Morrissey's Manchester

Author: Phill Gatenby

Publisher: Empire Publications


Category: Travel

Page: 124

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Lyrically unique, Morrissey saw post-industrial Manchester differently. Where most recognised the derelict remains of a Victorian powerhouse, he saw humour, where others saw post-industrial squalor, he felt the frisson of romance. As a result Manchester became as much a part of The Smiths output as the guitars, drums and vocals. As their fame grew, strangers in far away lands wondered about the location of the 'Cemetery Gates' or the setting of 'Vicar in a Tutu' . Unusually, these places still exist and provide the devotee with places of pilgrimage -- could Manchester offer anything else? In the first edition of this guidebook, Phill Gatenby set out three tours covering 20 or more sites that either featured in The Smiths music or were fundamental to their development as a band -- from early rehearsal spaces to the scene of their most memorable gigs. Now updated, "Morrisseys Manchester" has added new places to visit, more lyrical references and more background information on one of the world's most influential bands. However the most fundamental change any reader/visitor will notice are the continual changes to Manchester itself - a city in perpetual flux. Since the first edition venues have either been demolished, refurbished or shorn of their identity -- hence the need for an update. Now containing 40 new images, an improved layout, a revised map of the city centre and an opportunity to take the Smiths Tour without ever leaving the comfort of your home via google maps, "Morrissey's Manchester" has been fully updated for the 21st century.


Fandom, Representations and Identities

Author: Eoin Devereux

Publisher: Intellect Books


Category: Music

Page: 342

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"Known for his outspoken and often controversial views on class, ethnicity and sexuality, Morrissey has remained an anti-establishment figure who continues to provoke argument, debate and devotion amongst critics and his many fans. Focusing exclusively on Morrissey's solo career, the collected essays in this important book make for a rich reading of Morrissey and his highly influential creative output."--P. [4] of cover.

Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Music

Author: Paul Kingsbury

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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Unearthing the messy and sprawling interrelationships of place, wellbeing, and popular music, this book explores musical soundscapes of health, ranging from activism to international charity, to therapeutic treatments and how wellbeing is sought and attained in contexts of music. Drawing on critical social theories of the production, circulation, and consumption of popular music, the book gathers together diverse insights from geographers and musicologists. Popular music has become increasingly embedded in complex and often contradictory discourses of wellbeing. For instance, some new genres and sub-cultures of popular music are associated with violence, drug-use, and the angst of living, yet simultaneously define the hopes and dreams of millions of young people. At a service level, popular music is increasingly used as a therapeutic modality in holistic medicine, as well as in conventional health care and public health practice. The genre of popular music, then, is fundamental to human wellbeing as an active and central part of people’s emotional lives. By conceptually and empirically foregrounding place, this book demonstrates how - music whether from particular places, about particular places, or played in particular places ” is a crucial component of health and wellbeing.

Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance

Author: Johnny Rogan

Publisher: Omnibus Press


Category: Music

Page: 624

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Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance is among the most successful – and controversial – rock biographies ever published. Having denounced the book and called for the death of its author Johnny Rogan, Morrissey later did a U-turn and cited it as evidence in the royalty-related court case brought by Smiths drummer Mike Joyce.Now, 20 years after it was first published, Rogan has returned to his definitive Smiths biography to produce a completely revised edition based on new information and new interviews to add to the almost 100 initially conducted over a four-year period. Widely acclaimed as one rock’s leading writers, Johnny Rogan now brings yet more insight and analysis to his best-selling book that revealed, for the first time, the true and unsanitised story of The Smiths – the most important group of their generation.

Played in Manchester

The Architectural Heritage of a City at Play

Author: Simon Inglis



Category: Manchester (England)

Page: 135

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Britain's sporting heritage is unrivalled. Most of the sports played at international level today - including football, cricket, rugby, hockey, tennis, bowls and snooker - were developed and codified in this country. But what of sport's architectural heritage? Played in Manchester is the first of a series of titles celebrating this significant, yet often overlooked aspect of our social and cultural history. Over the last two hundred years the Manchester area has, at one time or another, been a leading centre for archery, athletics, cycling, lacrosse and water polo. The city can claim Britain's first purpose built ice rink, the first greyhound stadium and the earliest known examples of Lads' Clubs, the forerunners of today's youth centres. Until the 1960s Manchester was also the centre of the turnstile manufacturing industry. Adopting a completely new approach to the study of sporting and urban history, Played in Manchester leads readers along a trail of fascinating locations; a Victorian real tennis club hidden in the backstreets of Salford, an Edwardian billiard room, the training ground where Manchester United's Bobby Chariton and David Beckham honed their skills, a former racecourse grandstand now used as a student union and, not least, the opulent Victoria Baths, winner of 2003's BBC Restoration series.

Meetings with Morrissey

Author: Len Brown

Publisher: Omnibus Press


Category: Music

Page: 324

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Morrissey is one of the most provocative, individual and controversial performers in popular music. From the formation of his Manchester band The Smiths in 1982, through to the imminent release of his 2008 solo album Years Of Refusal, his career has spanned 50 UK Top 40 singles and 20 UK Top 10 albums. Including previously unpublished encounters, Meetings with Morrissey gets behind the public image to tell Morrissey’s story in his own words and explore in fine detail the extraordinary subject matter of his songs. The book offers in-depth insight into the diverse artists Morrissey has celebrated, via lyrics or Smiths’ covers, including Patti Smith, Pat Phoenix, Billy Fury, Marc Bolan, James Dean and The New York Dolls. Above all, it focuses on Morrissey’s lifelong commitment to promoting the genius of Oscar Wilde. Len Brown, a former NME writer and television producer, has interviewed Morrissey more times than any journalist. He first saw The Smiths back in 1983 and became the first writer to interview the artist about the death of his band and the birth of his solo career in 1988.

Mark E. Smith and The Fall: Art, Music and Politics

Author: Mr Benjamin Halligan

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Music

Page: 226

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This volume offers a comprehensive range of approaches to the work of Mark E. Smith and his band The Fall in relation to music, art and politics. Mark E. Smith remains one of the most divisive and idiosyncratic figures in popular music after a recording career with The Fall that spans thirty years. Although The Fall were originally associated with the contemporaneous punk explosion, from the beginning they pursued a highly original vision of what was possible in the sphere of popular music. While other punk bands burned out after a few years, only to then reform decades later as their own cover bands, The Fall continue to evolve while retaining a remarkable consistency, even with the frequent line-up changes that soon left Mark E. Smith as the only permanent member of the group. The key aspect of the group that this volume explores is the invariably creative, unfailingly critical and often antagonistic relations that characterize both the internal dynamics of the group and the group's position in the pop cultural surroundings. The Fall's ambiguous position in the unfolding histories of British popular music and therefore in the new heritage industries of popular culture in the UK, from post-punk to anti-Thatcher politics, to the 'Factory fiction of Manchester' and on into Mark E. Smith's current role as ageing enfant terrible of rock, illustrates the uneasy relationship between the band, their critical commentators and the historians of popular music. This volume engages directly with this critical ambiguity. With a diverse range of approaches to The Fall, this volume opens up new possibilities for writing about contemporary music beyond traditional approaches grounded in the sociology of music, Cultural Studies and music journalism – an aim which is reflected in the variety of provocative critical approaches and writing styles that make up the volume.

The Manchester Musical History Tour

Author: Phill Gatenby

Publisher: Empire Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 160

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Includes bibliographical references and index.


Scandal and Passion

Author: David Bret

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 312

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Morrissey is Britain's most articulate singer-songwriter, a lyricist of aching loneliness and lacerating wit. His latest album, "You Are the Quarry," is one of his best solo efforts since the disbanding of the Smiths. Here, Morrissey's friends and entourage speak frankly about the reclusive pop idol.

Panic on the Streets

The Smiths & Morrissey Location Guide

Author: Phill Gatenby

Publisher: Titan Books (UK)


Category: Music

Page: 183

View: 636

This indespensible guide takes fans of The Smiths and Morrissey from Manchester right into the heart of London - transforming a leaning post on a Wapping side street, an alleyway in Battersea, a bandstand in the East End and a barber shop in Mayfair into tourist attractions with a difference. Discover the directions to each location, the history behind each entry and their relevance to The Smiths and Morrissey. Here are the places in Manchester, London and beyond that shaped the songs that mean so much to so many.