Tree of life

Children's Art Museum of Armenia

Author: Henrik Iguitian



Category: Art

Page: 128

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A Museum of Memories

Recollections of Life in India

Author: Dermot Trevor Devlin



Category: Gurkha soldiers

Page: 77

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"A recollection of life in India."--Provided by publisher.

Life on Display

Revolutionizing U.S. Museums of Science and Natural History in the Twentieth Century

Author: Karen A. Rader

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 467

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"Life on Display "traces the history of biological exhibits in American museums to demonstrate how science museums have shaped and been shaped by understandings of science and public education in twentieth-century society. Karen Rader and Victoria Cain document how public natural history and science museums ongoing efforts to create popular educational displays led these institutions to develop new identities, ones that changed their positions in both twentieth-century science and American culture. They describe how, pre-1945, biological exhibitions changed dramaticallyfrom rows upon rows of specimen collections to large-scale dioramas with push-button displaysas museums attempted to negotiate the changing, and often conflicting, interests of scientists, educators, and the public. The authors then reveal how, from the 1950s through the 1980s, museum staffs experimented with wildly different definitions of life science and life science education, and how, in the process, natural history and science museums and science centers faced significant public and scientific scrutiny. The book concludes with a discussion of the ways corporate sponsorship and contemporary blockbuster economics influenced the content and display of science and natural history museums in the century s last decades. As a dynamic historical account of how museums negotiated their multiple roles in science and society, "Life on Display" will attract a diverse audience of cultural historians, sociologists, and ethnographers of science, as well as museum practitioners. "

The LSU Rural Life Museum and Windrush Gardens

A Living History

Author: Faye Phillips

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: History

Page: 144

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In 1861, Louisiana settler William S. Pike established an incredible five-hundred-acre plantation seven miles from the heart of present-day Baton Rouge. His progeny continued to cherish the land for generations, all while pursuing unique and active lives. William Stephen Pike Burden Jr. became an amateur magician, and Ollie Brice Steele Burden, inspired by the formal gardens of Europe, designed Windrush Gardens. Today, the land is home to Louisiana State University's Rural Life Museum and houses rare collections of Louisiana folk life and working plantation materials. In this comprehensive history of LSU's beloved landmark, archivist Faye Phillips brings to life the hardships and toils, vision and determination of families in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Louisiana.

Best Practices in Marketing and their Impact on Quality of Life

Author: Helena Alves

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Social Science

Page: 260

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This book is based on the premise that marketing is central to understanding and advancing companies, businesses, countries, major economic areas and every-day problems. It opposes the view held by some social scientists that the positive effects of marketing in a society are a product of capitalist enterprises and that marketing involves excessive exploitation and is a tool for creating and maintaining their power structures. To illustrate its point, the book examines successful marketing practices with implications for consumers’ quality of life. Its compilation of cases from all over the world provides a unique and concise review of best practices in marketing and their impact on QOL. Each case in the book presents a specific social problem and discusses details of the marketing strategy adopted to resolve it, as well as the results obtained both for society at large and in terms of the citizens’ quality of life. In addition, each case addresses the theoretical background of the specific area of marketing used in the case.

Quintessential pleasures

reflections on the simple joys of life

Author: Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)



Category: Art and literature

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The Grand Museum of Egypt

International Architecture Competition

Author: Yasser Mansour

Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press


Category: Architecture

Page: 635

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In January 2002, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture ran a competition for an innovative design for a new Grand Museum of Egypt. This two-volume publication contains sketches, plans, elevations and computer models of the prize-winning design and all other second-phase entries.

The Sweet Breath of Life

A Poetic Narrative of the African-American Family

Author: Frank Stewart

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Poetry

Page: 192

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Words and images come together in this inspiring collaboration between renowned poet Ntozake Shange and Kamoinge Inc., a group of acclaimed photographers whose work documents and celebrates the African-American experience. Collaborations between writers and photographers have provided African Americans with important focus for issues of identity and representation -- or lack thereof -- ever since the first publication of The Sweet Flypaper of Life by Langston Hughes and Roy DeCarava in 1955. Frank Stewart, with his fellow photographers in Kamoinge Inc., and Ntozake Shange -- a longtime fan of photography -- were inspired by this landmark work and committed themselves to continuing the tradition and the artistic conversation into this first decade of this new millennium. In 1963, Roy DeCarava -- renowned photographer and first president of the Kamoinge Workshop -- set the aesthetic and philosophical tone of the group in response to biased representations of African Americans in the media. As image-makers, the Kamoinge members have sought to shed positive light on their subjects, and to demystify Black life in America. With stunning images from such acclaimed photographers as Anthony Barboza, Adger W. Cowans, Ming Smith Murray, andpoems by Ntozake Shange, one of the most accomplished writers of her time, The Sweet Breath of Life is a rich and thought-provoking book, destined to become a classic work of American photography and literature.