Murray River Country

An Ecological Dialogue with Traditional Owners

Author: Jessica K. Weir

Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press


Category: History

Page: 175

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Discussing the water crisis from a unique perspective, this volume presents the intimate stories of love and loss felt by the Aboriginal people of Australia whose traditional country incorporates the inland rivers. A fresh perspective on the contemporary debate over the scarce and degraded waters of the Murray-Darling Basin, this account argues there is a need to change the existing fundamental philosophies about water and that river health greatly influences Australia’s economy. By engaging with the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia’s agricultural heartland, this record covers various topics, such as environmental science, water management, indigenous land management, anthropology, and politics. This book will interest policy makers, academics, and the general public.

Touring Murray River Country

Mountains to the Sea

Author: Derrick I. Stone



Category: Murray River (N.S.W.-S. Aust.)

Page: 127

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Murray-Darling Basin, Australia

Its Future Management

Author: Barry Hart

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Science

Page: 470

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Murray-Darling River System, Australia clearly links the catchment with the estuary, including such topics as the recent major water reforms in the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB); the MDB system (hydrology, water-related ecological assets, land use and social systems); management within the MDB (catchments and natural resources, water resources, irrigation water, environmental water, and monitoring and evaluation); future challenges; and finally, a synthesis chapter that summarized the main points made in the book. Murray-Darling River System, Australia sets the context for these recent changes, discusses the development of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan (Basin Plan), details the biophysical and social components of the MDB, then focuses on what is currently happening with the management of water (environmental and irrigation), land (catchments, agriculture), and finally addresses several of the looming challenges for the management of this system, including what policy and management changes need to be made for the entire system to be managed as an integrated whole. This is a much-needed text for water resources managers, water, catchment, estuarine and coastal scientists and aquatic ecologists. Provides a consolidated account of the Murray-Darling Basin system; an area of huge and global relevance to those interested in rebalancing river systems where the water resources have been over allocated Offers detailed analysis of the current management of the system, with a focus on water and ecosystem management Identifies and discusses of a number of key challenges still facing those responsible for continuing to consolidate the water reforms and expanding to include management of the Basin as an integrated whole (from catchment to estuary)

Flood Country

An Environmental History of the Murray-Darling Basin

Author: Emily O'Gorman



Category: Nature

Page: 257

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This book examines the Murray-Darling Basin's flood history as well as contemporary national debates about climate change and competing access to water for livelihoods, industries and ecosystems. It provides an important new historical perspective on this significant region of inland eastern Australia.

Discover Australia's Great Country Towns

Author: Frances Cook



Category: Australia

Page: 209

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More than 100 country towns and their surrounding areas are explored in this elegant book. All states of Australia are covered, with over 200 colour photographs. Deals with the history and attractions of each town.

Economic Development in Selected Countries

Plans, Programmes and Agencies

Author: United Nations. Dept. of Economic Affairs



Category: Economic development


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Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria

Author: Royal Society of Victoria (Melbourne, Vic.)



Category: Science


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