An A-Z Guide

Author: Nicola Barber

Publisher: Franklin Watts


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 328

Defines and explains important terms and concepts related to the field of music, including the elements of music, instrumental types, musical traditions and genres, and other topics.

Richard Baker's Companion to Music

A Personal A-Z Guide to Classical Music

Author: Richard Baker

Publisher: Bbc Publications


Category: Music

Page: 208

View: 617

In alphabetical order describes both great and lesser-known composers, instruments, musical styles and movements, and musical terms.

Jazz West

The A-Z Guide to West Coast Jazz Music

Author: K. O. Eckland



Category: Jazz

Page: 299

View: 109

Heresies of Music

An A-Z diagnostic guide

Author: Patrick Brislan

Publisher: Fontaine Press Pty Ltd


Category: Music

Page: 260

View: 230

What is Lisztomania, and how was it cured? Who was Drog, and what was his prophecy regarding Electronic Music? What preparation do you need before throwing an artistic tantrum? Which orchestral musicians are also qualified to run a hospital? The plausible answers to these and many other tantalising questions can be found in this wickedly funny – and occasionally just wicked - book. The many commonly-used descriptions of some of the best known identities and institutions of music are ‘diagnosed’ to reveal something very different from the accepted truths about such icons. Conductors, music critics, composers, radio presenters, singers, pianists and others are shown in a very different light. These alternate views, or ‘heresies’ are assembled conveniently in alphabetical order. Under U is for Understudy for example, can be found a variety of different reasons why understudies, far from being hailed as saviours, are so widely disliked. Because music critics will probably be discomforted by what they find inside, it is extremely unlikely any will choose to review this book. The author has been compelled therefore to write his own critical quotes. Here are some favourable ones: ‘... A wonderful collection of truths, and almost all are inconvenient’. ‘... Something here to offend everyone’. ‘... Everything from burlesque to parody, and with a sprinkling of serious commentary to confound the believers’. In the interest of balance however, here are some quotes from reviews which might have been written by others less inclined to view Heresies favourably. Again, the author has undertaken this task on their behalf: “...a random assortment of schoolboy jokes. Possibly enjoyable for those who like juvenile humour – assuming they find it funny at all.” “The attempts at serious commentary are laughable, while the so-called heretical viewpoints are the unfunny fancies of a feeble mind.” “... Betrays an underlying resentment – disguised as ‘heresy’ – of those of eminence and achievement in music’s historical record.” Hmm. Can they all be right?

Appetite for Definition

An A-Z Guide to Rock Genres

Author: Ian King

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Music

Page: 528

View: 549

Part reference book, part history, and part road map to the connectivity of popular music, this book is a must for all rock ‘n’ roll fans as it brings together a compilation of over two hundred genres of rock music—an entertaining, enlightening, knotty family tree of America’s favorite musical genre. In the six decades since rock ’n’ roll stole America’s soul, the single genre has produced over two hundred sub-genres. The days of being able to walk in to a Tower Records and seek out recommendations from an aloof, all-knowing staffer has been relegated to a long-lost Generation X paradise preserved in John Hughes films. From iTunes to Spotify, listeners now regularly turn to algorithms instead of human advice to develop relationships with the music they love. The essential companion for any rock lover’s collection—be it on vinyl or Spotify playlists—Appetite for Definition breaks down algorithms into their human stories and interconnected histories. It provides and pulls up recommendations from a deeper well of consideration and gives you the tools to do the same. Operating on a macro level it surveys the myriad microlevel movements into an accessible map that readers can use to navigate the vast, craggy terrain of rock music and take their rock knowledge—whether casual or obsessive—to the next level.

The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols: The Ultimate A–Z Guide from Alchemy to the Zodiac

Author: Adele Nozedar

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 704

View: 283

Unlock the lost and hidden meanings of the world's ancient and modern signs and symbols with the latest in the hugely popular series of 'Element Encyclopedias'. This is the biggest A-Z reference book on symbolic objects you'll ever find.

Country Music

A Biographical Dictionary

Author: Richard Carlin

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Music

Page: 540

View: 618

This illustrated A-Z guide covers more than 700 country music artists, groups, and bands. Articles also cover specific genres within country music as well as instruments used. Written in a lively, engaging style, the entries not only outline the careers of country music's greatest artists, they provide an understanding of the artist's importance or failings, and a feeling for his or her style. Select discographies are provided at the end of each entry, while a bibliography and indexes by instrument, musical style, genre, and song title round out the work. For a full list of entries, a generous selection of sample entries, and more, visit the Country Music: A Biographical Dictionary website.

World Music: Africa, Europe and the Middle East

Author: Frederick Dorian

Publisher: Rough Guides


Category: Music

Page: 762

View: 756

Divided by region and subregion, this volume examines the indigenous music of different countries, its current status, major performers, and special instruments.

The A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health

You Don't Have to Be Famous to Have Manic Depression

Author: Jeremy Thomas

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 336

View: 591

Get real about depression with The A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health by Jeremy Thomas and Tony Hughes. 'Everything you have always wanted to know about mental health but were afraid to ask' - Stephen Fry Are you plagued with these questions? -- HOW CAN I COPE WHEN LIFE THROWS ME OFF COURSE? HOW CAN I SEEK HELP? HOW CAN I SUPPORT A LOVED ONE? Our mental health is at times robust, at times incredibly vulnerable, and always essential to our very being. This informative and entertaining insider's guide is a rich and truthful exploration of mental health - informative but at the same time full of humour, candour and hope. The unique combination of dialogue between the authors - one a sufferer from manic depression (also known as bipolar disorder), the other his doctor - alongside a comprehensive A-Z section, provides a fascinating insight into the subject, and contains a wealth of information on prevention, treatments, and advice on how and where to get help. Topics include: the symptoms of illness, denial, relationships, self-esteem, suicide, creativity, alcoholism and addiction; handled with warmth and humanity throughout. Ultimately, Jeremy Thomas and Tony Hughes hope that The A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health will simply help a few people in the same boat. Jeremy Thomas is a novelist and has written screenplays for television and film. He lives in West London and Greece with his wife and black Labrador, Ecco. Dr Tony Hughes is a General Practitioner. After postgraduate hospital work he went to Australia and held a post as senior house officer in psychiatry. He also lives in West London.

A Guide to Popular Music Reference Books

An Annotated Bibliography

Author: Gary Haggerty

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Music

Page: 210

View: 232

Lists bibliographies, indexes, dictionaries, directories, discographies, and other references devoted to popular music

Positive Discipline: A Teacher's A-Z Guide

Hundreds of Solutions for Almost Every Classroom Behavior Problem!

Author: Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.

Publisher: Harmony


Category: Education

Page: 336

View: 950

Take Back the Classroom and Make a Positive Difference in Your Students' Lives Many teachers today are facing problems and discipline issues they never dreamed of when they decided to become teachers. Combine violence, behavioral disorders, and downright defiant attitudes from students with the age-old problems of bullying, poor attendance, and more, and the mix is positively lethal. However, there are effective, positive strategies for restoring order and turning the teacher-student relationship into one of mutual respect. Applicable to all grade levels, this comprehensive A to Z guide addresses modern-day problems and practical solutions for establishing an effective learning environment. Inside, you'll discover: ·The 17 fundamental tools of positive discipline ·Real-life stories of proven positive discipline strategies ·Suggestions for establishing and maintaining respectful, nurturing relationships with students ·And much more! "Overcome obstacles and get back to why you became a teacher in the first place: to empower students with confidence, self-respect, and resourcefulness." —Bill Scott, principal, Birney Elementary School, Murietta, Georgia "An inspiring, information-packed book. All teachers—from those just beginning to those with many years of experience—will find the tools of positive discipline easy to use." —Phillip Harris, Ed.D., director, Center for Professional Development and Services, Phi Delta Kappa International From the Trade Paperback edition.

A-Z Guide to Modern Social and Political Theorists

Author: Professor Stuart Sim

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 424

View: 151

The A-Z Guide to Modern Social and Political Theories is a companion volume to the already published A-Z Guide to Modern Literary and Cultural Theorists. It ranges widely through the social sciences and related areas to identify thinkers who have had a major impact on the development of modern social and political theory and given clear, accessible summaries of their work. While the accent is on the later twentieth century, several up-and-coming theorists are included to ensure a contemporary edge to the volume, classic names in the field from the earlier twentieth century are not neglected, and the collection also delves back into the nineteenth century for such founding figures of the social sciences as Marx and Comte. The volume is therefore both up-to-date and mindful of the sources of modern debates.

Key Concepts In Counselling And Psychotherapy: A Critical A-Z Guide To Theory

A critical A-Z guide to theory

Author: Smith, Vicki

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)


Category: Psychology

Page: 329

View: 591

"This book provides a very good introduction to the key concepts and theories that inform and frame the current psychotherapeutic and counselling landscape. Each author has written on a selection of basic concepts as they are approached in their preferred therapeutic modality, resulting in an exciting and inclusive overview of both old and contemporary psychotherapeutic thought. In addition, each author is mindful of the importance of a critical appraisal of the various concepts and theories. Thus, this book will be extremely useful both for trainees and practitioners." Dr Anastasios Gaitanidis, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton, London, UK "As well as being an invaluable source of knowledge about all aspects of counselling and psychotherapy, this book is a real pleasure to read. The authors have been able to capture the essence of ideas, traditions and key figures in a way that is accessible and a consistent source of delight and illumination. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to expand their psychotherapeutic horizons." John McLeod, Emeritus Professor of Counselling, University of Abertay Dundee, UK "This book does what it says on the tin, it highlights the key concepts and theories in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. It is a systematic and encyclopaedic voyage of all the central constructs in the field. It is very well written, snappy and thorough, but more important, it serves a vital need of putting in one place all the theories and concepts needed by anyone interested in counselling and psychotherapy." Cary L. Cooper, CBE, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health, Lancaster University, UK and President of BACP "This is an invaluable guide for anyone wanting easily accessible information about counselling theory and practice. It will be as useful to trainees sitting as counsellors, as to experienced practitioners wanting to update their knowledge on the latest thinking." Tim Bond, University of Bristol, UK This helpful book offers a concise overview of core concepts within the four dominant approaches to counselling and psychotherapy: psychodynamic, humanistic-existential, cognitive behavioural and integrative. The book aims to assist you in developing your critical thinking and essay writing skills and includes: Over 140 entries, each between 500 and 1200 words Critical and engaging discussions of core concepts Biographical sketches of leading theorists, including: Freud, Jung and Rogers Using the popular alphabetical format, Key Concepts in Counselling and Psychotherapy is an ideal first source for students with an essay on counselling theory to write, a case study to analyse, a belief or assumption to challenge, or a question to explore. It will also appeal to practitioners or academics wanting to refresh their knowledge of theory and research.

The Cultural Development Handbook

An A-z Guide to Designing Successful Arts Events in the Community

Author: Neil Cameron



Category: Community arts projects

Page: 189

View: 268

This book is an A-Z Guide to creating magical events in your community. Written by one of Australia’s leading arts practitioners, Dr Neil Cameron, this handbook guide takes the reader through everything they need to know about designing arts events in the community. It covers budgeting, community involvement, theatre, music, the visual arts, dance and much more. It has been written for artists, community activists, government organisers and anyone interesting in producing successful community events. It reveals how to create the magic needed to lift projects from the mundane into the special. Based on years of research and nearly forty years of practical experience, this guide will be an essential tool for project design for beginners and experienced professionals. The book includes illustrations, photographs and useful diagrams. -- Publisher's website.

The Encyclopedia of Country Music


Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Music

Page: 664

View: 164

Immediately upon publication in 1998, the Encyclopedia of Country Music became a much-loved reference source, prized for the wealth of information it contained on that most American of musical genres. Countless fans have used it as the source for answers to questions about everything from country's first commercially successful recording, to the genre's pioneering music videos, to what conjunto music is. This thoroughly revised new edition includes more than 1,200 A-Z entries covering nine decades of history and artistry, from the Carter Family recordings of the 1920s to the reign of Taylor Swift in the first decade of the twenty-first century. Compiled by a team of experts at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the encyclopedia has been brought completely up-to-date, with new entries on the artists who have profoundly influenced country music in recent years, such as the Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban. The new edition also explores the latest and most critical trends within the industry, shedding light on such topics as the digital revolution, the shifting politics of country music, and the impact of American Idol (reflected in the stardom of Carrie Underwood). Other essays cover the literature of country music, the importance of Nashville as a music center, and the colorful outfits that have long been a staple of the genre. The volume features hundreds of images, including a photo essay of album covers; a foreword by country music superstar Vince Gill (the winner of twenty Grammy Awards); and twelve fascinating appendices, ranging from lists of awards to the best-selling country albums of all time. Winner of the Best Reference Award from the Popular Culture Association "Any serious country music fan will treasure this authoritative book." --The Seattle Times "A long-awaited, major accomplishment, which educators, historians and students, broadcasters and music writers, artists and fans alike, will welcome and enjoy." --The Nashville Musician "Should prove a valuable resource to those who work in the country music business. But it's also an entertaining read for the music's true fans." --Houston Chronicle "This big, handsome volume spans the history of country music, listing not only artists and groups but also important individuals and institutions." --San Francisco Examiner "Promises to be the definitive historical and biographical work on the past eight decades of country music. Well written and heavily illustratedan unparalleled work, worth its price and highly recommended." --Library Journal

The Billboard Guide to Contemporary Christian Music

Author: Barry Alfonso

Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications


Category: Music

Page: 288

View: 192

Chronicling the amazing rise of this genre from its gospel roots to today's diverse musical sound, this guide offers a complete capsule encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian artists as well as an introduction to the music form. 40 illustrations.

Stuff! Good Piano Players Should Know

An A to Z Guide to Getting Better

Author: Mark Harrison

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 128

View: 504

Provides instruction and tips on performing, recording, equipment, theory, and techniques of playing the piano.

Stuff! Good Bass Players Should Know

An A-Z Guide to Getting Better

Author: Glenn Letsch

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 125

View: 366

Provides instruction and tips on performing, recording, equipment, theory, and techniques of playing the bass guitar.

Stuff! Good Guitar Players Should Know

An A-Z Guide to Getting Better

Author: Wolf Marshall

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 150

View: 617

Provides instruction and tips on performing, recording, equipment, theory, and techniques of playing the guitar.

Explorer's Guide Tucson: A Great Destination

Author: Kim Westerman

Publisher: The Countryman Press


Category: Travel

Page: 232

View: 261

A comprehensive guide to Tucson and surrounding areas with hundreds of lodging, dining, and recreational recommendations. Explore the friendly, laid-back, border city of Tucson with this comprehensive addition to the Great Destinations series. This place of red deserts, awe-inspiring mountains, and cactus forests is also replete with history: Tucson was originally settled by ancient Native American peoples, Spanish explorers, and Anglo frontiersmen, and their legacy is clearly evident. While the Tucson area holds special appeal for naturalists, hikers, and birdwatchers, there are countless outdoor recreation options available—everything from ballooning to trail riding on horseback—and myriad indoor options like museums and galleries, music and dance performances, too. Tucson’s world-class resorts and spas, along with its top-rated golf courses, make it one of the best relaxation destinations in the country. And there’s no better Sonoran food north of the Mexican border than here in the Old Pueblo. Tucson offers something for everyone. Detailed maps and the author’s selective recommendations make this book a must-have for travelers and residents alike.