Men Who Can't be Faithful

Build a Better, More Intimate Relationship-Based on New Trust

Author: Carol Botwin

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 291

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Botwin presents the first book that shows a woman how to tell if her man is cheating, whether it is possible for him to change and how to create a more intimate relationship based on trust. Sound and realistic advice from a well-known columnist for New Woman magazine.

The State of Affairs

Explorations in Infidelity and Commitment

Author: Jean Duncombe

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 232

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This volume brings together contributions on the study of sexual affairs in committed personal relationships. The editors enlisted colleagues with varied theoretical and methodological perspectives from Britain, the United States, and other countries. Together, their contributions provide a broad, cross-national perspective on affairs. Grounded in theoretical discussion, the chapters in this book introduce data collected by a broad range of methods, including attitude surveys, large statistical cohort studies, case studies, depth interviews, and group discussions. A number of contributors locate the theoretical discussion of affairs within the broader contemporary ordering of committed relationships, contrasting the liberating and empowering aspects of affairs with the damage they may inflict on society as a whole and on the lives of individuals and families. The themes of passion, transgression, secrecy, lies, betrayal, and gossip are common to a range of chapters throughout. The volume provides broad literature reviews and theoretical discussions concerning particular aspects of affairs, such as communication and jealousy. In addition, case studies are used for the more detailed exploration of heterosexual affairs and contemporary developments in gay male and lesbian relationships. The State of Affairs will be of interest to researchers, scholars, and students in social psychology; communication; sociology; family, social, and clinical psychology; and for practitioners in couple counseling.

One-Minute Prayers for Young Men

Author: Clayton King

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 188

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A selection of candid prayers for teen boys, written in the style of the popular One-Minute Prayers series, provides more than 150 entries designed to promote personal honesty, empathy and forgiveness while raising awareness about individuality and God's purpose.

Man and Superman, John Bull's Other Island, and Major Barbara

Author: George Bernard Shaw

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Drama

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Nobel Laureate George Bernard Shaw remains one of the world's most important and popular writers. His plays are regularly performed around the world, from the boards of Broadway and the West End to regional, community, and college stages. The three plays selected here are widely considered to be three of the most important in the canon of modern British theatre: Man and Superman: a four-act comedy for serious people, staged in part at Royal court in 1905, it is one of the early works of Modernism to take an ancient myth and restage it in contemporary mode (and its influence extends across world literature, palpable in writings from Mann to Joyce). Its story of how a sensitive woman compels a superman-figure to adjust to her needs and those of the real world provides an updated commentary on Nietzsche's still-fashionable notions of ubermensch; and its famous third act introduces a persistent Shavian theme, which goes back as far as earliest religious literature-that the truly damned are those who are happy in hell. John Bull's Other Island takes up that idea: to the visionary, hell may be the ultimate modern dream of efficiency and rational administration, as manifested in a colonial Ireland run by liberal exploiters. Commissioned by WB Yeats to mark the opening of Ireland's National Theatre, the Abbey, the play was promptly refused by its Directors (who disliked its mechanical mockeries of mechanism but may have missed its visionary qualities). It was performed to huge acclaim in London in November 1904 and it made Shaw famous, the supreme example of the Playwright as Thinker and, ever afterwards, one of the most valued commentators on Anglo-Irish relations. Major Barbara: a three-act drama which in classic Shavian style unmasks the motivation of puritan idealists and dedicated industrialists, this work (like the previous two) pits a strong woman against a sardonic, practical man. Having exposed the mendacity of apostles of efficiency, Shaw seems then to submit to their doctrine, arguing that a pure private charity towards the destitute is no adequate substitute. Like the previous two works, this is a problem play, in the course of which the audience sympathy is aroused and then repelled in all directions. The suggestion that it may be acceptable to take money from tainted sources, such as arms manufacturers, caused much debate in 1905—-and even more after the carnage wrought by mechanized guns in World War One.

Youth's Faithful Monitor

Or, the Young Man's Best Companion. Containing a Compendious English Grammar, ... Reading and Writing Made Easy, ... Also, Arithmetic ... Merchants Accompts, ... To which is Added ... the History of England, ... With a Great Variety of Copper-plates and Cuts. By William Woolgar, ...

Author: William Woolgar



Category: Handbooks, vade-mecums, etc

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Faithful Heart

Author: Al Lacy

Publisher: Multnomah


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Angel of Mercy Series: Book Two FOR SOME SOLDIERS, THE BATTLE never ends. Dottie Harper fears for her children's safety. Her husband, Jerrod, is struggling with dementia brought on by shell shock during the Civil War. It's as though there are two Jerrods locked inside him: the tender and loving Christian man she married, and a harsh man given to unpredictable fits of violent rage. Dottie loves her husband with all her heart, and with God's help, she'd determined to remain steadfast. Dottie's sister, Breanna Baylor, is a certified medical nurse. She's headed west with a wagon train, planning to visit Dottie in California and meet her family for the first time. Along the way, Breanna meets up with wounded soldiers, contagious townspeople, and injured outlaws. Compassionate and highly skilled, she tends to their physical hurts and shares the gospel whenever she can. Litlle does she know that a life-or-death meeting awaits with her own brother-in-law. Come alongside these two remarkable sisters, and rejoice in how God takes care of those with faithful hearts.






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