Reviews by Cat Ellington

A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #1

Author: Cat Ellington

Publisher: Quill Pen Ink Publishing


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 386

View: 258

Commemorating the one-year anniversary of her fascinating book series of the same name, Cat Ellington presents Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #1, a vastly entertaining collection of literary criticism featuring the first three volumes that laid the foundation for it all. Comprised of (130) written examinations from the Cat Ellington Literary Collection, Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #1 includes: REVIEWS BY CAT ELLINGTON: THE COMPLETE ANTHOLOGY, VOL. 1 Enhanced with an exciting personal colloquy, Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 1 has its adroit wordsmith evaluating several of those written works produced by some of the most renowned names in both fiction and nonfiction literature, including Iceberg Slim, Stephen King, John Grisham, Jackie Collins, Donald Goines, and more. REVIEWS BY CAT ELLINGTON: THE COMPLETE ANTHOLOGY, VOL. 2 Included in Volume 2 of the standout Reviews by Cat Ellington book series are the author’s cleverly-written reviews of Another Country by James Baldwin, Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago by Mike Royko, Swan by Naomi Campbell, Fine Beauty by Sam Fine, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, The Judge by Steve Martini, The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed by Sara Gay Forden, The Mist by Stephen King, Along Came a Spider by James Patterson, and many more. REVIEWS BY CAT ELLINGTON: THE COMPLETE ANTHOLOGY, VOL. 3 Spanning four years—from 2012 to 2016—Book 3 introduces the adroit wordsmith to a whole new generation of fiction authors and their works, including Bianca Sloane (Killing Me Softly, Every Breath You Take, Missing You, and Sweet Little Lies), Sean Costello (Finders Keepers, Squall, and Sandman), Selena Kitt (Taken: Menage Romance), Tom Bale (See How They Run), Darcia Hale (Enemies and Playmates), Gretchen Lane (Big Girls Don’t Cry), Jordan Belcher (Status, Status 2, and Selfie (Status Book 4)), Nick Pirog (3:00 a.m. (Henry Bins #1)), Jasinda Wilder (Big Girls Do It Better (Big Girls Do It #1)), and many more. Reviews by Cat Ellington. A unique critique.

Black Female Sexualities

Author: Trimiko Melancon

Publisher: Rutgers University Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 242

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Western culture has long regarded black female sexuality with a strange mix of fascination and condemnation, associating it with everything from desirability, hypersexuality, and liberation to vulgarity, recklessness, and disease. Yet even as their bodies and sexualities have been the subject of countless public discourses, black women’s voices have been largely marginalized in these discussions. In this groundbreaking collection, feminist scholars from across the academy come together to correct this omission—illuminating black female sexual desires marked by agency and empowerment, as well as pleasure and pain, to reveal the ways black women regulate their sexual lives. The twelve original essays in Black Female Sexualities reveal the diverse ways black women perceive, experience, and represent sexuality. The contributors highlight the range of tactics that black women use to express their sexual desires and identities. Yet they do not shy away from exploring the complex ways in which black women negotiate the more traumatic aspects of sexuality and grapple with the legacy of negative stereotypes. Black Female Sexualities takes not only an interdisciplinary approach—drawing from critical race theory, sociology, and performance studies—but also an intergenerational one, in conversation with the foremothers of black feminist studies. In addition, it explores a diverse archive of representations, covering everything from blues to hip-hop, from Crash to Precious, from Sister Souljah to Edwidge Danticat. Revealing that black female sexuality is anything but a black-and-white issue, this collection demonstrates how to appreciate a whole spectrum of subjectivities, experiences, and desires.

Low Tide Murder

A Paranormal Women's Fiction Mystery

Author: K.J. Emrick

Publisher: South Coast Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 264

View: 894

A horrific accident changes everything... Maddalena D’Angelo had it all! The perfect family, the perfect job, the perfect life. Until that fateful accident tore it all apart. Waking from a coma she found her family gone and the life she knew was no more. Scared and confused, nothing made sense. Everything was too much. But that wasn't the half of it... There was the part that she couldn't share with anyone. The part about being able to see a burst of colors radiating out from everyone she came into contact with - even the priest they sent to talk to her after the accident. It was like the colors were a part of them, their spirits, their souls, changing with their mood. She sketched them and painted them and her art was infused with their spirit. She couldn't go back to her life from before because only painful memories and regrets were left for her there. So, she ran away from the tragedy and the ghosts of her family with the only living being left from her old life - her dog, Karloff. To Seaside, Oregon. At forty-three she was starting again - a new business, new friends, a new life. Living simply, by the ocean, things became somewhat normal again, in a different way. She was... almost content. Until... Early one morning she discovered the body of a woman in a giant, pink inflatable flamingo, floating in the sea and around her, on the water, dark shadows were dancing on the tops of waves. Shadows that had a life of their own and didn't represent anything good, that's for sure. Things had changed for Maddalena again! Now she was using her art to find a killer and solve a murder. Can she work this mystery out before the shadows come for her? For Maddalena - Mystery is an Artform...

Fourth Down and Murder

Author: Susan Rose O'Leary

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 883

Everything was arranged for Sunday to be a perfect football day for private detective Rhia and her hotshot criminal lawyer boyfriend Destin that is, until the phone rings. On the other end is Tangy, a stunning female acquaintance of Destin's, who has suddenly found herself needing representation after her boyfriend's corpse is found slumped outside her apartment door. Rhia decides to immediately take on the case and soon realizes she has her work cut out for her. Tangy's boyfriend Todd has a hole in the side of his head and there is no murder weapon to be found. Without any witnesses to question, Rhia knows time is not on her side as the police are ready to charge Tangy with the murder even though they have no real evidence other than a dead body outside her door. As clues begin to surface, Rhia knows she must find out the truth at all cost. Anything can happen as Rhia relies on all her investigative skills to solve the case, but if she's not careful, she may just sacrifice her life in the process.

Murder is Forever

Author: Roger DeBeers, Sr.

Publisher: FriesenPress



Page: 348

View: 799

A pro-life congressman has been murdered in cold blood in the parking lot of a New Hampshire abortion clinic. Margarita O'Brien, a novice detective, and Andy Pick, a former government operative, are quickly assigned to the investigation to get to the bottom of things. Who wanted the congressman dead, and why? And are there other lives at risk? Abandoned by the authorities, the pair digs deeper into the case, only to uncover a vast web of corruption and lies. With only ten days to the presidential primary and a cover-up already in motion, they race against the clock to find the killer. But the closer they are to solving the crime, the closer they are to becoming victims, themselves....

Reserved For Murder

Book Two of The Ottawa Detective Series

Author: Kevin Hopkins

Publisher: Kevin Hopkins


Category: Fiction

Page: 263

View: 692

Everyone has a secret. And some people will go to any length to keep theirs. When the body of a teenage boy is found hanging from a homemade noose, deep in the woods outside of a First Nations reserve, it casts a dark shadow over the community during their annual harvest powwow. For the Ottawa Detectives, the evidence doesn’t add up. The deeper they delve into their investigation, the more questions they uncover. Was Jonny Two Bears’ death merely another tragedy in a string of teen suicides? And why does the reserve’s Chief seem more interested in meeting with the media than mourning with the community? The detectives are determined to find the answers before another child dies, and they're willing to use every resource they have available. Unfortunately, the mastermind always seems to be one step ahead, and all they can do is try to follow the tracks. There’s something evil in the woods.

Murder on Moonlight Beach

Author: Brent Hanna

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 312

View: 607

One morning on Moonlight Beach in Southern California, a body of a young woman is discovered deceased on the shore. This leads Detectives Lance Clayton & Yolanda Black on a homicide case spanning the existence of life on the planet they call 'Earth'...

Mint Juleps, Mayhem, and Murder

Author: Sara Rosett

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 843

For Ellie Avery, the hardest thing about hosting a reunion of her husband Mitch's extended Southern family is remembering everyone's name. But this summer, the festivities are cut short by news that Mitch's Air Force squadron commander has been strangled. Then Mitch's look-alike cousin narrowly misses being shot during his daily workout, and Ellie realizes that someone wants to ground Mitch--permanently. Between her kids and her organizing business, she must unravel a perplexing mystery--or Mitch's afternoon jog may be a run for his life. . .. Don't miss Ellie Avery's great tips for busy, budget-minded moms! "Fans of TV's Air Force Wives will appreciate Ellie, a smart crime solver who navigates the challenges of military life." --Publishers Weekly "Some cozies just hit on all cylinders, and Rosett's Ellie Avery titles are among the best." --Library Journal "Flows like a country creek after an all-day rain." --Shine "A nifty mystery." --Publishers Weekly

A Merry Murder

Author: Kate Kingsbury

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 580

It is an Edwardian Christmas, and the Pennyfoot Hotel is all dressed up. But when one of the guests turns up dead, owner Cecily Sinclair Baxter realizes it is not only the Pennyfoot that is back in business—the hotel's Christmas curse is, too... The Pennyfoot halls are decked with boughs of holly, a magnificently decorated tree graces the lobby, and the hotel's bookings are finally looking up. Owner of the Pennyfoot, Cecily Sinclair Baxter is in high holiday spirits until disaster strikes, threatening to ruin yet another Yuletide. Her chief housemaid Gertie McBride has found a man's body in the hotel laundry room—with a woman's scarf wrapped around his neck and a note in his pocket from the hotel's new maid. Cecily is determined to track down the culprit, but with multiple suspects icing her out of crucial clues, she realizes this killer may be more slippery than most. With Christmas right around the corner, it is up to Cecily to prevent this holiday season at the Pennyfoot from turning out more fatal than festive.

Remember Murder

Author: Linda Ladd

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.


Category: Fiction

Page: 346

View: 173

A tough, no-nonsense detective. . .edgy, clever! --Beverly Barton Remember The Darkness She can't remember why he chose her--or what he did to her. But Detective Claire Morgan knows that something terrible happened to her the night a deranged serial killer escaped from the mental ward. Looking for pleasure. Looking for pain. Looking for her. . . Remember The Terror Recovering in a lakeside resort, Claire hopes to sort through her broken memories. But after suffering a temporary coma, she can barely remember her own lover, psychiatrist Nicholas Black. Would she be able to recognize her abductor if she saw him again? If he came back for more. . .? Remember Murder If only she could remember his face or his voice. . .if only she could comprehend the evil in his mind or the depths of his cruelty. . .if only she knew just how close he is--to her and everyone she loves. . . Praise For Linda Ladd's Claire Morgan Thrillers "One of the most creepy, crawly, and compelling psychological thrillers ever." --Fresh Fiction "Chilling, compelling suspense. . .be prepared to lose sleep!" --Eileen Dryer "Exciting, thrill-a-minute!" --Midwest Book Review "Plenty of suspense and surprises." --Publishers Weekly 112,500

Murder in the Rue Urselines

Author: Greg Herren

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 236

View: 759

When Chanse MacLeod is hired to find out who is blackmailing a high profile movie star couple living in the French Quarter, he soon realizes it isn't just on a movie-set where things are make believe. Against the backdrop of a rebuilding New Orleans, Chanse races to find out the truth about his treacherous clients and to clear his own name.

Alana Candler, Marked for Murder

Author: Joanie Bruce

Publisher: Ambassador International


Category: Fiction

Page: 314

View: 289

Alana Candler is on someone's hit list. But why? A stalker is breathing down her neck at every turn, hiding in the shadows, waiting for her to make a mistake to freeze long enough for him to make his hit. When the stalker kidnaps her from a hotel and leaves her to die, Jaydn Holbrook, CEO and owner of the largest company in Tennessee, saves her life and promises to protect her. Jaydn's high school friendship with Brad, Alana's brother and the City's Police Chief, gives him incentive to protect Alana and shelter her from the growing danger. Alana's trust in God's protection intrigues him and compels him to explore her faith further, but when she mentions her aversion to rich, executive-type bosses, Jaydn keeps his position at his company secret trying not to destroy their fragile bond. As tensions build, Jaydn and Alana are caught up in a dangerous web of hiding from the pursuer trying to kill them and fighting the attraction they feel for each other.

Murder Aboard

The Herbert Fuller Tragedy and the Ordeal of Thomas Bram

Author: C. Michael Hiam

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: History

Page: 200

View: 421

“An utterly original and gripping story of murder on the high seas.” — Sebastian Junger From an author praised by the Wall Street Journal for his “eye for a good story” comes an account of Herbert Fuller tragedy of 1896, a tragedy that occurred on the high seas and one involving the senseless slaughter of three of the twelve souls on board. Stunned by this act of random violence, and in sure knowledge that one or more of their own was the murderer, the living turn the vessel to shore, 750 miles distant. In the nightmarish days and nights of suspense that follow, first one and then another of the remaining nine is seized by others as the culprit. Upon reaching port, however, all are under suspicion—until the man most likely to have committed the act is, for reasons having to do with race, exonerated and the man most likely to be innocent, prosecuted. At the center of this gripping and gruesome story is the first mate Thomas Bram, whose subsequent murder trials became as widely followed by the press and public as was the famous trial of Lizzie Borden just a few years before. Unlike the Borden case, remembered today in books, movies, and children’s rhymes, the Bram case was almost lost to the collective memory. Fortunately, C. Michael Hiam, in the manner of Erik Larson, now brings it to life.

Murder Manual

Author: Steven Womack

Publisher: Ballantine Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 638

ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MURDER I LEARNED IN NASHVILLE The bestselling toast of Tennessee, author Robert Jefferson Reed has made big bucks with his little book of folksy homilies like "Never go to bed angry" and "Eat your vegetables." He should have included "Don't commit murder." For when Reed's wife hires P.I. Harry James Denton to catch her hubby in a tryst with a sexy secretary, Harry finds the author of Life's Little Maintenance Manual strangled and drowned in his own hot tub. Caught at the scene of the crime, Harry is pegged as the prime suspect and must work double duty to avoid the specter of prison--and to pluck a murderer out of a dead man's tangled past. . . . From the Paperback edition.

Murder at the B-School

Author: Jeffrey Cruikshank

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 886

Read the "keep-’em-guessing plot" as a university professor finds himself being framed for the death of a student--and only he can sort out the truth (Boston Sunday Globe). When the dean of the department summons him to a hastily called and unscheduled meeting, the young assistant professor Wim Vermeer fears that his career has come to an abrupt end. But instead of terminating his contract, the dean hands him a sensitive assignment. The previous night, Eric McInnes, a handsome and wealthy student, drowned. While his death appears to be an accident, his family has some questions—and so do the police. The dean asks Vermeer to assist the family and work closely with the police, keeping a close eye on the school’s interests all the while. But it isn’t long before Vermeer realizes he’s been set up as the fall guy for a very nasty coverup.

Murder on the Down-Low

Author: I. Asher




Page: 224

View: 778

Murder on the Down-low is a gripping psychological thriller featuring men living a double life: a handsome dancer, a New York City detective, and a host of murder victims. It will keep you in suspense as it brings to light a world that is generally keptin the dark.

Murder Comes to Elysium

Author: Daryl Anderson

Publisher: Mob City Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 254

View: 350

Tender Mercies Psychiatric Hospital is one of the darker places in the Sunshine State, so no one’s surprised when young college student Elena Santos dies while under its care. Though Elena’s death appears to result from a severe allergic reaction, the family asks PI Addie Gorky to investigate. Though still mourning her father’s death, Addie takes on the case, expecting to find evidence of neglect or malpractice. But soon the inconsistencies surrounding Elena’s death start piling up, with the tight-lipped and paranoid staff blocking the investigation at every turn. After discovering that Elena was not the inexperienced college student described by her family, but a woman with a haunted past, Addie risks everything to unlock the dark secret of the Tender Mercies. When a second person dies, Addie finds herself in a deadly chess match with an unseen opponent, a grand master of murder always one step ahead. Will Addie find a way to defeat this ruthless killer before another life is lost?

The Hot Ladies Murder Club

Author: Ann Major

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 300

A FEW DRINKS, SOME LAUGHS… WHAT COULD BE MORE INNOCENT? It's just a fun night out with the girls, with talk of men, sex and murder? Why not, when each of them has a lawyer who deserves to get his just deserts. And so the Hot Ladies Murder Club is born—made up of names written boldly in bloodred lipstick. Each lady has a diabolical plan in store for her lawyer. But the not-quite-what-she-seems Hannah Smith wouldn't mind the lawyer opposing her—the deliciously sexy Joe Campbell—winding up quite alive…and in her bed. WHAT COULD BE MORE DEADLY? Then the joke suddenly becomes national news when lawyers and Hot Ladies both come under attack. Hannah—who has a close acquaintance with fear already—knows her life could be in jeopardy. There's only one man whose help she dares accept…bad-tempered, ruthless and utterly drop-dead-gorgeous Joe Campbell, who insists he's in charge of protecting his life. And hers!

Murder in the Pines

Author: Nancy Flanders

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Fiction


View: 637

Kayla Lee Ann Davis, a successful lawyer and a loving mother, did not expect to put her own life, as well her whole family’s, in danger when she took Lucky Martin’s case. After she proved in court that Lucky is innocent, his father, Grant Martin, started to come after Kayla and her family. One by one, the people Kayla hold dear in her heart are taken away from her, murdered by Grant and his accomplices. Kayla finds herself struggling to live a normal life for her twins and to find the man responsible for the brutal killings in her neighborhood. As the Christmas holidays draw near and her wedding coming to a close, evil lurks in their midst. Grant Martin will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and he wants Kayla more than anything. Murder in the Pines is not an ordinary mystery and crime story. It speaks of love, relationship, and hope. It speaks of how a bond within a family develops and stays strong despite an outside threat looming over them.