Master the Basics--English

Author: Jean Yates

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 341

View: 480

Offers ESL students an overview of the fundamentals of the English language, with information on usage, grammar, verb tenses, sentence elements, and parts of speech.

The Basics


Author: Michele Goulet Miller

Publisher: South-Western Pub


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

View: 726

The Basics of English presents grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and number usage that provides the "base" of knowledge needed to succeed in writing classes. Short, concise content delivers a thorough approach with clear-cut examples and exercises to reinforce learning. Use of current technology including the Internet has been incorporated as well as SCANS workplace readiness skills. Humor is also added to emphasize key principles and concepts.

Improve Your Punctuation & Grammar

Master the Essentials of the English Language, and Write with Greater Confidence

Author: Marion Field

Publisher: How to Books


Category: English language

Page: 176

View: 796

This guide aims to help the reader to master the basics of the English language. It outlines the basics of grammar and punctuation, shows how to avoid common mistakes and describes how to write with greater confidence. CONTENTS: Following grammatical guidelines - learning about sentence construction - varying your sentences - colouring your writing - making sense of punctuation marks - handling apostrophes and abbreviations - writing dialogue - avoiding common mistakes - improving your style - reinforcing your work - making use of the dictionary and the thesaurus About the author Marion Field was Head of English in a large Comprehensive School, and an experienced examiner for GCSE English. She is the author of a range of books dedicated to helping others master the English language and its usage.

Everyday English

Getting to grips with the basics of the language

Author: Michelle Finlay

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 175

View: 168

A poor command of English is a considerable obstacle in almost every walk of life, from conducting business to dealing with everyday problems. This book takes you back to the basics; the simple rules and tricks that will help anyone to master the language. Rather than a guide to everything you would ever want to know about the English language, it is a basic companion to the nuts and bolts - designed to help native and non-native speakers alike to speak and write correct and unambiguous English in any situation, business or personal. The book offers advice on many different areas including the writing of letters, reports and other texts, where it is often vital to convey meaning and purpose simply and clearly. It also includes sections on sentences, parts of speech, punctuation, and common pitfalls to avoid.

REA's Handbook of English Grammar, Style, and Writing

Author: The Editors of REA

Publisher: Research & Education Assoc.


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 320

View: 439

REA's Handbook of English Grammar, Style, and Writing is a must for students! The ability to write and speak correctly and effectively is a prerequisite for doing well in all subjects, including the physical and social sciences, math and the liberal arts. Writing and speaking skills become even more important when seeking a job and trying to succeed in a chosen career. This easy-to-understand, straightforward English handbook doesn't use the technical jargon usually found in English grammar books. Instead, our handbook provides hundreds of examples from which it is possible to easily see what is correct and what is incorrect in all areas of English grammar and writing. Practice exercises with answers follow each chapter. The handbook covers the following in detail: nouns, verbs, adjectives, paragraphs, composition, punctuation, spelling, and much more. Our handbook explains the basics of: * Rules and exceptions in grammar * Spelling and proper punctuation * Common errors in sentence structure * Correct usage (with 2,000 examples of correct grammar & usage) * Effective writing skills. All the English essentials you need to know are contained in this simple and practical book.

The Everything Grammar and Style Book

All you need to master the rules of great writing

Author: Susan Thurman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Reference

Page: 352

View: 421

Good grammar is as critical to a successful personal and professional life as good grooming. Yet many struggle to master the basics. Enter this straightforward and entertaining book, which will teach even the worst grammarphobes how to write crystal-clear emails, professional-sounding letters, or articulate term papers. Completely revised and updated, this edition of an Everything bestseller includes: Steps to mastering difficult punctuation Effective revision techniques Tips for clear and concise writing It also includes new material on: Lists of commonly misspelled and misused words Brand-new exercises, called Checkpoint, at the end of each chapter E-Links: Web sites for spelling rules, style help, and interactive quizzes The perfect desk reference, The Everything Grammar and Style Book, 2nd Edition has all the ingredients anyone needs to conquer their fear of grammar and become a great communicator.

Improve Your Written English

Master the essentials of grammar, punctuation and spelling and write with greater confidence

Author: Marion Field

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Reference

Page: 192

View: 748

Written in short, accessible sections, this book explains the basics of writing good English. It includes punctuation, sentence construction and spelling. You will learn how to adopt different tasks, such as writing a report, essay or short story. There are also chapters on letter writing, filling in forms and constructing job applications.