practice as well as profound insights into the nature of human happiness and fulfillment. More than a physical training technique, Brain Wave Vibration is a call to action, a plea to uncover the vast abilities that lie within your brain. Through this revolutionary brain-body practice, you will: bull; Stimulate your natural healing ability-normalizing your brain waves to support the brain stem to optimize its healing function bull; Manage your stress effectively-releasing mental tightness and physical tension to think and feel calmer and focus better bull; Rediscover physical vitality-unblocking energy flows in the body and improving its circulation bull; Awaken your creative potential-easing mental resistance and enabling the expression of natural creativity bull; Connect to your highest self-clearing away narrow ego-centric thinking and opening awareness to a larger and positive inner world

The Power Brain

Five Steps to Upgrading Your Brain Operating System

Author: Ilchi Lee

Publisher: BEST Life Media


Category: Brain

Page: 328

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Our brains are a thousand times more incredible than anything else we will ever encounter. Every great accomplishment human beings have achieved was the work of the brain. In fact, our brains possess infinite potential that allows us to do and be anything. By using this potential well, we become a “Power Brain” that can not only create our personal fate, but that of the entire planet. To develop our brains’ potential, it’s useful to liken the brain to a computer with an operating system. We have a Brain Operating System (BOS) composed of our beliefs and preconceptions that we can change and upgrade until our brains run optimally. Recognizing the potential in our brain beyond what we’ve been able to use so far, Ilchi Lee began investigating brain development principles and methods. He compiled them into a comprehensive self-development system with five steps called Brain Education. Refined over the years by new scientific research and the experiences of those who use it, Brain Education has become an academic discipline that’s presented in a variety of ways, including school educational programs and corporate training. While The Power Brain is primarily about the brain, this book does not focus on the anatomical or neuro-physiological functions of the brain. Rather, it serves as a Brain Operating System user’s manual that describes how to use our brain to discover our value, recreate the story of our lives, and claim a new destiny. Improving our lives, and consequently, our world, through brain development is a skill that anyone can understand, practice, and apply to everyday life.

21st Century Innovation in Music Education

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference of the Music Education Community (INTERCOME 2018), October 25-26, 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Author: Kun Setyaning Astuti

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 550

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Music is an expression of feelings of the soul conveyed through the medium of sound. But not all sounds are music. It might be said that only an organised sound or series of sounds can be called music. Thus, music is connected to the eternal and constant flow and order of the universe, to the laws and rhythms of nature. It can also be said that musical order is comparable to the natural order of the universe. There are laws of a certain nature in the natural sciences and likewise in music there are structures and procedures, or even rules, that should be followed to produce beautiful music. The International Conference "Innovations for 21st Century Music Education and Research" provided a timely opportunity to take stock of the latest developments in music education and brought together educators, researchers and members of the broader community in a welcoming forum in which they were able to express theoretical and practical views, concepts, research results and principles to help support the further development of music education.

Music for Children with Hearing Loss

A Resource for Parents and Teachers

Author: Lyn Schraer-Joiner

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Music

Page: 264

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Written by an expert in the field who is both a teacher and a teacher-educator, this book is an in-depth and practical resource for educators and parents who wish to introduce music to children with hearing loss. Author Lyn Schraer-Joiner makes a compelling case for offering music education to children with hearing loss before presenting a series of important and up-to-date teaching strategies meant to inform their educational experience, including preparations for the classroom, communication strategies for parents and teaching staff, and tips on more specific or technical matters such as conducting musical audiograms. These resources provide a solid background for hands-on instructional materials such as music lessons, supplemental activities, educational resources, discussion points, and journal samples for the classroom and home. Schraer-Joiner goes to great lengths to offer detailed, purposeful suggestions for specific classroom settings such as general music, choral ensemble, and instrumental ensemble as well as a set of recommended listening lessons that take this potential variety of settings into account. Furthermore, Schraer-Joiner provides suggestions for incorporating music into everyday activities and also presents an overview of recent research which reinforces the benefits of music upon social and emotional development as well as speech and language development. Each chapter concludes with a section entitled "For Your Consideration" which features review questions, ideas, and instructional activities that teachers and parents can accomplish with deaf and hard of hearing children. The book's "Kids Only" online component provides deaf and hard-of-hearing children with descriptions of the many opportunities available to them in the arts, inspirational case studies and stories, as well as important ideas and topics for deaf and hard-of-hearing children to consider discussing with the teachers, family members, and healthcare professionals that they work with. The message of this book is a powerful one particularly in this day and age. As hearing aid and cochlear implant technologies improve and become increasingly widespread, all teachers--especially music teachers--should expect to see more deaf and hard-of-hearing children in their classrooms. Awareness and preparation are not only vital in aiding these children in the classroom, but are in fact required of teachers by federal law. This book is a comprehensive resource for teachers and parents who wish to gain a better understanding of the emerging field of music education for students with hearing loss.

Core Curriculum for Holistic Nursing

Author: Barbara Montgomery Dossey

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning


Category: Medical

Page: 383

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Nurses are increasingly aware of the need to blend technology, mind, and spirit in creating optimal circumstances for healing. The American Holistic Nurses Association, with Barbara Dossey, a pioneer and leader in the field, has created a core curriculum that will provide a blueprint for what it means to be a holistic nurse. This text can also serve as a study guide For The AHNCC exam. Core Curriculum for Holistic Nursing has a broad appeal to nurses new to holistic concepts as well as those who are already experts.

In Full Bloom

A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging

Author: Ilchi Lee

Publisher: Best Life Media


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 231

View: 194

The truth about the aging brain is simple but extraordinary: you don't have to lose your mental acuity as you get older! This book bursts through the myths that surround the aging of the brain, encouraging older adults to take an active role in keeping their brains in top condition for life. Based on the five-step Brain Education method and the latest findings in neuroscience, it is a guide to getting the most out of the last third of life by using the brain to its maximum potential. In Full Bloom will help you: Improve attention and concentration, Expand imagination and creativity Gain vitality and strength, Manage stress effectively, Develop a positive mature identity. Book jacket.

Electric Sound

The Past and Promise of Electronic Music

Author: Joel Chadabe

Publisher: Pearson College Division


Category: Music

Page: 370

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With a truly global perspective, this vivid and readable narrative provides a comprehensive overview of the history of electronic music. The author draws upon his combined experience as composer, performer, researcher, entrepreneur, and teacher to provide insight into every aspect of electronic music, including the music itself, the instruments, and the business. Based on more than 150 interviews with leaders in the field, this book allows readers to understand how and why the musicians, engineers and businessmen did what they did to develop the modern synthesizer to its current state.

Using Music as a Training Tool


Publisher: American Society for Training and Development


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 16

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Looking for a unique way to present information that your audience will remember? This issue shows you how to use music for effective training. It explains music's effect on the human brain, and how to harness those effects to establish a positive mood, minimize negative conditions, aid memorization, enhance reviews, and foster creativity. You will also learn to select the right kind of music for any training activity.

Music Physician for Times to Come

An Anthology

Author: Don G. Campbell

Publisher: Quest Books


Category: Alternative medicine

Page: 355

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Here pioneering musicians, doctors, therapists, and teachers in diverse spiritual traditions explore new paradigms.