Meditative Origami

Author: John Montroll

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 64

View: 287

Two mindfulness techniques in one book! Color your own origami paper from a selection of 23 pages with intriguing designs and then follow simple directions to fold 10 origami models.

Wedding Origami

The Ancient Tradition for Love and Celebrations

Author: Duy Nguyen

Publisher: Cider Mill Press


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 1064

View: 697

Featuring hundreds of beautiful wedding-themed pages of origami paper, bring elegance, tradition, and good fortune to your wedding day with the ancient Japanese art of origami! Folding origami takes time, patience, and understanding, the same qualities vital to a lasting marriage. According to ancient lore, a beautifully hand-folded paper crane (orizuru) represents the promise of a long, happy marriage. This elegant new origami book will help you turn this time-honored tradition into chic wedding d�cor: Imagine a senbazuru--hundreds of delicate origami cranes held together by strings--hanging at your wedding ceremony as a symbol of your enduring commitment to your partner. From crafty bachelorette night activities to elegant origami-themed decorations (like a bouquet of origami cranes as your dinner table centerpiece!), we'll show you how to incorporate any number of folded cranes into your wedding festivities. This book includes more than 500 six-inch by six-inch sheets of folding paper, plus step-by-step instructions from the most basic of origami folds through various pre-designed, reproducible instructions and origami patterns. Get inspired, get creative, and get folding!

Zen Origami

20 Modular Forms for Meditation and Calm: 400 Sheets of Origami Paper in 10 Unique Designs Included!

Author: Maria Sinayskaya



Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 931

"This book contains 20 origami projects that take time and thought to complete, offering readers contemplative sessions that manifest in beautiful pieces of folded paper art"--

Origami Fold-by-Fold

Author: John Montroll

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 160

New collection of 35 original models by the origami master ranges from simple (ladybug, angelfish, sailboat) to complex (grasshopper, wooly mammoth), with a crane, lion, peacock, and several geometric shapes in between.

Mandala Origami Paper Pack

More Than 250 Sheets of Origami Paper in 16 Meditative Patterns

Author: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Publisher: Sterling Innovation


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 560

View: 973

This beautiful collection features more than 250 sheets of origami paper with 16 different colorful, calming mandala designs. Relax and de-stress as you make a crane, stars, and more, guided by the easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions. You ll stay inspired and relaxed for hours."

Cat Origami

Author: Roman Diaz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 80

View: 918

Puuurfectly folded pets that don't need a litter box! If rounding up your thoughts is like herding cats, try the relaxing, meditative art of origami. Specially designed folding sheets give your sculptural projects an added touch of class, and the 80-page instruction book offers detailed diagrams to make sure you don't miss a crease. The Siamese, Maine Coon, and Scottish Fold are some of the popular feline varieties included in this kit, and each model is introduced with information about the breed. These kitties will be the cat's meow in your collection!

Origami Ikebana

Create Lifelike Paper Flower Arrangements: Includes Origami Book with 38 Projects and Downloadable Video Instructions

Author: Benjamin John Coleman

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 810

Make realistic and decorative paper flower arrangements with this stunning origami book. The Japanese art of flower arranging is an age-old practice that honors nature and creates beauty through harmony and balance. This brand new book, Origami Ikebana, shows you how to create unique ikebana-inspired paper flower arrangements any time of the year. Since discovering ikebana some years ago, origami artist and author Benjamin Coleman has worked on developing techniques that enable him to create ikebana-style floral arrangements with simple folded paper. In this book, Coleman combines the principles and techniques of ikebana, origami and makigami (paper rolling) to create beautiful and lifelike paper flower arrangements. You'll learn how to construct stems from paper-mache-like makigami rolls and cap them with exquisite folded paper flowers and leaves, as well as how to display the arrangements on stone-like bases made of paper. Topics covered in this ground-breaking origami book include: Basic origami flower folding and assembly techniques Painting the leaves and flowers to enhance realism Using incremental leaf sizes for a greater sense of depth Making stems using makigami paper rolling techniques Creating "stone" bases for your arrangement from origami paper Dozens of different origami flower arrangements are described in this book and the downloadable video contains detailed step-by-step video lessons showing you how to create each model. Don't spend a fortune on real flowers and plants that will wilt in a week—make your own beautiful paper floral arrangements that will last forever! This origami book contains: 128 page, full-color book Step-by-step instructions Colorful diagrams and photographs Origami flower folding and arranging techniques and tips 8 different leaf types 30 flower types Downloadable instructional video





Category: Handicraft


View: 422

Origami Artist's Bible

Author: Ashley Wood

Publisher: Chartwell


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 192

View: 208

Covers a wide range of materials and techniques used with each medium for paper folding. Includes color photographs, tips, and pictures of finished projects.

Haiku, Origami, and More

Worship and Study Resources from Japan

Author: Judith May Newton



Category: Religion

Page: 92

View: 727

The art of origami

Author: Kazuko Maeshiro

Publisher: Ediciones LEA


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 64

View: 693

“Origami” comes from two Japanese words: “ori” (to fold) and kami (paper). However, it has only been called Origami since 1880. Before 1880, the art of paper-folding was called Orikata.

Angel Origami

15 Paper Angels to Bring Peace, Joy and Healing Into Your Life

Author: Nick Robinson

Publisher: Watkins Publishing


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 96

View: 605

An angel crafted from paper can be delicately beautiful. What a wonderful way of conjuring up angelic powers for yourself - as permanent decoration, for festive occasions or as a memorable gift. Including 15 sheets of origami paper and detailed instructions, as well as inspiring photographs, this book equips readers to make 15 different origami angels. Origami is perfect for anyone interested in mindful crafting---creative projects as a route to relaxation. The book offers something new both to angel enthusiasts and to the many fans of origami worldwide. The author, a renowned origami artist, begins by explaining the spiritual dimension of origami, showing how this meditative, stress-releasing practice connects with Zen principles in awakening the possibilities of paper. He describes basic origami techniques before presenting 15 projects, which progress from simple angels suitable for beginners to more complex 3D figures, so that the reader gradually builds up their level of skill and experience. Each project comes with clear step-by-step artworks and photography to help the would-be origami artist. The angels include bringers of peace, hope, healing and good fortune, as well as those with practical uses such as a bookmark. Uplifting quotations and superb photography will inspire all those wishing to use their completed angels for meditation.

Like origami gone wrong

Author: Simon Dybbroe Møller

Publisher: Jrp Ringier Kunstverlag Ag


Category: Art

Page: 131

View: 384

Simon Dybbroe Møller's first monograph folds Modernist art history into something new. His interest stems in part from personal nostalgia and in part from intellectual fascination; he once told an interviewer, "You and I grew up in a society where a certain kind of provincial Modernism has had a major influence on how schools are constructed and everything. Furthermore, Modernism represents--and I guess it is almost a cliché to say--the last period of utopia, and a belief in actually producing truths." One installation, a darkened room with scattered light sources and projection screens, recalls both a party and the fusty setting of an academic conference; in another, a portrait of Le Corbusier emerges from a stain in the ceiling. Frieze magazine has called Møller's celebration of both the past and the uninterrupted march of artistic progress "a welcome alternative to thinking about art history as a daunting public library with strict rules for readers."

The Book of Mindful Origami

Fold paper, unfold your mind

Author: Samuel Tsang

Publisher: Quercus


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 145

Every day millions of us sit in front of a computer screen tapping away at a keyboard, mostly writing virtual notes to unseen correspondents. By contrast, an origami project is a chance to be creative and make something tangible; in fact, turning a piece of paper into a three-dimensional sculpture is a meditative journey that instills in us a sense of pride, competence, and accomplishment. As we fold the paper, the focus required and the tactile connection help free our minds to roam, creating the opportunity for a moment of self-reflection, for true presence of mind.

500 Origamis

Fun Paper and Basic Folds

Author: Emilie Ramon

Publisher: Firefly Books



Page: 520

View: 896

500 Fun Origamis is pocket-sized origami book with 500 pages and basic folding instructions. Its two companion books are: 500 Irresistible Origamis (9780228101505) 500 Fluorescent Origamis (9780228101499) Each of these books features 250 double-sided origami papers decorated with original designs and patterns by Mayumi Jezewski. Sixteen pages of basic folding instructions are illustrated and explained with arrows and clear lines -- perfect for beginners. The Guardian newspaper called origami "2016's craft trend" and reported that sales of origami books have surged as customers look for alternatives to the popular coloring books. Like coloring, origami presents children and adults with a creative meditative challenge away from the screen. Origami has no age barrier and benefits everyone, from children to the elderly. Studies show that origami activates the whole brain. It develops eye-hand coordination, sequencing skills, attention skills, temporal spatial skills, mathematical reasoning, language skills and patience. It also promotes hand and finger dexterity. Here are three colorful stocking stuffer-sized books ideal for the holidays.

Origami for the First Time

Author: Soonboke Smith

Publisher: Chapelle


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 112

View: 250

An origami book for the absolute beginner which explains everything you need to know Features hundreds of close-up colour photos Step-by-step instructions Later chapters take the reader beyond the fundamentals From making the basic folds and forms to crafting exquisite little flowerpots, frames, and pinwheels, this right-from-the-beginning question and answer guide explains everything you need to know about origami. Hundreds of close-up colour photos follow each step in the process as pencil holders, miniature chairs and tables, and beautiful traditional cranes emerge from the paper. Find out what tools are needed to get started and the important terms and symbols. Try simple techniques for creating seven projects, including coasters, paper hearts, a candy cup, and a knife and fork holder. Go beyond the fundamentals and see how to construct 14 exquisite items that require slightly more complex folding and assembling, such as a sailboat, dove, pine tree, and gift boxes. A gallery presents a collection of inspiring sculptural origami pieces by some of the best artists in the field.