More Testing Times

Test Flying in the 1980s and '90s

Author: Mike Brooke

Publisher: The History Press


Category: Transportation

Page: 288

View: 614

Following his first three successful books, describing his long career as a military pilot, Mike Brooke completes the story with more tales of test flying during the 1980s and 1990s. During this period his career changed to see him take control of flying at Farnborough and then at Boscombe Down. This often hilarious memoir gives a revealing insight into military and civilian test flying of a wide range of aircraft, weapons and systems. Following on from his previous books, Brooke continues to use his personal experiences to give the reader a unique view of flight trials of the times, successes and failures, and his memoirs make fascinating reading for any aviation enthusiast.

Dealing with Testing Times

"Remaining Strong, Healthy and Happy in Crises"

Author: Robert Elias Najemy

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 120

View: 867

Learn how to remain healthy, happy, and positive during Testing Times in this all-encompassing book that will surely enrich your life. Discover how you can transform all situations and events into opportunities to become a stronger, happier person. Cultivate positive thoughts and feelings, and use Energy Psychology to free yourself from fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Use Twelve-Step Manifestation Process to manifest your ideal life.Transform your current reality by using methods to create alternative perceptions that result in more inspired solutions. Learn the art of living in the present moment, letting go of the importance you give to what other people think. Discover the power of forgiveness. By creating peace through truth, we open ourselves to the best possible future. This is our challenge.

Reliability and Life Testing Handbook

Author: Dimitri Kececioglu

Publisher: DEStech Publications, Inc


Category: Accelerated life testing

Page: 837

View: 157

Includes the binomial tests of comparison and information on Accept-Reject Tests, the Sequential Probability Ratio Test, Bayesian MTBF and Reliability Demonstration Tests, as well as other important accelerated tests such as Arrhenius, Eyriing, Bazovsky, and Inverse Power Law.

Production Testing of RF and System-on-a-chip Devices for Wireless Communications

Author: Keith B. Schaub

Publisher: Artech House


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 249

View: 570

Technological advances have created a need for the merger and rethinking of past testing approaches for wireless equipment. This first-of-its-kind resource offers professionals an in-depth overview of cutting-edge RF (radio frequency) and SOC (system on a chip) product testing for wireless communications.

Testing Times

A History of Vocational, Civil Service and Secondary Examinations in England since 1850

Author: Willis Richard

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Education

Page: 170

View: 410

This book focuses on the delivery of public examinations offered by the main examining boards in England since Victorian England. The investigation reveals that the provision of examinations was as controversial in the nineteenth century as it is today, particularly since the government is now determined to bring in reform. The issues of grade inflation, the place of coursework in marking, and the introduction of technological change all feature in this book. Educational policy is primarily examined as well as some reference to the global scene. The study analyses archival material from a wide range of sources, including those records stored at the National Archives and the London Metropolitan Archives. An emphasis is placed upon the various institutions that contributed to the process, including the Royal Society of Arts, the London Chamber of Commerce, the City of Guilds of London Institute and the University of London. Attention is given to the findings of the Taunton Commission and the Bryce Commission and shorter reports such as the Northcote-Trevelyn Report which served to radicalise entry and recruitment to the Civil Service. The modern GCSE and the plans for I-levels are considered and key observations are made about the efficacy of those examinations offered by Oxford and Cambridge universities and O-levels, A-levels and NVQs, The reader is given every opportunity to benefit enthusiastically in this account of examinations, and those engaged in education, whether teachers, examiners, students or administrators, will be able to gain useful insights into the workings of the examination system.

Testing Times

The Story of the Men who Made SA Cricket

Author: Luke Alfred

Publisher: New Africa Books


Category: Cricket

Page: 186

View: 950

'Testing Times' tells the story of South African cricket's struggle to find its own identity and to transform itself from whipping boy to world power during the post-war cricket era through cricketing greats such as Dudley Nourse, Eric and Athol Rowan, and more.

High Performance Memory Testing

Design Principles, Fault Modeling and Self-Test

Author: R. Dean Adams

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 250

View: 443

Are memory applications more critical than they have been in the past? Yes, but even more critical is the number of designs and the sheer number of bits on each design. It is assured that catastrophes, which were avoided in the past because memories were small, will easily occur if the design and test engineers do not do their jobs very carefully. High Performance Memory Testing: Design Principles, Fault Modeling and Self Test is based on the author's 20 years of experience in memory design, memory reliability development and memory self test. High Performance Memory Testing: Design Principles, Fault Modeling and Self Test is written for the professional and the researcher to help them understand the memories that are being tested.

Objectives-based Testing

A Guide to Effective Test Development

Author: Harold F. Rahmlow

Publisher: Educational Technology


Category: Educational tests and measurements

Page: 148

View: 160

Time-Triggered Communication

Author: Roman Obermaisser

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Computers

Page: 575

View: 365

Time-Triggered Communication helps readers build an understanding of the conceptual foundation, operation, and application of time-triggered communication, which is widely used for embedded systems in a diverse range of industries. This book assembles contributions from experts that examine the differences and commonalities of the most significant protocols including: TTP, FlexRay, TTEthernet, SAFEbus, TTCAN, and LIN. Covering the spectrum, from low-cost time-triggered fieldbus networks to ultra-reliable time-triggered networks used for safety-critical applications, the authors illustrate the inherent benefits of time-triggered communication in terms of predictability, complexity management, fault-tolerance, and analytical dependability modeling, which are key aspects of safety-critical systems. Examples covered include FlexRay in cars, TTP in railway and avionic systems, and TTEthernet in aerospace applications. Illustrating key concepts based on real-world industrial applications, this book: Details the underlying concepts and principles of time-triggered communication Explores the properties of a time-triggered communication system, contrasting its strengths and weaknesses Focuses on the core algorithms applied in many systems, including those used for clock synchronization, startup, membership, and fault isolation Describes the protocols that incorporate presented algorithms Covers tooling requirements and solutions for system integration, including scheduling The information in this book is extremely useful to industry leaders who design and manufacture products with distributed embedded systems based on time-triggered communication. It also benefits suppliers of embedded components or development tools used in this area. As an educational tool, this material can be used to teach students and working professionals in areas including embedded systems, computer networks, system architectures, dependability, real-time systems, and automotive, avionics, and industrial control systems.

Testing Times

The Uses and Abuses of Assessment

Author: Gordon Stobart

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 224

View: 981

Assessment dominates our lives but its good intentions often produce negative consequences. An example that is central to this book is how current forms of assessment encourage shallow ‘for-the-test’ learning. It is true to say that as the volume of assessment increases, confidence in what it represents is diminishing. This book seeks to reclaim assessment as a constructive activity which can encourage deeper learning. To do this the purpose, and fitness-for–purpose, of assessments have to be clear. Gordon Stobart critically examines five issues that currently have high-profile status: intelligence testing learning skills accountability the ‘diploma disease’ formative assessment Stobart explains that these form the basis for the argument that we must generate assessments which, in turn, encourage deep and lifelong learning. This book raises controversial questions about current uses of assessment and provides a framework for understanding them. It will be of great interest to teaching professionals involved in further study, and to academics and researchers in the field.