The Morpheus Conspiracy

Author: Douglas Volk

Publisher: Elysian Detroit


Category: Fiction

Page: 402

View: 282

When David Collier commits a brutal atrocity during his year-long tour of duty in Vietnam, he's scarred by a moment of violence he will never forget. But for Collier the horror is just beginning.Having returned to civilian life in the America of 1974, Collier undergoes therapy with a Veterans Administration psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Rogers, who tries to help him recover from a lingering psychological injury that will later come to be known as “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.” During the therapy sessions, David wrestles with the rage and resentment he still feels toward his ex-girlfriend, Laura Strasnick, who broke off their planned marriage while David was fighting for his life and his country in Vietnam.As the therapy continues, Collier begins to reveal a dark and disturbing secret. Somehow, the atrocity committed in Vietnam has left him with the ability to invade other people's sleep. Is this “gift” the result of psychological trauma…or is it actually an ancient curse which was visited upon Collier during the war crime he committed in order to save a fellow-soldier's life?Regardless, this new-found power is real and getting stronger. And Collier cannot resist the temptation to use it. His first victim will be the terrified Laura Strasnick. Having moved to Atlanta to pursue a promising career as an advertising executive, Laura will soon begin to experience a series of hideous nightmares in which she screams desperately for help that never arrives.Increasingly afraid to go to sleep and caught up in a growing panic, Laura consults a sleep therapist and Ph.D. researcher, Alix Cassidy, who's hiding a frightening secret of her own.Alix does her best to help, but to no avail. As Alix and Laura struggle together, David's unprincipled and unethical psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Rogers, has discovered the tormented soldier's ability to crash into other people's sleep and then control their dreams.Instead of using his discovery of “Somnambulistic Telepathy” to help David and Laura, however, Dr. Rogers decides to exploit them both…thus setting the stage for a frantic showdown in which Alix will struggle to rescue Laura before David finds a way to destroy her life forever.Based on years of research on the dynamics of human sleep and dreaming, The Morpheus Conspiracy is a fast-moving, high-octane thriller that explores the devastating psychological legacy of the Vietnam War.

Morpheus Tales: The Best Weird Fiction Volume 4

Author: Adam Bradley



Category: Fiction

Page: 138

View: 806

For the first time collected together, the best weird fiction from Morpheus Tales, the UK's most controversial weird fiction magazine! Only the very best weird fiction has been hand-picked from the Morpheus Tales archives to create the fourth collected volume of the magazine Christopher Fowler calls "edgy and dark." Featuring fiction by Gary Budgen, Alex Davis, James Everington, R. K. Gemienhardt, Dean M. Drinkel, Michael W. Garza, John S. Barker, Brick Marlin, Kurt Fawver, John F. D. Taff, Charles A. Muir, Martin Slag, Lenora Farrington-Sarrouf, Deborah Walker, Cate Caldwell, Richard Smith, Alex Gonzalez, Erik T. Johnson, Brian Kutco, Heather Smith, John Morgan. Established horror best-sellers rub shoulders with rising stars and newcomers in this diverse collection of short weird fiction.

Getting Up From Being Down

Author: REL012040

Publisher: Redemption Press




View: 567

S. Todd uses his life experiences to illustrate the necessity of getting back up and staying up, of holding on to the thread of hope even in the dark chapters of life. With dynamic personal stories, original raps, and questions for discussion and review, S. Todd brings hope, inspiration, and encouragement to get back up in life—no matter the circumstances.

Broken Wings


Author: A. J. Rand

Publisher: Aisling Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 284

View: 466

Demons Yeshua Star is deeply ensconced in a level of the world most people do not even know exists, let alone recognize. Her world is one of demons, dream stalkers and ancient immortals who were once worshipped as gods but now co-exist with the rest of society¿like Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams who now runs the local opium den. Angels The cynical but sassy Yeshua Star is an unofficial contractor for the Church, handling those tasks that go hand in hand with a public policy of disavowal. When the angels come knocking on Yeshua¿s door, claiming she is an incarnated angel, she and her self-appointed sidekick Chaz find themselves pulled into one of the toughest situations they have ever had to face. Choices Armageddon is looming on the horizon, with one faction of the angels preparing to set the Beast free from the pit of the Abyss. Using all of the knowledge they can piece together from the various groups and their hidden agendas, Yeshua has to make a major decision that will decide the fate of humanity. Does she stop it or let it happen? Is it the End? Or only the Beginning?

Morpheus Speaks

The Encyclopedia of Dream Interpreting

Author: R. J. Cole MS LEP

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 602

View: 451

Our dreams provide a myriad of mysterious and confusing images—some from our personal experiences and some from the depths of the human archetype—but what do they mean, and how can we use them in everyday life? Morpheus Speaks is a compendium of more than five thousand dream images pulled from the dreams of more than three thousand dreamers. Ideas on how to remember dreams, interpret them, and apply them to daily life are provided. Because some dreams seem to advocate for deeper levels of understanding, there are insight sections, a separate section on nightmares, and a section on images that all humans share, regardless of experience. However, we must be careful as we tread the hidden forests of our dreams. They are the unprotected essence of who and what we are. They are the messengers of our souls and our deeper selves. The outer masks that we present to the world—and even the masks we wear to avoid looking too deeply at ourselves—are stripped away during sleep, allowing us to see our most beautiful faces and darkest shadows. Dreams reveal truths about our emotional state of mind, physical and psychological health, and sense of the spiritual. They are our connection to everything, one another, and God. Discover your deepest truths in this definitive guide to dreams, their meanings, and their practical applications in life.

Get Real

A Practical Guide on How to Live It Up

Author: Lien De Pau

Publisher: Morpheus




View: 771

Lien De Pau is 35 and wakes up every morning without any alarm clock. When she opens her eyes the first thing which comes to her mind is: "What would I love to do today?" Impossible? Unrealistic? A bit crazy? Think again! Because we are all able to leave our pre-defined path, even when we feel stuck in the rat race of work, family and other obligations. We can take the leap, look for what really makes us tick and find out what we really love in life. For Lien this leap meant a personal quest via 3 continents and more than 40 countries. It was a journey full of heartbreaking choices and amazing experiences. All of it leading towards the chance to finally grab the life she always dreamt of. For the first time she reveals the true story in this book. How she turned her life around, from slave to surfer. How shetransformed herself from a workaholic crying on the floor of her exclusive city apartment gasping for air, to the world nomad she is today. This book is a guide for those who no longer want to live an invisible and boring life. Whether you are dreaming of leaving your pre-defined path just every once in a while, or whether you totally want to reinvent yourself, Lien has done it all! Curl up on the sofa with this book and find your true self.

Free Your Mind

Author: M.P Neary

Publisher: M.P. Neary



Page: 26

View: 474

Read this free and inspiring book, if you wish to break down those mental barriers that prevent you from living a happier life. It will easily show you how to embrace a greater reality; help you discover a better path towards inner peace and above all, make you see yourself in a new and empowered light. It’s an inspirational, sometimes funny but yet profound read!

The Matrix and Philosophy

Welcome to the Desert of the Real

Author: William Irwin

Publisher: Open Court Publishing


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 280

View: 357

Presents essays exploring the philosophical themes of the motion picture "The Matrix," which portrays a false world created from nothing but perceptions.

Morpheus Tales: The Best Weird Fiction Volume 6

Author: Adam Bradley



Category: Fiction

Page: 172

View: 832

Collected together for the first time, the best weird fiction from Morpheus Tales, the UK's most controversial weird fiction magazine! Only the very best weird fiction has been hand-picked from the Morpheus Tales archives to create the sixth collected volume of the magazine Christopher Fowler calls "edgy and dark." Featuring fiction by Richard Wolkomir, Stuart Hughes, Ty Schwamberger, Paul Johnson-Jovanovic, Matthew Acheson, K. Scott Forman, Charles D. Romans, Craig Saunders, Matt Leyshon, Michael Lejeune, Michelle Ann King, Bruce L. Priddy, Douglas J. Ogurek, Harley Carnell, Stephen McQuiggan, Joe Mynhardt, David McGuire, Richard Farren Barber, Lee Clark Zumpe, Todd Outcalt, Kevin G. Bufton, Charles Austin Muir, Michael W. Clark, Anthony Baynton, Stephen Hernandez, Holly Day, Craig W. Steele, A.A. Garrison, David Barber, John S. Barker, David Buchan. Established horror best-sellers rub shoulders with rising stars and newcomers in this diverse collection of short weird fiction.

Philosophy through Film

Author: Mary M. Litch

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Philosophy

Page: 392

View: 121

Many of the classic questions of philosophy have been raised, illuminated, and addressed in celluloid. In this Third Edition of Philosophy through Film, Mary M. Litch teams up with a new co-author, Amy Karofsky, to show readers how to watch films with a sharp eye for their philosophical content. Together, the authors help students become familiar with key topics in all of the major areas in Western philosophy and master the techniques of philosophical argumentation. The perfect size and scope for a first course in philosophy, the book assumes no prior knowledge of philosophy. It is an excellent teaching resource and learning tool, introducing students to key topics and figures in philosophy through thematic chapters, each of which is linked to one or more "focus films" that illustrate a philosophical problem or topic. Revised and expanded, the Third Edition features: A completely revised chapter on "Relativism," now re-titled "Truth" with coverage of the correspondence theory, the pragmatist theory, and the coherence theory. The addition of four new focus films: Inception, Moon, Gone Baby Gone, God on Trial. Revisions to the General Introduction that include a discussion of critical reasoning. Revisions to the primary readings to better meet the needs of instructors and students, including the addition of three new primary readings: excerpts from Bertrand Russell’s The Problems of Philosophy, from William James’ Pragmatism: A New Way for Some Old Ways of Thinking, and from J. L. Mackie’s "Evil and Omnipotence". Updates and expansion to the companion website, including a much expanded list of films relevant to the various subfields of philosophy. Films examined in depth include: Hilary and Jackie The Matrix Inception Memento Moon I, Robot Minority Report Crimes and Misdemeanors Gone Baby Gone Antz Equilibrium The Seventh Seal God on Trial Leaving Las Vegas

The Morpheus Decision

A Pia Sabel Mystery

Author: Seeley James

Publisher: Seeley James


Category: Fiction


View: 250

Who killed Chloe England? When a friend from her days in international soccer, now a British constable, is murdered, Pia Sabel uncovers an assassination ring catering to the ultra-rich – putting her dead center in their crosshairs. For most of her life, Pia Sabel worked through the pain of losing her parents, threw herself into her work, and lived with insomnia. Now her doctor warns growing paranoia will soon threaten her mental health. She escapes to rural England to mourn the loss of her friend. On arrival, she is attacked by a mob, dismissed by officials, and ridiculed by high society for inquiring about an English Lord and a British institute. The more people tell her not to ask questions, the more she questions their motives. Unconquered and unafraid, she investigates the murder and exposes a well-connected web of billionaire suspects. Along the way, she touches a nerve, bringing down an avalanche of killers on top of her. Unable to trust anyone, from the handsome Scot she wants to know better to Britain’s titled class, she must unravel the clues before more victims land in the morgue. Peeling back the layers of deceit, lies and cover-ups, Pia finally discovers the truth about who killed Chloe England. A revelation sure to endanger everyone she loves. ★★★★★ Praise for Seeley James’ Sabel Security series Makes me think of a modern Agatha Christie with an ass-kicking heroine with a thriller ending instead of a fussy Belgian in a drawing room – Melissa K. A rock-solid, tension-filled ride that is completely entertaining all the way through. -- Ruthie Long before David Baldacci came up with Atlee Pine, we had Pia Sabel, who proves once again to be the best — David Gormer Plenty of edge of the seat suspense, a splash of well-timed humor, and adventures that leave you wanting more — Susan Gainoutdinov You can feel them facing evil, staring it in the face and saying, "Bring it on!" — Ann Graham I loved the character of Pia Sabel – there’s a girl Charlie Fox would team up with any day! — Zoe Sharp, author of the Charlie Fox novels An excellent fast-moving action thriller — Eric Crown, Founder of F500 company, Insight Enterprises

Morpheus Tales: The Best Weird Fiction Volume 5

Author: Adam Bradley



Category: Fiction

Page: 110

View: 110

Collected together for the first time, the best weird fiction from Morpheus Tales, the UK's most controversial weird fiction magazine! Only the very best weird fiction has been hand-picked from the Morpheus Tales archives to create the fifth collected volume of the magazine Christopher Fowler calls "edgy and dark". Featuring fiction by David Lear, Brockton McKinney, Lee Clark Zumpe, Robert Sagirs, Sean Logan, Adrian Ludens, Candra Hope, Ed Plotts, Glen Garrick, Matthew Piskun, Deborah Walker, Paul Johnson-Jovanovic & James Brooks Anthony Baynton, Sharon Baillie, Matt Leyshon, Matthew Acheson, Kyle Hemmings, James Gabriel, Gary Budgen. Established horror best-sellers rub shoulders with rising stars and newcomers in this diverse collection of short weird fiction.

Falling into the Arms of Morpheus

Author: Keith Daniels Delaney

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 726

Besides hit records and sold-out concerts, some people in the rock music game use a another way to make a killing in the business: murder. A popular headliner, Violette Trend, is led by a one-time runaway Marie Lindeaux, who delights concert goers with her amazing talents at packed stadiums everywhere. One of the band’s silent partners, Kevy Stokes, is a corrupt underground drug operator who sends his big guns after a successful rock journalist, Sagan Hunter, whose claim to fame was writing a spin article that put the band on the map but who is now drinking heavily. Sagan is coerced by a federal agent to be used as bait in a trap set for Kevy Stokes before the evil silent partner uses murder to get ahead of the game. Next on his hit list is the captivating starlet herself, Marie. Kevy figures if he can get her killed, the flood of headlines will create enough uproar to take the spotlight off of him. Sagan, who’s fallen in love with Marie, tries to keep her out of Kevy’s reach, but she slips away. After learning of Kevy’s evil plan that is already in place for the girl’s murder, Sagan runs from both sides of the law to try and save her.

The Morpheus Protocol

Author: Nicholaus R. Taylor




Page: 72

View: 983

Before any positive subconscious programs can work, the negative subconscious blocks must be eliminated first! The Morpheus Protocol is hands down the most powerful and quickest way to eliminate deep subconscious issues that create invisible barriers blocking us from accomplishing our goals and deepest desires. By getting rid of the negative subconscious blocks the positive subconscious programs are able to do their work uninhibited. Quickly do away with deep seated subconscious prosperity blocks and negative emotions such as lack, heart break, frustration, depression and fear so clarity and direction can present themselves better.A great shift in world and economic affairs has begun. There is no better time than now to reclaim your personal sovereignty with The Morpheus Protocol.

The Big Picture Making Sense Out of Life and Religion

Author: Sean Williams



Category: Religion

Page: 184

View: 635

This book points out the undeniable similarities between The Gospel of Thomas, the psychedelic experience, the mystic path, and the near death experience in order to put together the big picture and expose the truth about our existence. Can you put together the similarities and understand the TRUTH that organized religion and the government have sought to keep from us? Do you have the ears to HEAR?

Busting Loose From the Business Game

Mind-Blowing Strategies for Recreating Yourself, Your Team, Your Business, and Everything in Between

Author: Robert Scheinfeld

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 335

The Business Game—here’s how you can win! Are you a business owner, manager, or employee who struggles with: Taxes, cash flow, sales, and profits Marketing and advertising effectiveness Hiring, motivating, and managing talent The economy, stock market, and competitors Bosses, boards, stockholders and partners Never-ending to-do lists and sacrificing your quality of life to succeed? If you answered "yes" to any of these, you’ve been playing The Business Game and suffering the consequences. Even if you’re rolling in profits right now, there are hidden costs you’re paying to earn that money—money that’s always at risk. You learned "the rules" and you’ve been faithful to them, thinking you can win. But you can’t really win The Business Game, because it’s designed to be unwinnable—that is, as long as you play by the rules you were taught. The only way to truly win is to bust loose from the "old" game and start playing a new game with a new set of rules. This book helps you discover who you really are, what you’re really capable of, and how you can tap new sources of power, wisdom, and abundance to radically transform your experience of business. When you bust loose from the old game, you’ll suddenly be playing a new game: For the sheer pleasure of playing, with no worries about sales, marketing, profits, cash flow, taxes, other people, or personal income Entirely unaffected by the economy, stock market, competitors, or technological innovation Having more fun with less effort than you’ve ever experienced Doing only what you love to do—all day, every day Watching as amazing results come your way, without having to "make it happen" It may sound unbelievable, but it’s entirely possible. You can do it—if you open your mind and embrace the strategies in this book. Busting Loose from The Business Game leads you into a New Business Game filled with results and satisfaction beyond anything you’ve ever imagined possible. Read on... and bust loose!