The Missing Lynx

Author: Stephen M. Gower

Publisher: The Gower Group, Inc


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 164

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Missing Lynx

Author: Kim Baldwin

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 312

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Where do you run when there's nowhere to hide? When a sadistic serial killer known as the Headhunter resurfaces, a government blunder forces the Elite Operatives Organization into action. Operation Mask falls to Lynx. She has the determination, skills, and most importantly, the right profile, but her youth and lack of experience in the field could put more than the mission in jeopardy. Her search takes her deep into the jungles of Asia, where she must battle not only the ruthless purveyors of the international skin trade, but also her growing feelings for a mysterious mercenary with her own agenda for the Headhunter.

The Missing Lynx

The Past and Future of Britain's Lost Mammals

Author: Ross Barnett

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Nature

Page: 352

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Britain's lynx are missing, and they have been for more than a thousand years. Why have they gone? And might they come back? A mere 15,000 years ago, Britain was a very different place – home to lions, lynx, bears, wolves, bison and many more megafauna. But as the climate changed and human populations expanded, changing habitats and wiping out wildlife, most of the British megafauna disappeared. Will we ever be able to bring these mammals back? And if it's possible, should we? In The Missing Lynx, palaeontologist Ross Barnett uses case studies, new fossil discoveries, biomolecular evidence and more to paint a picture of these lost species, and to explore the significance of their disappearance in ecological terms. He also discusses how the Britons these animals shared their lives with might have viewed them, and questions why some survived while others vanished. Barnett also looks in detail at the realistic potential of reintroductions, rewilding and even of resurrection, both in Britain and overseas, from the innovative Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve to the revolutionary Pleistocene Park in Siberia, which has already seen progress in the revival of 'mammoth steppe'. With the world going through a 'sixth extinction' caused by widespread habitat destruction, climate change and an ever-growing human population, this timely book explores the spaces that extinction has left unfilled, in Britain and elsewhere. By understanding why some of our most charismatic animals are gone, we can look to a brighter future, perhaps with some of these missing beasts returned to the land on which they once lived and died.

Test Prep Level 3: The Missing Lynx Comprehension and Critical Thinking

Author: Lisa Greathouse

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials



Page: 4

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Students read a high-interest nonfiction article, strengthen comprehension skills by responding to follow-up questions, study a primary source document, and demonstrate critical-thinking skills through document-based questions.

Dr. Nightingale Traps the Missing Lynx

A Deirdre Quinn Nightingale Mystery

Author: Lydia Adamson



Category: Fiction

Page: 189

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While attending a posh fundraiser during which six half-bobcat kittens are to be auctioned off, vet Deirdre Nightingale suspects murder when the party's host drops dead, apparently from an exposure to rattlesnake venom

Missing Lynx

Author: Fiona Quinn

Publisher: CreateSpace



Page: 384

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In Missing Lynx we follow Lexi from her home in suburban Washington D.C., to a prison in Honduras. There she must use all of her skills to escape the clutches of Maria Rodriguez, a long time enemy who wants to use Lynx as a pawn in her deadly game. Can Strike Force find her in time to save her life?

Ann Morgan's Last Case

The Missing Lynx: Second Edition

Author: John Tomikel

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 194

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Ann's significant other, chemistry professor John Klement, will be on a special assignment with the U.S. Government for two years. So, Ann decides to leave Avon and spend those two years working with the Pennsylvania State Police. She not only has to deal with a missing woman case, but also with her attraction to a young man twelve years her junior. This is a story of intrigue, sex, and sensibility.


Master of Survival

Author: Kevin Hansen

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Nature

Page: 248

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Bobcat: Master of Survival tells the story of the most adaptable and resilient wild feline in the world. While half the wild cat species worldwide are in danger, the bobcat is thriving, even expanding its range in North America. Why are bobcats flourishing when so many other wild felines are advancing towards extinction? The book explains how scientists apply the latest in wildlife research technology to probe this diminutive predator's habits and behavior. The reader is invited inside the bobcat's world to see how they hunt, kill prey, raise their young, coexist with humans, and deftly navigate the endless obstacles to survival. The bobcat is both the most studied and the most exploited wild feline in the world. Millions have been killed for the fur trade. They were the focus of major controversy in the 1970s that transformed international conservation of wild felines. The book discusses how economics and politics play a far greater role in bobcat management and conservation than does science. Bobcat is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on the natural history and management of bobcats to appear in 40 years.