Missing Person Case Files Solved

People Gone Missing and Found Again True Stories of Mysterious Disappearances

Author: Andrew J. Clark




Page: 102

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Vanished into thin air... Disturbing cases of people gone missing and being found again. Read about their mysterious and sometime chilling journey.Missing people are far more common than you might think. Every year, around the world, hundreds of thousands of people vanish into thin air. Usually, they have simply been involved in a freak accident that has led to their death. Sometimes, they vanish on purpose and don't wish to be found. On very rare occasions, there is violence at play and the person has been deliberately removed from the public or even killed.In this book, we will be examining the various circumstances in which people happen to vanish. These circumstances can vary from elegant plans of their own design to freak accidents that result in memory loss. In some cases, we will find that there is a malicious party at play and a far greater crime to be solved. But in every single case, we will learn of someone who vanishes before being found again.So, read on to discover the strange and mysterious events which can drive people away, as well as the emotions and motivations that lead them to come home. With so many people disappearing across the planet, the stories of those who are able to come home are inspirational, fascinating, and - in some cases - almost unbelievable. In this book, we will learn the true stories of the lost and found, the real life events which see people arrive back home after most people might have given up hope. Read on and discover just what it takes to come back.Here are some of the cases that you will find inside:* The young boy abducted by a crazed man* The boy whose kidnap inspired a search and rescue team* The controversial lawyer who vanished for eight years* The rapper who dropped off the radar* The actress who vanished without warning* The man kidnapped by North Korea* The man struck down by a little known medical issue* And many more!Scroll back up and order your copy today

Missing Persons Cases

The Cold Cases Solved Long After Everyone Gave Up

Author: Max Mason Hunter




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The Cold Cases Solved Long After Everyone Gave Up... Claim Your FREE Bonuses After the Conclusion! People are murdered, raped, kidnapped, or worse on a daily basis. While most of these cases are solved within a timely and satisfactory manner, not all are so lucky. There are hundreds if not thousands of cold cases shuffled away in the filing cabinets of police departments across the globe. But what happens to these cases? Are any of them ever solved? In some cases, they remain cold for decades on end. Some find evidence that leads investigators down roads they would have never thought, only to be dead ended by a legality or some other errant reason. Every corner of the globe now has specific departments dedicated to detecting those responsible for the many unknown deaths that surface each year. In the cold case files presented in this book, you will read about eleven of the strangest, most terrifying cold cases the world has ever seen. Even though a small number of cases do go unsolved, detectives and their forensic teams today have extended the long arm of the law. It is now tougher than ever before to get away with murder, and these eleven stories prove that even if you are the smartest killer on the block, you will be discovered. Be prepared to see the inside of another man's mind, specifically the mind of the man who kills and the man that stalks him. This electrifying game of cat and mouse has become a hobby of true crime writers across the globe, and a past time for daytime television viewers. Are you ready to peek inside the deranged brain of a serial rapist, killer, or kidnapper? Here Is A Preview Of What's Inside... Missing Persons Cases: Suicide or Homicide? Missing Persons Cases: Young Love Leads to Deadly Places Missing Persons Cases: The Murderer Who Didn't Know How Missing Persons Cases: The Murderer Who Called the Cops Missing Persons Cases: The BTK Strangler Missing Persons Cases: Twenty Four Years Underground Much, much more! Scroll up and get this book now!

Missing True Cases of Mysterious Disappearances 2

Author: Andrew J Clark




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They just vanished... disappeared without leaving a trace. This second book sheds light on more of the most intriguing missing person cases. They're here one second and then they're gone. Without rhyme or reason, people going about their mundane day-to-day affairs vanish without a trace. Sure, missing person cases may be a dime a dozen, but some are just a little stranger than others. Because there are disappearances-and then there are mind-bogglingly mysterious disappearances. When it comes to missing people, there are some cases that just seem to completely defy explanation. In this book, we will take a look at a wide variety of such extra-mysterious disappearances that have yet to be solved. From Jim Sullivan's UFO to the Yuba County Five, there is no easy way to figure out what happened to these lost souls. Were they kidnapped? Were they killed? Did they kill themselves? Or did they literally just disappear into thin air? Put on your detective hat and get ready for real mystery as we present to you 15 disappearances that defy all logical explanation, 15 cases in which folks have gone missing in the blink of an eye. Some of the cases included inside: -Maura Murray-Ciara Breen-Alan Addis-Jim Sullivan-Amy Bechtel-Gary Mathias-And Many More Scroll back up and order your copy today!

Missing Children's Act

Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, First Session, on H.R. 3781 ... November 18 and 30, 1981

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights



Category: Missing children

Page: 127

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Psychic Case Files

Solving the Psychic Mysteries Behind Unsolved Cases

Author: Tony Stockwell

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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Missing persons, mystery suicides, haunted houses and murder...Tony Stockwell is regularly asked by victims of crime and their families, to use his psychic powers to help investigate cases, often criminal, that have not yielded to conventional methods. In this fascinating collection, he opens his case files, including: "Suicide or Murder?" in which, at the request of a family, Tony investigates the death of a young boy who was killed in an apparent suicide, which Tony believes involved foul play. In "Missing Children", two children mysteriously disappear while their mother's back is turned. Years later, Tony reads for her and finds a clue to their whereabouts...And many more...This is a treasure trove for anyone who is interested in the realm beyond our own.

Cold Case Research Resources for Unidentified, Missing, and Cold Homicide Cases

Author: Silvia Pettem

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Law

Page: 333

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Cases in which all investigative leads appear to be exhausted are frustrating for both investigators and victims’ families. Cold cases can range from those only a few months old to others that go back for decades. Presenting profiles and actual case histories, Cold Case Research: Resources for Unidentified, Missing and Cold Homicide Cases illustrates how investigators can successfully apply resources that will enable them to reopen and solve cases gathering dust in the file room. Today’s investigators have found that, to solve cold cases, they need to be internet savvy and make the best use of the rapidly changing methodologies of the twenty-first century, but they also have to be time travelers and open the door to the past. This volume weaves together the nearly forgotten skill sets of traditional historical researchers with the latest online tools, including TLO, a premier investigative system; and NamUs, the revolutionary database for missing persons and unidentified remains. Along with practical applications, Cold Case Research gives investigators the tools they need to save time and money and to jump-start their cold cases, while keeping others from going cold in the future. Topics discussed include: Implementing cold case units People searches and working with databases Overlooked DNA in PKU cards The plight of the missing and unknown Applying historical and geographical context Online and off-line newspaper research Public and published records The use of volunteers Contact with co-victims Cold-case review teams and information-sharing resources Taking advantage of the media Using a thinking-outside-the-box approach, this volume helps fill major gaps in traditional cold case investigation training and techniques, enabling investigators to confidently reopen and crack the mystery of cases long thought unsolvable. Silvia Pettem was quoted in a January 29, 2012 article on missing persons in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The Shallow Grave and Other True Crime Stories from the Case Files of Christian Botha, South Africa's Foremost Private Investigator

Author: Chip Michie

Publisher: Struik Publishers


Category: Criminal investigation

Page: 245

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Christian Botha is one of the foremost private detectives in South Africa, often solving cases the police have given up on. This title chronicles some of the high-profile cases he has solved in recent years.

Cold Case Files 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981

Author: Ben Oakley

Publisher: Twelvetrees Camden


Category: True Crime

Page: 415

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The new must-have true crime series from the best-selling author of the Monstrous Book of Serial Killers. For adored readers and legitimate true crime junkies all over the world, Bitesize True Crime is right up your dark and shadowy alley! Easy to read and digestible information on true crime cases that are small but compact enough to be consumed at any time of the day or night. Over 500 cold cases, dedicated to the years 1978, 1979, 1980, and 1981, spread over 400 pages! The cases are broken down into cold case murders, missing persons, identified and unsolved, unidentified bodies, other cold cases, and solved cases. Unsolved assassinations, kidnappings, rapes, arson, and hijackings fall under the other cold cases category. As you build your personal library of Bitesize True Crime, you’ll be the one everyone turns to for their true crime knowledge and cold case investigatory skills. With eight new books landing in 2021, there’s no better time to get on board and start your collection today! Bitesize True Crime for the bitesize generation. Instant eBook download!

Handbook of Missing Persons

Author: Stephen J. Morewitz

Publisher: Springer


Category: Psychology

Page: 585

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This ambitious multidisciplinary volume surveys the science, forensics, politics, and ethics involved in responding to missing persons cases. International experts across the physical and social sciences offer data, case examples, and insights on best practices, new methods, and emerging specialties that may be employed in investigations. Topics such as secondary victimization, privacy issues, DNA identification, and the challenges of finding victims of war and genocide highlight the uncertainties and complexities surrounding these cases as well as possibilities for location and recovery. This diverse presentation will assist professionals in accessing new ideas, collaborating with colleagues, and handling missing persons cases with greater efficiency—and potentially greater certainty. Among the Handbook’s topics: ·A profile of missing persons: some key findings for police officers. ·Missing persons investigations and identification: issues of scale, infrastructure, and political will. ·Pregnancy and parenting among runaway and homeless young women. ·Estimating the appearance of the missing: forensic age progression in the search for missing persons. ·The use of trace evidence in missing persons investigations. ·The Investigation of historic missing persons cases: genocide and “conflict time” human rights abuses. The depth and scope of its expertise make the Handbook of Missing Persons useful for criminal justice and forensic professionals, health care and mental health professionals, social scientists, legal professionals, policy leaders, community leaders, and military personnel, as well as for the general public.

Missing and Sexually Exploited Children in the EU

Epidemiological Data

Author: Gert Vermeulen

Publisher: Maklu Pub


Category: Social Science

Page: 553

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The first part of the project resulted in a book entitled Missing and sexually exploited children in the EU. Epidemiological data. The book stresses the importance of EU-wide multidisciplinary and integrated efforts (between competent authorities and civil society organisations) in collecting epidemiological data as a basis for improved, knowledge-based policy-making in the area of missing and sexually exploited minors. It comprises country reports of all 15 EU Member States. Each country report provides essential definitional information regarding the various forms of sexual exploitation of children and types of missing children, outlines the way data collection on sexual exploited and missing children by various governmental (police, judicial, other) and non-governmental actors is organised, and deliver available data on the phenomena concerned. A final, comparative report bridges the country report information into a first Union-wide epidemiological state of the art, thus showing that current data collection is organised in a very chaotic and poor fashion. At the same time, the report identifies the main weaknesses and shortcomings of applied data collection methods. It also offers a set of recommendations for both Member State and EU action in striving for improved and integrated ways of collecting, administering and centralising reliable, comparable and comprehensive data on the various forms of missing and sexually exploited children.

The Policewoman

Her Service and Ideals

Author: Mary E. Hamilton



Category: Police

Page: 200

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Thirty Years in the Trenches Covering Crooks, Characters, and Capers

Author: John Drummond



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 252

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These are stories you won't read about in the Chicago guide books or travel brochures. Examine Justice Department transcripts involving mobsters and their victims. Meet some of Chicago's legendary characters. Listen in on high class hookers and escorts telling their secrets. Try to solve some of Chicago's most fascinating mysteries. Read about who gets the gravy and who doesn't in a TV newsroom. John Drummond takes you with him as he gets his story -- stories that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes brutal, sometimes poignant, and always fascinating. Book jacket.


Author: Michigan State Police





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TV Guide




Category: Television programs


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